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How To Charge Laptop With HDMI Or USB-C?



Charge Laptop With HDMI

Nowadays, the majority of laptops are wireless, allowing users to move around with the (necessary) laptop. Sometimes, you’re unable to locate an outlet for electricity. The only solution can be to power up your computer via a USB-C cable or HDMI cord.

Utilizing the HDMI port on laptops is a quick, effective, and economical method of charging your laptop. If a power source is accessible (LCD or LED television that can support HDMI) as well as a USB-C compatible device is available can be used, they are an alternative. It’s not recommended to charge your laptop in this method.

Can We Charge Laptop With HDMI?

There’s a good chance that the laptop’s battery could be damaged at the worst time. If that happens it is possible that you won’t be able to get to the shop and purchase the new charger, so what does the situation leave you.

The worst part is that when the laptop battery goes out you’ll be unable to work on your laptop until it’s fully functioning.

At this point How do you respond?

To answer your question; You can certainly charge laptops with HDMI provided you locate the device that is compatible with it. There is no need to worry about being stuck in a bind when your laptop’s charger fails, if you own a laptop that comes with the HDMI port, you’re in good shape.

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI?

The possibility of charging laptops using HDMI is the initial choice we’ll show you. If you have lost or damaged chargers Follow the steps below to power up your laptop with the HDMI cable.

Step One

You must ensure that your laptop comes with the HDMI adapter cable, as well as a connecter to assist in the conversion of HDMI.

If it does not the alternative charger isn’t suitable for you since without the port or connector the HDMI cable is in reality useless. The first step is to make sure that the required sources are readily available.

Step Two

Attach the HDMI cable with an LCD television that supports HDMI and use the HDMI connector, and connect the other portion of an HDMI cable to it.

If your laptop is equipped with one HDMI port, this approach is ideal for you because it doesn’t require any additional accessories.

There are only two items in order to power up your computer via the HDMI cable. With this cable that laptops are able to be charged, and so can notebooks and Chromebooks.

Step Three

Double-check the connection to determine whether the HDMI port is working flawlessly. If the laptop’s lights start to blink, this indicates that the laptop is charging.

If not, you’ll be required to cut off from the HDMI cord and connect it to your laptop until you can see any change. If you’re only getting static, it could mean that something is wrong with the source of power.

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For this method of charging your laptop, you’ll need certain items including an HDMI-compatible TV HDMI in ports and the HDMI cable.

For connection for your connection, plug the HDMI cable into your TV’s HDMI connection, then join your HDMI adapter cable to your laptop’s USB port.

Laptops come with specially designed chargers that regulate current and voltage when charging laptops.

In normal scenarios, HDMI is used to play movies on a big screen, and to play high-quality audio systems. HDMI offers a tiny amount of current or voltage which isn’t suitable for electrical devices.

However, it is recommended to charge your laptop using the HDMI adapter is not recommended in the event that you’re really stuck. If not, it’s best to use chargers supplied with the laptop.

Can We Charge A Laptop With USB-C?

This is a typical query asked by a lot of people. It is based on the kind of USB port the laptop you are using.

If you’re using an electronic mouse or wired keyboard, and you remove the plug, you’ll be able to see an oval connector on the other beginning of your cord.

This is the metallic piece that is put inside the PC. It is referred to as a kind-A USB connector.

This is the most well-known USB connector. Whenever USB is mentioned, it will quickly imagine USB kind A. For example, your phone has a USB kind of A cable.

Unfortunately, even though you utilize the type-A USB to charge your phone, however, it is not able to be used to charge your laptop.

Type A is able to exchange a large amount of data, however, it’s not equipped to handle the massive amount of energy required in order to power your laptop. Type A isn’t able to provide sufficient wattage.

But, USB 3.1 offers a connector referred to in the form of USB Type C also known as USB-C. It is different from type A. type C is much more oval shapes.

It’s designed to provide high-wattage power that means it will deliver more power than a Type A’s cans, and even significantly faster.

A short story It is not possible to recharge your laptop with USB type A. However, you can charge it using a USB-C connection. a USB-C connection.

How To Charge Laptop With USB-C?

If your laptop is equipped with a USB-C port built-in it is possible to charge your laptop using a USB-C cable.

It is all you need to do is ensure that the cable comes with an adapter for plugs that is a rectangular plug on the other end of the phone charger, and then plug it into an outlet. Most laptops utilize the USB-C cable for their primary charger.

If you want to charge the laptop with USB-C, plug one end of the USB-C cable into an outlet, and then connect the other end of the USB-C cable into the laptop.

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It’s that simple! A cake in a piece. If you’re able to access your USB cord, however, that could be a problem what happens if you don’t have access to one?

However, purchasing a brand new USB-C charger may not be as simple as buying an entirely new laptop charger.

Stopping by the computer store might not be feasible at the time, for example in the event that you’re on the Caribbean island to host an event like a wedding.

If you’re in a store to purchase an upgrade to your laptop, you may consider purchasing one with the USB-C connector. It is growing in popularity.

It’s likely that in the near future in the near future, all laptops will feature USB-C ports on them which could cause the demise of USB type A.

The reason is that in the near future there will be more people to own USB-C cables which means there’s an increased chance that someone will be able willing to loan you one should you accidentally lose it.

At the moment it is necessary to locate an individual who has the exact model of laptop charger you’re using which could be a bit difficult.

In addition, USB-C chargers are slowly becoming the most popular laptop chargers since they’re slim robust, durable, quick, and reliable.

Additionally, many devices are USB-C compatible If you happen to scratch the connector for your notebook, you may borrow the USB-C one you use to power your printer or bank until you can replace the damaged one.


Charging your laptop using HDMI cables and USB ports isn’t the most efficient method to charge your laptop. They offer less power and take a lot of the time needed to fully charge your laptop. So, it is advised to make use of the charger that came in your laptop.

If your original charger has been lost or damaged ensure that you buy another one after studying the power and voltage capabilities.

This will stop your laptop’s battery from becoming weak and also increase the longevity that your laptop will have. In the end, it is best that you charge the laptop with USB rather than HDMI.

Be aware that making an HDMI alternative charging option into a permanent charging device could cause damage to your laptop over time. It is only a temporary solution.

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