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11 Best Music Players for Android Auto



Music on Android Auto is a little sensitive. 

There are a few clear music players that don’t run on Android Auto and we can’t determine the reason at this time. 

So, there are many people seeking a good method to enjoy music. 

There is more success with streaming music apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube Music along Amazon Music. 

However, assistance for local media services is quite limited and unreliable. 

We can help! 

Here are the top music players on Android Auto! 

There are many options to find More Android Auto apps here as well!


Price: Free

AIMP is a superior music player that has Android Auto support. 

This is an application that plays local music to play the music files stored that are stored on your device. 

It supports all of the popular and most commonly used types of music files, like MP3, APE, OGG, AAC, FLAC, MP4 M4A MPC as well as about a dozen other formats. 

The UI of Android Auto is fairly standard and fair. The UI you see on your device is functional and comes with a good layout. 

Other options include an equalizer that has 29 bands control for playback speed (for audiobooks and podcasts) as well as the ability to normalize volume. 

There’s a long list of other options as well. 

The app is free and doesn’t require ads or in-app purchases.


Price:Free / $3.29

BlackPlayer is among the most well-known locally-based music apps on Google Play. 

There’s a good reason for that. 

The app has sleek and customizable user interface themes, themes, and a lot of the desired playback controls. 

It includes an equalizer and gapless playback, widgets sleep timers, as well as crossfading. 

There’s crossfading, a sleep timer, and an equalizer.

Android Auto support is there and works as well as could be expected. 

This Android Auto UI won’t blow your mind, but it performs well. It is recommended for those who have basic collections (MP3 generally) instead of audiophiles. 

There’s nothing about it that’s not great. The free version is ad-supported as well as a few features that are locked. 

The Premium version lets you unlock all features and eliminates advertisements.


Price:Free / Up to $2.99

jetAudio is a good local music player that has Android Auto support. 

JetAudio comes with interesting features, including AM3D audio enhancements, a few audio effects, as well as an equalizer that has 32 presets. 

It also comes with above-average support for file formats, a great phone interface, and it supports the standard things like crossfade, playlists and playback speed controls, and many more. 

There’s an abundance of other features that target diverse segments. 

It was a great choice in our tests with Android Auto and it performs superbly as a standalone music player too. 

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It’s not a bad choice. 

The free version has advertisements and has fewer features, while the premium version comes with everything without advertisements. 

Rocket Music Player is another application that receives lots of suggestions for Android Auto users alongside jetAudio. 

Rocket Music Player is also very excellent.


Price:Free / Up to $2.49

MediaMonkey is an app for local music players that comes with some cool features. 

They also offer an entire desktop application for Windows. 

It allows you to transfer songs via wireless (over WiFi) between the desktop and mobile versions. 

The real Android version is pretty excellent. 

The UI is simple however it is practical. 

It also comes with equalizers crossfade, playlists, crossfade, and other great, basic features for music playback. 

Also, the Android Auto support is as excellent as other features that are on the list. 

We had no trouble queueing for a playlist or listening to music on the go. 

The Android version includes a premium version, which unlocks all features with the purchase of an app. 

It’s the desktop-based version that’s a bit more expensive.


Price: Free

Musicolet has made its own name as one of the top music players available on Android. 

It also includes Android Auto support and that is a must-have on this list. 

It is free of advertisements and no Internet permissions, the majority of the typical functions of a music player, and a few nice additional features. 

The interface is simple however it is simple and efficient and it also comes with features like an equalizer, headphones control, and widgets for the home screen. 

This app’s Android Auto support was as great as we had expected the app to, and is just as great as any other application. 

The app has a 4.7 score from Google Play for a reason. It’s also completely free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases.


Cost:Free / Up to $9.99 per month

Pandora is an obvious choice for a list of this kind. It’s found on a lot of automobiles’ infotainment systems and it’d be a bit odd if it did not have Android Auto support. 

We all know the way Pandora operates. When you start a radio station, you and listen to music but skip the occasional song and listen to the occasional commercial and then go on with your life. 

There’s a premium version priced at $9.99 per month, which includes the ability to stream music on-demand as well as more powerful playlists as well as unlimited skips to traditional radio stations, as well as high-quality audio. 

It’s an excellent choice in the world of music streaming however we’re not sure whether it can compete with the top on the market, such as Spotify.


Pricing: Free trial / $4.99

Poweramp is among the most well-known music player applications on Android and with good reason. 

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It’s loaded with features with a great design and plenty of customization. 

It supports Android Auto, although it was not the first music player to implement it. 

This Android Auto UI is pretty normal, with easy access to playlists, the player, and libraries. 

You can also request Google Assistant to play songs from Poweramp and it will work almost all the time. 

It’s an excellent all-around player. It’s free as just a trial and the paid version is $4.99


Price:Free / $2.99

Pulsar is a good alternative for playback of local media. 

The application isn’t anything extraordinary. It does have an easy-to-use interface, decent controls, and simply plays music. 

The highlights (aside from the Android Auto support) include Chromecast support, an equalizer, ReplayGain, gapless playback control of playback speed, and the home widget for the screen. 

There’s not much to complain about with this app. 

It’s not going to shock you however it is able to do the job without any complaints. 

The free version includes ads while the paid version does not have advertisements. 

Premium version is an app that is quite rare nowadays. In any event, Pulsar is a good one.


Price: Free

Spotify is the most well-known streaming music service. 

In certain cases, there’s some reason behind it. An example of this could be that Spotify is often one of the first streaming music apps that supports new technologies like Android Auto. 

You’re aware of the features Spotify can do. You can stream millions of songs, stream your playlists, play songs on-demand, or test out Spotify’s top-of-the-line discovery features. 

Spotify’s Android Auto support is good and we’ve had no difficulties jamming in our car. 

You can download it without cost (with advertisements) or pay $9.99 per month, which includes an ads-free experience and other features.

YouTube Music

Pricing:Free / $9.99-$12.99 per month

YouTube Music officially replaced Google Play Music in the latter half of 2020 and will be replacing Google Play Music here as well. 

YouTube Music is a decent overall streaming service. You can upload your own tracks to YouTube Music for playback, and download music in the event you are driving somewhere with no cell coverage. 

The UI for Android Auto is similar to other apps and is compatible together with Google Assistant as well. 

We would like to see it was more organized however, for $12.99 per month you have this service without advertisements on normal YouTube and that’s an impressive two-punch even in the event that YouTube Music does not appear to be the most effective music streaming application.

Plus: AnyAutoAudio (power users only)

Price: Free

AnyAutoAudio is a delightful solution for people who don’t want to use the apps that are listed above. 

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It makes use of the Notification Listener permission of Android to allow access to your music player and forward it via Android Auto. 

It’s fun to use. Open the music player of your choice (PowerAmp, Neutron, etc) and connect your phone to it. 

On Android Auto, choose the AnyAutoAudio option when you click the music icon in the lower navigation bar. 

You are now able to listen to music through your music player in the native app without installing an additional app. 

It requires a sideload and some adjustments. We recommend this only to those who need an exclusive music player with Android Auto support and don’t want to play around with it little.

If we missed any great Android Auto music players, tell us about them in the comments!

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