Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform? (PS4, Xbox One, PS5, PC)

If you’re been involved in the gaming industry for a while you’ve likely seen a number of gaming firms that have gone and come back.

The most popular one at the moment, though it was shut down in 2001 was Midway Games. Unfortunately for us gamers, they shut down due to bankruptcy following the release of fantastic fighting games such as NBL Blitz and Mortal Kombat.

Following that, EA Sports further the UFC Franchise and launched UFC 4 in 2020. This is a relatively recent game and is considered by a lot of people to be a niche. If mixed martial arts are your area of interest, then you may have seen UFC 4. It was originally planned to be a console-exclusive.

However, following numerous discussions about the cross-platform play (being capable of playing with players who aren’t playing in your gaming console) The company made the decision to launch it.

Unfortunately for PC players, UFC 4 is only available only on Xbox as well as PlayStation. For this post, we’ll discuss UFC 4 in relation to cross-platform compatibility. So, if you’ve got questions about “Is UFC 4 cross-platform in 2022?” Then you’ll find the answer to these questions here.

UFC 4 – A Quick Introduction

UFC 4 is a mixed martial art combat video game, which was released in 2020. It was created in collaboration with EA Vancouver and published by EA Sports for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. You have it right; UFC 4 is not yet available for PC.

The game was revealed during EA Play 2019 to be exclusively for consoles. UFC 4 has been well appreciated by reviewers. However, some critics point out a few graphic issues, including clipping, framerate drops, and models for characters. Even with these performance problems, the film was generally well-liked by critics.

Exclusive console releases would result in lower numbers of sales than releases that are multi-platform across all platforms and so why bother with making a port instead of developing another version with less known mistakes?

When we talk about UFC 4’s gameplay, UFC 4, it’s excellent! The designers of UFC 4 have worked hard to make the game fluid, realistic and enjoyable. One of the most prominent new features can be described as Real Player Motion (RPM).

To participate in UFC 4, the player has the option of choosing from 229 players to play one-on-one martial art matches. UFC 4 also includes the “career mode”, where the game is taught all the fundamentals of different types of martial arts.

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If confronted by an adversary, the player has the option of deciding whether they would like to refuse or fight them. However, this decision can influence the player’s growth by playing. Players also have the option of choosing the venue in which they would prefer to play.

We hope that you have an idea of what is the kind of game UFC 4 is, now let’s discover if the game is multi-platform, or not.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, the answer will be “NO”. UFC 4 is not a cross-platform game until 2022. It means that gamers aren’t allowed to play with each other if they’re not playing on the same console. Additionally, because the game isn’t yet accessible on PC, PC users wouldn’t be able to play the game also.

EA Vancouver, the developer of UFC 4, is focusing on creating UFC 4 console exclusives rather than bringing the game to all platforms. The goal is to create excellent games that are well-received and bring in enough money to pay for new projects! However, creating a unique game comes with its own advantages and issues.

In other words, if you don’t get many players who are your ideal group, you will decrease sales as the majority of gamers play on multiple platforms such as Steam as well as Origin. When developing games for cross-platform platforms, developers should avoid creating only for one platform, so they can attract buyers even though not all platforms can run it at present. It is much easier to market games when the players’ base is larger.

In addition, there are some disadvantages to allowing cross-platforms in a game

  • Gaming on multiple platforms is leading to a rise in hackers in the game. There are many players who attempt to gain advantage over other players by performing things like hacking to can make them immortal or grant them unlimited life which allows them to win every battle in the game. Although this may be irritating for those who play on PCs however, it is particularly dangerous when you play cross-platform.
  • In relation to cross-platform gaming, one of the most prominent disadvantages is that crossplay isn’t currently available. It’s not an issue, but for gamers who are extremely committed to their consoles it can be a bit annoying not to access certain features on the console you prefer.
  • However however, the main issue for us would be the sheer number of glitches and bugs within UFC 4 on both platforms. There have been a number of complaints about different issues, including lags out of the game, problems with characters disappearing or duplicated, extreme delays in fight scenes (making it almost impossible to make hits) as well as other issues.

While some companies attempt to solve this problem with patches, others could end game support entirely and result in fewer players continuing to play (and less revenue).

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Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

There is no way to do that. UFC 4 is not cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox One. This means that those who are using PS4, as well as Xbox One consoles, cannot participate against one another during UFC 4.

EA Vancouver, the developer of UFC 4, is focusing on making it exclusive to consoles instead of bringing it across all platforms. There is nothing wrong with wanting to create games that are well-received and generate profits that allow you to fund more projects! But, there are games that lose sales due to the fact that gamers are using several gaming systems, such as Steam and Origin.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

The cross-play feature is not feasible with PC as well as Xbox One. This means that PC gamers, as well as Xbox One players, cannot play UFC 4 together.

Two reasons are behind this. One is it is that UFC 4 is not available on PC at the moment. Another issue is it is the case that UFC 4 is not a game that is cross-platform. It may be a while before PS gamers can play UFC 4 on their platform as the developers of UFC 4 plan on keeping the game console only for PS4.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

It’s not true, UFC 4 does not provide a cross-platform option between PS4 as well as PS5. Because of the absence of cross-platform compatibility, PS4 and PS5 players won’t be allowed to play UFC 4 together.

It’s a bit disappointing however, we have to hope that the developers will make a patch available that will be able to fix the issues in the game, and also include cross-platform capabilities within UFC 4. It’s also interesting that there’s already an application available on change.org to support this cause.

Is UFC 4 Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 and PC?

It’s not true, UFC 4 is not cross-platform with PS4/PS5 or PC. This means that gamers using one of these platforms are unable to participate in UFC 4 together.

But, this is because UFC 4 is not yet accessible on PC. This means that the notion of having it cross-platform is entirely absurd. However, we can still look forward to the creators of UFC 4 to make it accessible on PC and add cross-platform capabilities to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are sports video games?

Video games for sports are a type of video game that mimics the sport. Many sports have been recreated in a game which includes team sports, personal sports, and combat sports. UFC 4 is a fighting sports video game that focuses on the mixed martial art.

2. What is cross-progression?

Cross-progression, also known as cross-save is a term that is used to describe the capability of gamers to carry their scores, unlocks, and other personal information from one variant of the game to a different.

3. What is crossplay?

In the realm of computer gaming, “crossplay” can be defined to describe the ability to play alongside players from different platforms. Cross-play is possible because of its cross-platform function.

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4. Is UFC 4 have cross-progression?

There is no, UFC 4 does not come with the cross-progression option. If a player plans to change their gaming platform the player will need to abandon their progress.

5. Is UFC 4 have cross-generation?

It’s not true, UFC 4 does not include a Cross-Generation feature. It means that players can’t transfer their saved games across generations to ensure that they stay current with the most recent consoles. It’s highly unlikely that cross-generation features will be added with UFC 4.

Final Words

Unfortunately, the cross-platform option is not present within UFC 4. The primary reasons are the fact that EA Vancouver has decided to keep UFC 4 consoles exclusive and concentrate on creating new games rather than making the games across different platforms.

There is an opportunity to have some kind of cross-play in the future updates of the game, as there is a petition on change.org asking EA to include cross-platform support games for PS4 as well as Xbox One. This concludes “Is UFC 4 cross-platform?”. Thank you for your time reading.

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