How To Change Reddit Username?

Reddit is among the most popular platforms that have a presence on the Internet. A lot of people don’t know the specifics of it because it’s an area of its own. 

If you’re an avid Reddit user, then you may have registered your account with your email address, which requires the creation of a username. You can also do this through an account on Google Account or Apple ID.

Reddit user names are distinctive and appear in each comment you leave and each post you post. This guide will assist you in understanding whether you are able to change your Reddit username depending on the method you used to establish your account.

Reddit Account Created Using Email

In the event that you utilized your email address to sign up for an account with a Reddit account, you could choose to choose a username when making it. This username remains in the account forever.

In simple terms In simple terms, if you made use of your email address to sign up with Reddit You can’t modify the username you use. This is something Reddit cannot allow you to do.

Reddit Account Created Using Google/Apple Account

However, that’s not the only thing. If you’ve made use of an account from Google or Apple account to sign-up for Reddit it is possible to modify your login. If you sign up with the method described above, Reddit assigns you a random username.

You can change it after 30 days from the creation of your account. We’ll look at ways to modify your user name on the Reddit website and application.

Change the Username on Reddit’s Website

1. After your account has been created After, you can log in.

2. After that, click on the profile icon in the upper-right of the page. It will appear as follows.

3. Hit the blue icon which says “Change username.

4. A pop-up will be displayed where you enter a new username that you like as well as Click to continue.

That’s how you can change your username on Reddit’s website.

Change Usernames in Reddit’s Mobile App

1. After your account has been created Once you have created your account, log in.

2. Tap the profile icon on the upper-left side of your screen.

3. In the menu, click on My profile.

4. You will then receive an email asking you how to alter your username. Simply click on the blue icon that says “Change Username.”

5. On the screen to change your username you can enter a username to match your preferences and click the Next.

6. Additionally, you will be presented with an additional request to confirm your username. Click on the Save Username button.

This was the method of changing the username using Reddit’s application.

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Change the Reddit Display Name to existing accounts

The users with their usernames set permanently can be compensated for this through the change of their Display Names.

You can create a Display Name using your username each time you write or make a comment on something.

The display name is available on the Reddit website:

1. Click on the profile icon, then go to User Settings.

2. Click on your tab called Profile. Click on the tab and type in your display name of choice.

Display names can be altered using the Reddit app:

1. Click on the icon for your profile and navigate to My Profile.

2. Click on the red Edit button.

3. Enter the name you want to display and then click the Save button.

It covers everything you could do with the Reddit username and name. 

Do you wish for Reddit to permit members to switch their user names? Do you think you’ve found the article useful? Tell us in the comments section below.

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