How To Make The Archwing Launcher Segment in Warframe

The main thing that draws gamers towards Warframe is the quantity of content the game offers. 

It has literally hundreds of hours of content players don’t even need to go through.

The game is packed with challenges to be completed every day, resources to gather and unlock items, and later, crafting and crafting weapons that you can master. 

There’s not a shortage of content, In fact, there is so much to do that player who is new to the game often become overwhelmed. 

So, we’re here to guide you through everything Warframe.

This article is solely focused on HOW you can get Archwing Launcher Segment within Warframe. 

But, before we go further into the article it is important to know what is the Archwing Launcher itself is. We’ll get right into the details!

What is the Archwing Launcher Segment?

It is a particular tool to create your own Archwing Launchers.

Launchers are able to be used in landscape locations like Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, or Cambion Drift. 

These launchers are able to navigate through these open spaces and maps faster and more efficiently.

After activating this item the character will get the Archwing instantly. 

It’s not only a useful tool but also an enjoyable thing to use. It’s even possible to use it at a distance, and as often as you’d like. It is not limited in its use.

This item of gear is helpful when you are running through the terrain in search of items to find and is an essential component of Warframe. 

Similar to crafting anything else in the game, you must be able to create certain materials in order to make this item Listed Below:

How to Build the Archwing Launcher Segment?

For building your own Archwing Launcher, you must first visit the Foundry on your vessel. 

Once there, you can start the Foundry menu and you’ll discover the Archwing Launcher segment inside the menu.

1. Iradite

You will require four essential resources to construct an Archwing Launcher Segment. The first one is called Iradite. The famous red rock is found in the Plains of Eidolon. To collect 50 Iradite, it may require a couple of distinct runs across in the Plains of Eidolon though.

Although the process of traversing this area can be difficult and slow the process of finding this resource is much simpler. It is easy to just run through the Landscape and come across this item many times. The numerous re-runs each day must be completed for a good 50 Iradite.

Explore the countryside and search to find the Iradite formations they’ll be easily found and, once they are broken, you’ll get one Iradite for each Formation. Sometimes, the rocks may be generous and offer you two or even three Iradites.

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This is a great method, If you harvest Iradite in a High-Level Bounty hunt you will earn 3 Iradite from every Formation. It doesn’t matter whether you are unsuccessful and you’ll get the resource confirmed in any way.

2. Grokdrul

The second most significant resource is Grokdrul. We’re still not certain whether Grokdrul could be a liquid, it’s a powder, or the term rock. What we know is that it is in Grokdrul drums.

It can be found on its own Plains of Eidolon; however, there is always an assortment of people around it. So, it is important to take them out while hunting this particular item.

It’s basically the same rules as Iradite in terms of the naming of this resource. The main distinction is that regardless of the task you’re undertaking or even if you’re simply enjoying free roaming in the Plains of Eidolon, you’ll only be able to get the one Grokdrul for each Grokdrul Drums.

There is the possibility of getting multiple Grokdrul but if you discover larger ones, which include more than one and typically give you two or three bottles.

3. Fish Oil

Then, Fish Oil is a bit more difficult to obtain. To get it, you’ll need several things. The first is the Fishing Spear. It can be purchased through Fisher Hai-Luk.

I would suggest using a Lanzo Fishing Spear, and purchasing a Luminous Dye which will assist you in spotting the fish in the water when you drop it into. Go to the equipment and then select the Arsenal menu. There you can put the fishing spear on the wheel of gears.

Return to your original Plains of Eidolon, and discover this huge lake.

Once you have reached this location Drop the bait into then drop the dye. The bait will trigger the fish head closer to your spot while the dye will show the fish’s body.

The bigger the fish that you catch the greater amount of fish oil you’ll be able to draw out of them. After you’ve landed enough fish you’ll need to return to The Fisherman Hai-Luk and press on the Cut Fish menu.

Continue to repeat until you have the recommended amount of fish oil (30).

4. Circuits

The final resources you need are circuits. Circuits are a scarce component that is located in a variety of locations, and even when you are performing missions.

In reality, you may already have more than enough after you’ve accumulated all these resources performing the missions. But if you’re uncertain of where you can discover them, you can continue doing regular missions like stories as well as void runs as well as daily missions, and then open every circuit container you can.

You’ll find all the circuits you’d like from these!

What to Do When You Have All the Materials?

Once you’ve completed 50 Iradite, 50 Grokdrul 30, 30 fish oil as well as 600 circuits, return to your Dojo. The next step is to research and study the Archwing Launcher Segment on the Tenno Lab menu within your Dojo.

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The existence of a Dojo is a must for this Segment because you’ll only receive plans of this Archwing Launcher Segment from the Tenno Lab within the Dojo. You can join the clan or can create your own Dojo on your own. Tenno Lab and research the blueprints here.

Once you’ve thoroughly researched it after which you’re able to go towards your Foundry. Once you’ve arrived at the Foundry it will be apparent that the Launcher Segment for Archwing is now in your Foundry and can be constructed. It’s as easy as clicking on the build option to create the Archwing Launcher Segment!

Remember that the construction of this segment can take 12 hours.

The only thing you need be doing is to sit for the completion date, then collect an Archwing Launcher Segment. Once you’ve collected it, return to your Foundry for installation of the Segment. It will provide you with an indication that the segment is present in your inventory and you have to install it at the Foundry.

After installation, all you need to do is go back to the Foundry and construct an Archwing Launcher itself!

It takes around 30 minutes. You can speed it up but it will take away a valuable resource, and you shouldn’t use up money in Warframe. After you have the Archwing Launcher is built, all you need to do is add it on your own and take off over the vast open spaces in the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, or Cambion Drift!

All the pertinent details you need to know about how to build your own Archwing Launcher Segment and obtain it. Archwing Launcher

If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to read our other guides to Warframe and let us know about other games you’d like us to cover in the near future.

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