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11 Best Guns In Call Of Duty Mobile & PC



Call of Duty Mobile is one of the mobile games that can get extremely intense, particularly when playing against ranked series. One thing that is extremely vital to winning the win in-game is to prepare strong loadouts using the finest guns to win in Call of Duty Mobile.

The problem is that Call of Duty Mobile offers a variety of guns i.e., Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, Sniper, and so on. It’s why it’s so difficult for players to decide what gun is best for each type. However, you’re in luck since, within this piece, we’re going to discuss some of the most powerful guns available in Call of Duty Mobile.

Best Guns in COD Mobile to Play With

As we’ve previously mentioned there are many kinds of guns that are available in Call of duty Mobile. After a thorough study, we’ve compiled the best guns for every category of COD Mobile.

S. No.The Best Guns in COD MobileType
1.M13Assault Rifle
2.Holger 26LMG
6.Kilo Bolt-ActionMarksman Rifle

11. The best of the best: MG42 LMG

It took a while for the consensus to develop around LMGs and at the moment, it seems like the MG42 is the most powerful. The MG42 is available at level one and up, this massive machine gun comes with a staggering rate of damage and fire which allows you to cut through opposing teams.

It can take some time to become accustomed to the LMG playing style in Vanguard since you aren’t able to play around in a hurry like you do use MP40 or STG. STG or MP40 however once you’ve mastered the gun, it’s a lot of fun.

10. The best CoD:Vanguard Multiplayer Sniper in the world: KAR98K

I am a huge fan of the KAR98K. I’ve always been a fan of the KAR98K, and in all Call of Duty games, it has appeared in. Sniper players have a good meal and enjoy a great meal in Vanguard while the KAR is an absolute feast for the eyes as well as your ears. KDA.

It can kill one shot individuals when struck almost everywhere on the body. And when you can aim it down quickly, you can be sure that all thirteen-year-olds with no-scoops will be thrilled to play with the gun. With attachments, you’ll capable of adjusting all sorts of essential aspects of this rifle, including the sight.

Personally, we weren’t a fan of the default choice however this is all up to individual preference, of course. It’s fun to utilize.

9. The best assault rifle for new shooters STG 44

The next assault rifle we have is the trusted STG 44. It is an all-around top-quality gun in all aspects. This gun is a good firing rate, magazine capacity and is able to do some serious damage as well. It’s an excellent assault rifle as long as you’re able to withstand the kick that comes from recoil.

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It also comes with a huge number of attachment slots it If you’re looking for a base that can be adjusted to your preferences it’s the right one for you. It’s a word that describes it: flexible. Great for mid-range fights, but isn’t too bad in close combat when you can fire it as well!

8. Best versitile Assault Rifle: Automaton

A brand new member of our most powerful gun club The Automaton assault rifle has become the perfect rival to the BAR (which was previously an area on our list). It’s less damaging however it has a more powerful fire rate.

Due to the way that combat is handled in Call of Duty: Vanguard is able to quickly change from mid-range rifle fights and close-up battles, where shooting from the hip becomes more desirable This rifle is not an unsuitable weapon to own. Add some attachments and it will slash through your enemies as well as the best.

7. Overall, the best gun is MP40.

Anyone who has participated in the Vanguard beta can tell that it was that the MP40 has been and with great reason. The MP40 is the most powerful of SMGs with a lot of recoil and damage which is simple to control.

It’s a classic run-and-gun SMG that is renowned for its capability to take adversaries out both at near and mid-distance. It does come with a compact magazine, which you can chew through very quickly, particularly when you’re trying to bring the team of enemies down.

However, it’s the gun’s biggest issue, it can be fixed by attaching attachments when you’re leveling it up. Combine it together with Overkill for the Perk 3 slot, and with your AR of choice, and you’re set to take off.

6. Kilo Bolt-Action – Best Marksman Rifle

The Kilo bolt-action rifle made its debut with COD Mobile a while ago and, although there have been numerous other marksman rifles that have been on the market no rifle has created a mark as the Kilo. It is one of the top guns available in COD Mobile. With a damage score of 85, a precision of 59, and a firing rate of 28.

The Kilo is awe-inspiring in terms of distance, and with a staggering 90. The marksman rifle is shreddy at long ranges. In fact, the gun is ideal for Battle Royale and Multiplayer; However, it’s the multiplayer games where the Kilo shines its brightest.

Damage: 85
Accuracy: 59
Fire Rate: 28
Range: 90

5. HS0405 – Best Shotgun

In the case of the top guns found in Call of Duty Mobile, why not include the HS0405, which is the most destructive shotgun that is available in the game. 

When it comes to the damage it can cause, HS0405 has a damage of 39 for each pellet, and HS0405 gives 10 pellets in one shot, giving it 390 damage when the 10 pellets are all hit by your opponent. If you shoot this machine at close range, you’ll be able to knock down the opponent with one shot.

