Can You Play Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform in 2021?

As a player, you’ve probably imagined playing your most loved game with your friends using any gadget. 

It’s a difficult task to achieve because the gaming market is split into two groups that are PC and console. 

It’s no wonder that the Nintendo Switch has made strides in bridging the divide by allowing players to play games whenever they’d like (as long as it’s an iPad).

But what about Xbox One? PS5? Mobile phones? 

For those who want to, we can play cross-platform games. 

Cross-platform gaming lets you enjoy games with your friends on various platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation without the need to purchase the games separately.

Battlefield 1 is a very well-known game that has a large number of players, so if you’re thinking, “Is Battlefield 1 cross-platform in 2021?” Then you’re in the right spot.

Let’s begin by discussing Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 – A Quick Introduction

Battlefield 1. is a first-person shooter that was developed in World War 1. DICE created it along with Electronic Arts published this game. 

In the game Battlefield 1, a player is able to use World War 1 inspired weapons and armored

In one team in one squad, 64 players are able to be a part of the game and play together.

There are nine maps and six modes that players can pick from. 

The players can play on a variety of maps that are inspired by historical instances (like the Battle of Gallipoli).

Each player picks a character with different weapons and abilities. Battlefield 1 is available for Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5 as well as Xbox One.

One of the reasons that this game is interesting is the wide range of activities you can accomplish. 

The first minute, you’re running from your foe, and the next moment you’re taking them out from the distance. 

It’s impossible to know what you can anticipate! Additionally, upon the death of the player, the name of a soldier who actually died appears at the top of the screen.

Thanks to its realistic backgrounds as well as different features Battlefield 1 was a success in its launch. 

With such a large game base and popularity, you might have pondered in your mind whether Battlefield 1 offers cross-play. 

Let’s answer this question and continue reading for more information concerning Battlefield 1 in reference to cross-platform.

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Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform in 2021?

DeviceSupport or Not
Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Play on XboxYes
Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Play on Xbox OneYes
Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Play on PCNo
Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Play on PS4No
Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Play on AndroidNo
Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Play on iOSNo

Short Answers is No. Battlefield 1 is not cross-platform as of 2021. That means that if two players play on various devices for playing Battlefield 1, they can’t play with each other.

The moment Battlefield 1 was first introduced players were so attracted to the video game, they wanted to enjoy it on all gaming devices available. 

However, many of the most popular games do not provide cross-platform compatibility due to the different restrictions that are imposed by the developers for each platform.

There are many possible reasons why a game isn’t providing cross-platform compatibility.

A few of the reasons include:

  1. Separate Servers – Different servers are maintained by various developers, making it difficult to coordinate them and to introduce cross-platform.
  2. Different Control Systems– Consoles and PC have distinct control systems. Therefore, implementing a cross-platform solution in real-time is not feasible for developers.
  3. Revenue Gap– Console gamers generally do not purchase download games, but PC gamers typically buy these games. This makes it hard for developers to create cross-platform games since they need greater profits.
  4. Legal Restrictions – on Content Licenses are strictly separated by platform, making gaming across platforms difficult.
  5. Unique Features – Developers advertise their games with exclusive features that might not be accessible across other operating systems. This makes it even more difficult to create the same experience across platforms.
  6. Development Ease Cross-platform gaming demands more effort when it comes to development, making some developers reluctant to use it.

Some gamers aren’t keen to play games on PC due to the steep learning curve. 

Some gamers find that the mouse and keyboard are much more relaxing, but some claim PCs have less power and also have issues with the software. 

Therefore, the desire to stick with your preferred system is an acceptable reason to consider a cross-platform.

We’re hoping that the developers will work on it quickly and will launch a cross-platform Battlefield 1 version that is cross-platform compatible in the future.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC?

There’s no need to worry, Battlefield 1 is not cross-platform and can only be played on Xbox One and PC. 

This means that gamers using Xbox One and PC won’t be able to play together.

If you own Xbox One and your friend has a computer, you will not be able to match. This can be a huge loss for many gamers who wish to play with their pals.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform PC and PS4/PS5?

A much-pondered question. 

Unfortunately, “NO”, Battlefield 1 isn’t cross-platform compatible across PC or PS4 and PlayStation 5. 

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This is likely due to the differing inputs between these two devices.

This means that you and your companion both have to have a PC or PS4 to play. 

You can’t play on multiple platforms.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

It’s a no. Battlefield 1 is not cross-platform between PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. 

If you have hardware that is different from that of the gamer that you want to join, aren’t compatible with one another.

Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

The answer to that question would be no. It is due to the fact that Battlefield 1 is not available on Nintendo Switch. 

The game must at a minimum be accessible on both platforms, allowing an opportunity to play across both platforms.

Because it’s not available for Nintendo Switch, Battlefield 1 is not cross-platform with PC as well as Nintendo Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are first-person shooter games?

The First-Person Shooter (FPS) games are games that use the perspective of the first person is that from the perspective of the participant. Also called FPS games, they are a subgenre within shooter games. They feature the player holding a weapon in front of their characters to aim. The most important design element is action and combat but not exploration.

2. What is the process of playing FPS the games played?

FPS games are generally multiplayer-based. They require players to compete against one another and compete for the highest scores and beat the computer or AI opponents with different game modes, such as deathmatch. They generally have a high learning curve because of the difficulty of learning these games.

3. Battlefield 1 is available on what platforms?

The game is available for Xbox One, PS4, PS5 as well as PC. Gamers can select any of these consoles in order to experience Battlefield 1.

4. What is the meaning of cross-progression?

Cross-progression is the player’s capability to carry over the game’s progress from one platform to the next such as by logging into an alternative device. For instance, if had been playing Battlefield on your PC and then logged off and then logged back onto your PS5 later and your game will be the same as the moment you quit. This allows players to switch between devices to play gaming without losing any progress.

5. Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Progression?

It’s not true, Battlefield 1 does not have cross-progression. This means that if had played it using your PC and then logged off, you are unable to play it on a friend’s console (for instance Xbox One) and carry forward your progress to the next console. The game will start at zero for this specific console.

6. Does Battlefield 1 support Crossplay on iOS?

No, Battlefield 1 does not support Crossplay on iOS5.

7. Is Battlefield 1 Crossplay on Android?

No, Battlefield 1 does not support Crossplay on Android

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Final Words

It’s the subject of “Is Battlefield 1 cross-platform in 2021?”. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that you enjoyed it. 

If you’d like to add something to this post or have any concerns you have in mind, leave them in the comment section below. 

We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Additionally, we’d appreciate knowing if there was any vital information on Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform.

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