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6 Free System Optimizers to Boost your PC performance



If your PC is lagging It’s time to improve your Windows operating system by cleaning out the registry of unneeded entries, then defragment your entire system of files, and deleting unnecessary files. 

These programs can increase the performance of your PC and speed up start-up time by fixing the most common issues with PCs and making space on your disk, and also repairing your registry. Manually optimizing your computer isn’t an easy task. 

Therefore, it’s always recommended to have a program in place to accomplish the job. There is a variety of free software for optimizing your system on the market to help users to improve the performance of your Windows System in no time.


Get Ccleaner For Free

CCleaner is a system optimization/cleaning tool. It deletes unneeded files from your computer, allowing Windows to run more efficiently and freeing up valuable disk space. It also cleans your history on the internet and function as a full-featured registry cleaning. CCleaner is extremely fast (normally not taking more than a second for it to complete) and does not contain spyware or ads!

  • Faster Startup – A lot of programs are running in the background while you open your computer. CCleaner lets you perform or play more quickly by allowing you to disable unnecessary programs.
  • More Errors and Crashes In time, your registry could be cluttered with broken settings and errors which can lead to crashes. The patented registry cleaner of CCleaner removes this mess to ensure your PC is more stable.
  • Safer Internet browsing Advertisers and websites monitor your online behavior using cookies that remain within your personal computer. The CCleaner program erases your search history and cookies , so all internet activity remains private and your personal information is kept private.
  • faster computer Do you think your computer is running at a slow speed? As it gets older , it gathers up settings and files that eat the space of your hard drive slowing it down. Cleansing these files with CCleaner and speeds them up instantly.
  • The most significant feature in this software optimizer’s system is registry and hard disk cleaners, which can be flexibly customized to get rid of specific registry and file types.

If your computer is feeling slow, then this is the program you should try out first. It’s not equipped with the sophisticated features of applications like System Mechanic, but the things it can do are renowned for slowing PCs.

There’s an option to purchase a paid-for Version of this optimization software, which includes real-time protection as well as scheduling for cleanup however, the free version of CCleaner includes the essentials including eliminating temporary files, removing browser caches, getting rid of unnecessary cookies, while retaining the essential ones, and so on.

Iolo System Mechanic

Get Iolo System Mechanic For Free

Iolo System Mechanic is another excellent Windows optimizer tool that aids to make your PC run more efficiently. Iolo System Mechanic removes junk applications and files it blocks bloatware as well as unwanted auto-run settings, cleans RAM, and cleans up history logs, browser histories, and caches. 

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This not only frees the system of essential resources, however but also removes any trace of your browsing history to ensure your privacy.

Features of Iolo System Mechanic

  • It increases system speed and improves performance of the system.
  • It eliminates bloatware and fixes problems on your PC.
  • It also improves Internet Speed and provides privacy and security.
  • It clears your computer of clutter by removing unnecessary files.
  • Get rid of Junk Files and the apps which we don’t need.
  • Cleans RAM by eliminating browser history, logs and cache.

The PC optimization toolkit can make a huge change in speed and performance, particularly during startup. The free version is fantastic and the premium editions – System Mechanic and System Mechanic Pro are worth a look

Iobit Advanced System Care

Get IObit Advanced System Care For Free

One of the most effective PC optimization software, IObit Advanced SystemCare helps you repair the slow and unresponsive performance issues that your computer is experiencing. As with the majority of free PC optimization programs, it clears out the folders and files you don’t require, cleans registry entries in the Windows registry, and repairs mistakes on the hard disk, all through an easy, intuitive dashboard.

With its recently added Speed Up module, Advanced SystemCare does more than just clean out the junk files to free up disk space it will assist you in deeply improving and defragging your registry, and finally eliminate all useless programs. However, it will also help you troubleshoot any other issues slowing down your PC to ensure that you’ve got an efficient and cleaner PC. Try it! Advanced SystemCare is more than simply a registry cleaner for free.

Features Of IObit Advanced SystemCare

  • This program will increase your PC’s performance since it gets rid of all types of junk files. It also eliminates personal information.
  • It improves speed of internet and makes the connection safe by preventing malicious attacks.
  • Monitors the CPU, RAM, and Disk condition on the computer in real time.
  • If you’ve got the Camera connected to it, the program can capture a picture of that person trying to get onto your computer without your consent.
  • This is one of the top applications to improve the speed of your computer. The freeware version also will do the trick. Similar to the freeware version you can boost your PC’s performance by the speed boost of 300.

