How To Fix This Webpage Is Not Available Error In Google Chrome

This page isn’t accessible is among the most frustrating problems on Google Chrome that many internet users are facing. If this error occurs, you will be unable to access the website you’re trying to access or other websites depending on the reason.

This error could be due to a variety of causes, including the wrong URL being entered or incompatible cookies on the Google Chrome browser, DNS server issues, or turning on the proxy option in Internet Options with a dead proxy.

Therefore, before you can confirm that the issue is a result of your computer or browser, it is important to determine and then eliminate physical causes that might cause this error for example:

  • Issues with your router.
  • Issues with cables.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots got errors.
  • Interruption of Internet connection.

Additionally, you may try opening the webpage on a different device like a different PC is connected via a separate network, or your phone with 3G or 4G networks to see if the page is up and running or not.

If the page you are trying to access was not able to be opened on an alternative computer or device, that means the website you’re trying to access is either temporarily or permanently unavailable. In this instance, there’s no way to fix it until the website is back up again.

However, if the site is able to be loaded on another computer, the problem is with your computer.

Make “Webpage Available Is Not Available” Error Disappear

After you have removed all other causes The primary cause of this error has to come from your web browser or computer. Here are some easy solutions to fix the ” This webpage is not accessible” problem:

Verify That The URL is Right

It could be an error on your part when you type the wrong URL instead of the correct one. Take a glance at your URL once more and confirm that you’ve put in the correct address.

For instance, instead of writing:


You typed:

www.gooogle.com http://www.gooogle.com www.gogle.com

Get rid of all cookies from Google Chrome Browser

When you go to websites cookies are generated and saved in a temporary file on your device or computer. If the cookies expire or are damaged, you might not be in a position to access the site even though it’s online. This is because unreliable cookies can cause an endless loop whenever you go to a specific website and block the site from loading its content.

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To fix this issue To solve this issue, you should remove all cookies in your Google Chrome browser. To do that, hit the Google Chrome menu icon, choose “Settings” then click upon”Show advanced settings”, then click on the “Show advanced options” option, and then select “Clear browser data”.

The window that appears will appear and allow you to select the data you wish to erase. Simply tick the box that says “Cookies and other plugin and site data” before clicking”Clear” and clicking on the “Clear browsing history” button.

You can also use the feature via copying paste the code below in the address bar on Google Chrome and pressing Enter.


There are other applications to cleanse your PC and erase all cookies from your PC, for instance, CCleaner which is a freeware that can help you get rid of all cookies, as in various other files that are temporary.

Click this page to install and download CCleaner on your PC.

Modify Your DNS Server’s IP Address for Your DNS Server to Google’s DNS

If you’re making use of the standard DNS server provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you are not sure it is the reason behind the “This web page is not available” error. The DNS Server handles every request sent by your device to the Internet. If the DNS server isn’t stable the Internet connection might be disrupted and result in this “webpage is not accessible” error.

By doing this, it can make it easier to access the Internet with greater stability.

Verify Your Proxy Settings

Sometimes, you’ve used proxy servers in your Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and then forgot to delete them following the use. To get rid of the “This website is not accessible” error, make sure you review your proxy settings and ensure that you’ve not verified your “Proxy Server” option as below.

After following this tutorial, you are able to resolve the ” This webpage is not accessible” error that you are experiencing on Google Chrome. Google Chrome browser.

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