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How To Get A Specific Phone Number for yourself?



You want to obtain a specific phone number. In most cases, it’s because you want the number of a company, an individual, or even a business. How do you obtain one?

You can obtain a specific phone number by asking for the number from your provider. You could also sign up for an online service that gives vanity numbers. There are applications that allow users to select their own numbers for phones. Find out details about vanity numbers and ways to find a specific phone number here.

Can I get a specific number?

Do you ever wonder why certain companies have telephone numbers that seem to match very well with their business?

For instance, if you’d like to reach a florist to deliver an arrangement to your loved family member, call 1-800-FLOWERS. If you’d like to buy an item in honor of your children’s birthday contact 1-800-TOYSRUS.

They are examples of vanity numbers. It is a series of numbers that subscribers ask to promote their business. The numbers are corresponding to the keys on the keyboard that are a single word that is related to your company or you.

These represent numbers that are simpler to remember so that your clients and prospects are able to quickly dial them. When compared to random phone numbers, vanity numbers are more noticeable.

The number can help increase awareness of your brand and your business. Without the need to launch an advertisement, you could get people to recognize your company by listing your contact number.

Small-scale business owners don’t make use of vanity numbers as they feel it’s costly. It was true prior to but since the rise of more service providers for phone calls this option has become cheaper.

You can now have an exact number that meets your needs without spending a fortune or purchasing specialized equipment.

However, it is important to note that most toll-free phone numbers are offered by providers on a first-come-first-serve basis. The number you like to purchase may not remain available regardless of the service you attempt to purchase it from.

How to Find available phone numbers for activation

How To Get A Specific Phone Number for yourself

If you have an account with a cell phone service provider such as AT&T Wireless or Verizon Wireless Contact the representative of the company and inquire if you are able to select a specific number to use for the account.

It will ask you to pick one from the number of options.

If the number you’re looking for is available, sign-up for an account and inform the agent you’d like the transfer of your existing phone number to the new account. In this way, you’ll keep your contacts and at the same time, you will have the number that you want.

If you sign up for an upgrade on the website of the company and the company will provide you with a number. You can request to have it changed by calling to have the new number activated.

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Be aware that you must change the number to your preferred one prior to activating your account to ensure you don’t have to pay a fee.

The representative will verify whether the number you’ve wanted is in stock. If not, you may request another number you want instead. This representative can then substitute the number initially given to you.

There is also an enterprise VoIP phone service. This service is solely available on the internet. You’ll need a device connected to the Internet for this kind of service. Most commonly, these are tablets, computers, or phones.

If you’d like to avoid needing to keep multiple devices for answering and making calls or answering calls, forward online calls to your current phone number, either landline or mobile. There are a variety of vanity number providers which can give you specific numbers that you’re searching for.

If you’re interested in going this option the only thing you need to do is locate an enterprise phone service provider that offers a VoIP service that meets your needs. Look into a variety of service providers. Check out their offerings to determine whether they provide the features you want.

On the majority of websites of companies, there’s an area that allows users to search locally for a toll-free vanity number. Check out the services offered by the company. The options usually include the cost of the vanity number as well as a checkout button.

Some companies offer the option of adding the number of a specific number to your service as an additional feature. It is important to note that getting the vanity number is a cost. Be sure to sign up with the plan that’s best for you.

Once you have established an account with the bank, you will need to apply for a vanity number. According to your service’s provider could take up to a few days for the application to be accepted.

Once your application is accepted, you can make use of our vanity number generator tool to determine the perfect number for your company.

Does anyone have an app that I can dial my personal number?

A number of apps let you select your own number. These apps are basically phone service providers on mobile. Check out the applications available which allow you to select the right number for you or your company.


Go through Sideline If you’re looking for an easy-to-use application that offers typical phone features such as texting, picture messages, and calls. You can select a vanity number. If it’s available and you want it, you can purchase it and set up it.

The app lets you configure and send automated responses to messages from your contacts. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

The drawback is that it is restricted to US customers only.


Grasshopper is another number service provider which is very popular with small-sized businesses and new businesses. The mobile application allows you to manage the phone number system at any place with any device.

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The service provider provides not only vanity numbers, but as well local, 800, or 833 toll-free numbers to different regions. The vanity number is picked at the time of sign-up.

This app works great to keep personal and business calls separate. The app also comes with essential features, such as voicemail as well as texting, Wi-Fi calling as well as call forwarding, automated greeting, and many more.


For businesses that are growing, Freshcaller is a highly recommended virtual telephone service provider application. Freshcaller offers a variety of plans that can be adapted to every budget. They also offer pay-per-minute plans designed for small businesses.

If you join with Freshcaller You can avail of toll-free, international, local, and vanity numbers. Your account also comes with an easy-to-use phone management tool called waiting, as well as many more features.

Certain plans also permit users to connect with their local provider. This is crucial for those who aren’t able to transfer their local number or those who wish to keep their existing carrier because of higher rates.

How to Purchase a Phone Number from a Person

To get a directory number, purchasing the number from an existing customer is not feasible. The type of number is issued by a regulatory body. The landline and mobile phone companies also referred to as service companies, provide the directory number for each individual subscriber.

If you end your subscription your phone number goes back to the provider of the service. They keep it unoccupied for a specified time, before returning it back to their database to be transferred to a new subscriber.

Toll-free numbers are available, and you can search online marketplaces to find out if anyone is selling the number you’re looking for. Certain service providers and individuals offer numbers that have pseudo-area codes like 800, 888 855, and others.

If you have different numbers, search for the owner of the number and then negotiate with them. If they’re willing to offer you the right to use their phone number, you’ll be able to buy the number.

It doesn’t mean you’ve got that number.

The best thing to do is move this number to the VoIP service. Now you can control the routing of that number. This means that the number is its original owner however the messages and calls are routed to the accounts you have set up.


Selecting a phone number could be vital for people or companies trying to build an image. A vanity number can be an effective method of making your phone number memorable.

Telephone companies are able to offer you a vanity number for a nominal cost. You may also sign up online for phone service and obtain a vanity number at no cost.

Just download the application and then sign up for a plan on the phone that allows you to choose your own phone number.

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