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Neal Fun Spend: Spend Bill Gates and Elon Musk Money



Have you ever wondered what you could do with, say $100 billion? There’s no need to think about it for long. A brand new web-based application allows you to get Bill Gates’ money and use it for many things.

It is possible to purchase the Big Mac, a pair of flip-flops, as well as other items for everyday use or buy an ocean cruise vessel or a Boeing 747 or other. One of the most costly items on our list below is the NBA team that will cost around $2 billion. “” is the website hosting this fascinating app.

I played with the app and instead of The Big Mac, I bought the Mcdonald’s franchise. I also bought a Superbowl advertisement as well as a yacht, an M1 Abrams tank, an F1 car, and even made an animated film with Dwayne Johnson playing Hercules and not just to boast. Even with all of this and more, I didn’t make an end to Mr. Gates’ money.

Spend Bill Gates Money

If that’s not enough it is possible to purchase an entire year’s subscription to Netflix as well as other normal things, or purchase a building and shoot for the stars. The app also offers an option to sell purchased items, however, given Bill Gates’ fortune, who wouldn’t want to own an additional NBA team, or even 50 F1 cars?

Spend Elon Musk Money

Perhaps Bill Gates isn’t bling enough for you and you’re wondering who’s next? It turns out that you can invest in the wealth of Elon Musk. The world’s richest person, Elon Musk will have around $217,000,000,000 in his banking account, if he decides to cash out all of it.

If Elon does cash it whether or not, you are able to visit the site and check out the amount you can use. The site hosting this Bill Gates app has many other games and apps to explore.

There are apps that can create your own island and draw logos from your memory, and find out how quickly you can spend money in the USA. While this is a great site There are many other websites that offer games and apps to keep you entertained.

One of my personal favorites among them is Find the cow that is invisible. As the title suggests, when you open the app it will display an empty white screen and an arrow. As you move through the white space it will sound like a cow is louder when you’re close to the spot. If you play the game for long enough to score 5 points, you’ll unlock additional animals, too.

Hemanto is a tech enthusiast and has been obsessed with Games since he was 10. He also likes coffee and aviation.