The IObit Advanced SystemCare is available in two different forms that include a no-cost edition that covers basic house maintenance and the Professional version that includes internet speed-boosting live-time optimizing, privacy security deep registry cleaning, and 24-hour technical assistance.

Ashampoo Win Optimizer

Get Ashampoo WinOptimizer For Free

With the dependability of more than 11 years of expertise Ashampoo WinOptimizer makes Windows maintenance simple and quick. It helps keep your Windows computer operating as quickly and efficiently as the day you first install it. In addition to the effective Windows upkeep, you get a full suite of highly efficient, user-friendly tools that allow you to set up and adjust your Windows computer to ensure that it performs exactly as you would like it to.

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You can also go into the details by clicking on the “Details” option to look over the outcomes of the search in a series of. Contrary to some PC optimizers, the Ashampoo WinOptimizer provides you an in-depth description of every issue it has identified with a detailed explanation of what it’s about and the reasons to consider eliminating it. Then, you can make an informed choice about the best way to delete or save it.

  • This is a version for free of WinOptimizer. While it’s not free, it has fantastic tools to manage your system and files.
  • The free version includes an drive Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, and even an Internet Cleaner.
  • Additionally, it has flexibility in the ability to tidy up your computer by giving you the option of selecting the areas you would like to or do not want to look over.
  • A startup tuner that is included in it allows you to reduce the time it takes to start up your computer.
  • Additionally, Windows tools for customization are included in this program, so you can modify the context menus that appear on the context menus of your Windows PC.
  • We can divide into smaller pieces or encrypt our files using the File Splitter or File Encrypter.
  • Many a times, we delete files that we intended to keep. It is possible to recover these files using the Un-delete tool that are included in this program.

Glary Utilities

Get Glary Utilities For Free

Glary Utilities is the best all-in-one PC cleaner software. It comes with 20+ powerful tools to improve your PC’s performance to the top level. It is easy to optimize your computer by clicking the 1-Click Maintenance button.

You’ll never have to wait around until PC performance analysis. Glary Utilities deeply scans your computer and corrects glitches, crashes, freezes, and other issues, and is eight times faster than it was before. 

Glary Utilities is premium in design and features that are premium are for free to use at home or upgrade your the free license to Pro for your business at any time. But, there’s not that any distinction between the Freeware and the Pro version, aside from Glary Utilities 5 Pro’s automated updates, technical support for free and more options for scheduling. 

There’s also a no-cost portable version of the program that which you can run on external drives. Hit on the download now an option on this web page to download the freeware version of Windows.

Advanced Tool

  • Clean-up and Repair: Disk Cleanup and Registry Repair Shortcuts Fixer Duplicates Files Finder and Empty Folder Context Menu Manager Uninstall manager.
  • Optimize and Improve: Startup manager, Memory Optimizer, Disk Defrag registry defragment, check disk Driver Manager Software Update.
  • Privacy & Security: Tracks Eraser, File Shredder, File Undelete, File Encrypter, Browser Assistant, Process Manager.
  • Files & Folders: Disk Space Analyzer, File Splitter, Quick Search.
  • System Tools: System Information, Registry Backup, Registry Restore, Repair System Files, System Backup, System Restore, Undo Changes.
  • If you’re confused about which program to run and which one is not needed, the maintenance feature that is 1-click in this system optimizer is a great help. Based on the name, it is a simple mouse click Glary Utilities incorporates most of its tools to help clean your system.
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Bonus: AVG PC TuneUp

A multi-functional application, AVG PC TuneUp, isn’t just the most effective Windows optimizer, but it also offers a whole lot more to provide.

Features Of AVG TuneUp

  • It will automatically update the old software that is installed on your computer.
  • Eliminates unnecessary files, which helps free up storage space on the disk and speed up Windows.
  • It will help to save the battery on your laptop.
  • Cleanse your Mac as well as Android devices.

Download AVG PC Tuneup Free

These are the most helpful PC optimizer utility lists to improve Windows, PC’s performance. I hope that you are able to use this to improve your system’s performance.

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