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In addition to the huge damage, HS0405 has remarkable accuracy and mobility. 45 and 75 and 74, respectively. The only shotgun to come even close to the HS0405 model can be found in the KRM 262 that has the damage being 36×8.

Damage: 39×10
Accuracy: 45
Fire Rate: 27
Range: 37

4. MX9 – Best Submachine Gun (SMG)

There are those who be skeptical with the idea that MX9 is the top close-range gun that is available in Call of Duty Mobile season 9; not to mention one of the top guns available in Call of Duty Mobile. 

If you’ve had the chance to play MX9 it is important to be aware that if you handle it correctly it is an SMG can take your adversaries down with just a handful of bullets. With a high rate of fire and significant destruction for an SMG The MX9 beats out the majority of SMGs on COD Mobile with ease.

The highly effective MX9 SMG comes with a maximum damage of 30 and a firing rate of 86 with 45 accuracies making it among the most powerful guns available on COD’s mobile. The second-highest SMG can be found in the GKS that has a maximum damage of 28, with a precision of 62.

It’s clear the reason MX9 is so dominant. But, it’s hard to locate MX9 on the map for a battle royale. Therefore, like MX9 it’s recommended to include MX9 in your custom BR loadout.

Damage: 30
Accuracy: 45
Fire Rate: 86
Range: 41

3. Locus – The Best Sniper

If you are a fan of Sniping and shooting, then you will think that Locus is among the most powerful guns available to use in COD Mobile Season 9. 

In addition, Locus works best with the YKM Lightweight Short Barrel and Lightweight Stock. This gives the sniper rifle enormous advantages over all other firearms, in terms of more speedy ADSing speeds as well as mobility.

In terms of aspects such as Damage, Accuracy, and range, Locus simply dominates every other Sniper in Call of Duty Mobile. On paper, it’s got the highest damage at 95 which is quite impressive. 

But, in our tests on the ground, we saw that the headshot of Locus can reduce the HP by 150 points to 7, with or without having a vest on, naturally. Be aware that the damage could depend on other variables like distance and accuracy. The statistics appear to suggest that the Locus is among the top guns available in Call of Duty Mobile.

Damage: 95
Accuracy: 59
Fire Rate: 28
Range: 95

2. Holger 26 – Best Light Machine Gun (LMG)

If you’re looking for the most powerful guns available in Call of Duty Mobile, Holger 26 is definitely on the top list. With the destruction of 31, it’s the most powerful LMG to be found in Call of Duty Mobile season 9.

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Apart from the enormous damage it causes, the LMG has an accuracy that is 53, which is pretty good when compared with other light machine guns available in the market. Holger 26 is a beast. Holger 26 is a pure beast when you can manage the recoil and recoil. 

Additionally, it is the only gun in COD Mobile that can be customized. Holger 26 is the only LMG in COD Mobile that can be modified into a variety of guns. The Holger 26 can be made into an AR or it can be converted into an SMG also, making it among the top guns available that you can find in COD Mobile.

Additionally, in Multiplayer the weight of the Holger 26 is an issue for many. If you’re looking to be able to move more quickly with your Holger 26 within your hand be sure to make use of it in conjunction with the lightweight perk or make use of an accessory like the MIP Light Barrel, Double-Stack Carbine Mag, and YKM Light Stock to improve the gun’s mobility.

Damage: 31
Accuracy: 53
Fire Rate: 71
Range: 60

1. M13 – Best Assault Rifle

This assault weapon, M13 can be considered to be one of the most powerful guns available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 – Nightmare. The M13’s base stats indicate that the assault rifle has the maximum damage at 24 and an accuracy rate of 56.

This might not sound like much on paper, however, it’s at a different level when you play it. Additionally that, the M13 surpasses all other guns in terms of firing rate. Being an AR it boasts the highest rate of fire, 88.

Personally, I have found that in Season 9 the M13 does a better job than AK47, the DR-H, M16, and any assault rifles, especially when it comes to recoil. If you’re looking to eliminate the entire team without missing the majority of shots, there’s no better weapon than M13. M13 that is in season 9 it is among the most powerful guns available for COD Mobile.

Damage: 24
Accuracy: 56
Fire Rate: 88
Range: 56

Final Words

These are, in fact, the top guns available to be found in COD Mobile for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale. But, it is important to be aware that there are other guns available in Call of Duty Mobile that can be distinguished from the guns listed in the list.

It’s your own personal experience using a firearm. If you’re happy with a gun that has slightly lower performance as compared to the most powerful weapon that is available in COD Mobile, then you must stick with the one you’re comfortable with. Let me in the comments section which is your preferred firearm from COD Mobile!

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