PS4 Ethernet Speed: Everything You Need to Know

Ethernet is essential for the gaming world. It is a well-known type of network connectivity that aids users increase the speed of their internet. Gamers are particularly benefited by it as it improves the performance of their PS4 as well as other gaming consoles.

The minimum speed of internet required for gaming is 3 Mbps download speed. But, an Ethernet cable will dramatically increase the speed and transform the quality of your PS4 experience. Ethernet is well worth the cost If you’re an experienced player you are able to boost the speed if you’re stuck.

Read on to learn more information about what is the Ethernet connection and ways to enhance it.

What is a Fast Connection speed for PS4?

Internet connectivity plays a significant part in gaming. No matter what game you are playing it is essential to have a reliable internet connection for the most efficient performance. Every game console manufacturer recommends the speed they recommend for games.

A good gaming internet speed is 3 Mbps for downloading speed. 0.5 to 1Mbps of upload speed and ping rates less than 150 milliseconds. The number of devices you connect to your device can influence the gaming experience.

An internet connection with a higher speed offers you the capability to transfer more data which gives you more freedom as other constraints on networks will not affect your gaming.

For PlayStation, there are rules that all games must meet in order in order to be compatible with the PlayStation platform.

PlayStation doesn’t specify minimum requirements for internet speed, However, it is based on the general guidelines, they are as follows, a speed of downloading of 16 Mbps and upload speed of 4Mbps, and ping rates lower than 50 milliseconds are preferred.

If you satisfy these requirements then you are enough to play your most loved games.

Additionally, PS4 has a great network card. It can support up to 1000 Mbps of bandwidth and the full potential of the 2.4 WI-Fi signal (up to 500 megabits per second).

Although the system can operate at these speeds, it’s likely you will not be able to reach it. These are theoretical maximums and don’t have to be met completely.

In the ideal scenario, PS4 could handle the speeds of physical networks. If you do, then you’ll have a gigabit connection at your home.

However, we appear to be way off from this. Thus, the requirements of standard allow you to play your favorite game.

If, however, you were wondering whether it could be more efficient, you can be sure. The PS4 can support a speedy connection of up to 1000 Mbps using Ethernet cable, and less than 450 Mbps when using Wi-Fi.

Is Ethernet Cable Make PS4 Faster?

It’s not uncommon for Wi-Fi connections to be slow while playing PS4. If this happens, think about switching to wired connections.

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If your PS4 connects to Wi-Fi it could result in the connection to your internet being slow, due to the distance between your device and your modem.

Ethernet cable can be a big help when it appears. With an Ethernet cable, you can ensure that your PS4, as well as the Internet modem, have direct connectivity via Ethernet cable. This means that your connection will be stable and quicker which is essential when gaming.

An Ethernet connection with your PS4 is worth the money. Ethernet cables offer greater speed than a wireless connection, and most crucially, it offers stability. Modern routers also offer you speeds that are adequate to play PS4 gaming.

But, it is a fact that latency causes issues when playing games. In this situation it is the Ethernet cable is the best choice. The wired connection can eliminate problems that cause problems with your PS4.

If you test making use of an Ethernet cable to establish a reliable connection, you’ll be unable to return to wireless.

The speed that is required for the standard Ethernet cable is 100 Mbps. However, there are gigabit Ethernet systems that can be able to operate at 1000 Mbps. They are very common, and a lot of gamers choose these.

Sure, PS4 has its advantages like ease of use. With an Ethernet cable, it can be difficult to locate the appropriate port. It is easier for users to utilize a Wi-Fi device. In other words, there are not many other benefits. This is why it’s advantageous to move to wireless.

If you’re ready to make a bet I suggest using an Ethernet cable to connect. It will offer you the experience of a different kind when playing, and you’ll notice the effects immediately.

The speed of your internet will increase to a staggering amount of Mbps. Even those with slow internet connections can expect improvements after switching to wired.

Learn how to improve the speed of your Ethernet more efficiently.

How Can You Enhance Your PS4 Ethernet More Speedy?


One aspect PS4 players dislike is the slow internet connection. As we’ve mentioned before, Ethernet cable offers faster speeds than Wi-Fi.

But, certain issues could result in the Ethernet speed decreasing and being unable to perform at its peak. There are many ways that to make your Ethernet connection speedier and PS4 much more fun.

1. Make sure you have correctly connected your cables. Ethernet cables are weak They bend and break. Because of this, you may end up with a slow or even a failed connection.

Always ensure that you’ve connected your cable in the correct way. If you can fix the issue your connection will be much more efficient.

2. Changes to DNS have helped a lot of people and aren’t much tinkering. If you’re looking to give this a shot, follow this:

3. Look for “Settings” on the PS4 scrollbar, right before there is the Power option.

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4. Select your Network options and select “Set up an Internet Connection.”

5. Choose Wi-Fi or LAN. It is important to select LAN as you wish to speed up the speed.

6. Choose “Custom” to set the network settings. Make use of these settings. DNS is the most important aspect to remember:

The IP Address Setting = Auto

DHCP Host Name = Don’t Specify

DNS Setting = Manual

The primary DNS is

Secondary DNS:

– MTU Settings Automatically

Proxy Server Do Not Use

The method to improve the speed of Ethernet on your PS4 is to modify the cable. Ethernet cables come in specific category ratings. If the cable falls into an upper category this means that your device will speed up.

In the case of Cat 3 when you’re employing Cat 3 or Cat 5 Your Ethernet will be slower in comparison to the speed that you get.

Select smaller Ethernet cables (such as Cat 6), because they boost speed. Cat 6 is the most modern kind of cable. If you’re not certain which Ethernet cable you’re using take a look at the various intervals of the cable’s outer casing to identify its kind.

Sometimes, your adapter fails to work with the Ethernet connection. One of the simplest ways to fix this is to turn off your adapter.

In the Network & Internet settings select “Change adapter options.” Select the Ethernet connection, and then disable it. Then, enable it within a few minutes.

You can also improve the speed of your Ethernet speedier by removing all VPN options. VPN generally slows down things. It is important to stop it as it can boost the speed of your Internet speed.

Last but not least, scan for malware to increase the speed of your Ethernet more efficiently and also. Certain types of malware utilize network resources, taking the bandwidth of your computer, slowing it down.

In the event of this when this happens, your games and programs that depend on the internet will perform much slower. Install a good anti-virus program then scan your device to eliminate all malware-related files.

Make sure to clear all unwanted files. If your PC does not have sufficient free hard drive speed this could affect the overall performance of your computer and can slow down the speed of your Ethernet connection.


I’m sure you’ve learned something valuable concerning Ethernet for your PS4. If you’re a gamer who would like to enhance your gaming experience, you should always choose an Ethernet network.

The wireless network can boost the speed of your connection and solve your problems. Use these suggestions in order to speed up your internet connection quicker.

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