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8 Best Sniper Rifles In COD Mobile of All Time



Call of Duty Mobile is certainly an absolute must-play top Battle Royale title on mobile. One of the things that make the game great is its Sniper rifles. Many players wonder what is the most effective Sniper rifle to use in COD Mobile, especially if you’re new to the game.

This is the reason why we’re going to discuss this issue. we’ll look at a list of all the top Sniper rifles from the COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare and rank the rifles based on their stats base and how they perform in games.

Every Sniper Rifle in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9

S.No.Sniper RifleDamageAccuracyFire RateRange
2.Q33 of DL90592899
4.Arctic .5085593195
5.M21 EBR91593590
6.Rytec AMR80623190

Remember that these are the fundamental stats of all Sniper rifles available in COD Mobile; players can alter or reduce these stats by using the various attachments in the gunsmith gun modification feature of COD Mobile.

The Top Three Sniper Guns in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9

Although you can find all the details on all Sniper rifles in COD Mobile under one roof there are some players who might have difficulty deciding on the most suitable Sniper rifle on COD Mobile for them. This is why we’ll be listing three of the top Sniper rifles available in COD Mobile.

1. Locus

Locus is the most effective Sniper rifle available in COD Mobile, although many might disagree because it is the DL Q33 gives fierce competition to the Locus in the race to be the most effective Sniper on the market in COD Mobile. 

Let’s first look at the most essential aspects of a Sniper gun: damage, accuracy, and Range. In all three areas, Locus fares way better than other guns. It’s got a massive 95 damage. The only thing that it excels over the DL Q33 excels over the Locus is its distance, which is just 5 points more than the Locus.

The sniper rifles close in comparison to Locus is The DL Q33 and the Outlaw However, the former outdo the latter when it comes to the range of 99. Some might consider Locus as a little slower when it comes to shooting speed but this is the most powerful Sniper rifle available in COD Mobile here, and there are times when you only get one shot. The goal here is to do the most damage from a single blast.

When I was trying out Locus I discovered that a headshot could reduce the power of your adversaries from 150 to 7 and, in the case of body shots the HP dropped up to 55 (without the bulletproof vest).

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Naturally, the severity of the damage also varies depending on the distance and speed of the opponent, however, I could not find an alternative Sniper that could cause this much damage within a single shot. Thus, making the Locus the top Sniper rifle available in COD Mobile.

2. DL-Q33

The DL Q33 is the best Sniper rifle available in COD Mobile for most of the players. The reason is that the rifle is highly reliable during combat and when playing Battle Royale and Multiplayer; however, this is debatable. 

When you examine the statistics, Artic .50 seems to also have good numbers however, the DL-Q33 is a superior Sniper rifle in every aspect. In addition, you’ll find that after a few rounds with both rifles, the DLQ33 is the one you’d prefer to use for Sniping COD Mobile.

The DL-Q33 has a maximum damage of 90 with an accuracy of 59 and an amazing 99 range. Let’s take a look at what makes the DL-Q33 the second-best Sniper rifle available in COD Mobile! 

The main reason is its damage as well as the dangerous range of the range that it can shoot. DL Q33 can shoot. The DL-Q33 has the bipod standard that significantly reduces recoil, particularly when shooters are prone while shooting.

The number of bullets dropped with the Sniper rifle is smaller than other rifles and is due to the 99-shot range. As far as damage is related one headshot from the DL-Q33 reduces the weapon’s HP by 150 percent to 10, and a body shot cuts the HP from 150 to just 30, with no vest and vest, of course. Naturally, you’d expect the same performance from one of the top Sniper rifles that are available in COD Mobile.

3. Outlaw

The second best Sniper gun available that is available in Call of Duty Mobile is the Outlaw. It is rated at a Damage of 90 and a precision of 71 and a range of 90, which puts near to Locus. Outlaw Outlaw is the top Sniper on COD Mobile in terms of accuracy as well.

The Sniper rifle is the most precise in terms of accuracy of all sniper rifles within COD Mobile. But, Locus still outranks the Outlaw by virtue of its superior damage and range of shots over the former.

One word of advice in this regard: if you’re trying to be able to master the Outlaw and manage its recoil, make sure you don’t forget to install the Stabilizer Mod to the gun. It can be found at any point on the map of battle royale. 

If you’re playing in multiplayer mode, all you have to do is modify it by using the appropriate attachments to make it easier to control the Sniper gun better. Because with the right setup it is a great weapon. Outlaw is among the top Sniper rifles available in COD Mobile.

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4. MK2

The MK2 sniper rifle is the newest free weapon in COD Mobile made available for players as part of the Season 4 update. The sniper rifle was a popular weapon in the 2019 PC version of COD: Modern Warfare, due to its fast ADS (aim down sight) speed.

This allows players an excellent opportunity for quick scoping at enemies and taking them down, which is especially useful in the fast-paced environment of COD Mobile. The MK2 can be used for close-range combat as well.

5. SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 was introduced in Season 2 of COD Mobile. It is a marksman sniper rifle with a fair damage of 72. Each round contains 5 bullets and also offers decent mobility. This sniper rifle can take out enemies with a single head shot.

This sniper rifle can even be silenced, which further improves both the range and the damage of the weapon.

6. SKS

The SKS has been one of the most popular sniper rifles since Season 1. It is a semi-automatic marksmen rifle which means that players don’t have to reload it after every shot.

With a moderate damage rate of 72, the SKS can be used as a sniper rifle and can be double tapped in close combat with enemies. It also has a respectable rate of fire.

7. XPR-50

The XPR-50 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle and comes with a long-range and moderate recoil. This sniper rifle has seen quite a lot of improvements in terms of recoil and mobility. However, this sniper rifle lags in damage and a slow fire rate can make it difficult to use in intense combat situations.

Best Sniper Guns Available in COD Mobile: What Would You Choose?

These are the top Sniper rifles available in COD Mobile that you can use. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a specific weapon is a perfect match; the result depends on the player and their use of the guns. 

Also, keep in mind that Sniper rifles, either in COD Mobile or not, in COD Mobile, aren’t the only weapon you’ll require to win battles, as many other factors affect the game. 

However, I do hope this article will assist you next time you need to take out enemies’ distant distances! Please let us know in the comments what you consider to be the top Sniper rifle available in COD Mobile?

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