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How to Fix Acer Monitor No Signal



A monitor and a desktop computer are connected to one another through cables. Each input to a computer is shown by the display in a format that the user is able to understand. 

The signal from the computer instructs the monitor what it should show. If you notice a ” No Signal” message on your display this means that your monitor isn’t receiving a valid video signal from your computer. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do when you are seeing the “No Signal warning on your screen from the Acer.

The reason you might see a Signal message? Signal message on a screen

There are a variety of reasons for The “No Signal issue that occurs on monitors. The causes are as follows: below:

  • You’ve selected a resolution that is greater than the resolution that your monitor can support.
  • Your monitor is switched on however the computer is off.
  • The cable that connects the computer to the monitor is broken or disconnected.
  • Your monitor can be configured with several inputs, and you’ve picked the incorrect one.
  • The cable that provides an interface between the computer and monitor is damaged.
  • It is time to put your computer on standby and hibernate.

Fix Acer monitor that is not receiving signal problem

These solutions can aid you in resolving this issue:

  1. Verify the connections of your cable.
  2. Verify your cable.
  3. Verify the source of the video and monitor.
  4. Reset your system BIOS to default.

1. Check the cable connections

As mentioned above, poor cable connections are among the reasons behind the problem of No Signal on the Monitor. So, the first thing to do is to check your connections to the cable. Check the following points to determine if the issue is resolved or not:

  1. Check that the cable isn’t loose.
  2. Remove the cable for video from the monitor and computer, then connect it again.
  3. Sometimes, the No Signal issue occurs if the monitor isn’t connected to the proper video source. This is usually the case if your monitor can handle multiple inputs. If you’ve connected several computers to one display ensure that your video cables are connected to the right source.

2. Check your cable

If even though you have connected the cable in a proper manner but you still get the”No Signal” issue on your monitor, the cable could be damaged. This can be checked by connecting your monitor and computer with a different video cable.

3. Check the source of the video and monitor

Sometimes, we turn on the monitor and forget to switch off the computer. The monitor will display the message “No Signal” until it receives an appropriate audio signal either from the source or computer. Therefore, make sure you have switched on your computer, or not.

In case your laptop is switched on and checked the cable and cable connections, but there is no signal on the screen, it could be that your monitor or your computer isn’t working correctly. It is possible to check this by:

  • Connect another monitor to your computer.
  • Connecting the same display to another computer.
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4. Reset your system BIOS to default

If you’ve tried every one of the methods for troubleshooting described above, but the issue is not solved, resetting the system BIOS to its default settings could help.

Does my monitor keep saying that there is no signal?

It can happen when your monitor on your computer is functioning well but isn’t receiving any signals from the computer. It is necessary to disconnect and reconnect the monitor to the computer, as well as to the mains power supply, making sure that the cables are in good condition.

What do I do if my screen is not showing?

If the monitor of your computer isn’t showing anything, disconnect and reconnect the monitor. Make sure that the card you’re making use of is still in proper condition. Also, make sure you’ve not pressed the hardware button that turns off the display.

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