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[Fixed] PDC WATCHDOG TIMEOUT Blue Screen Error in Windows




This PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Blue Screen stop error has an error check value of the number 0x0000014F. 

It happens when a component of the system has not responded within the time frame allocated and prevents the system from exiting standby. 

If you’re experiencing this BSOD and are looking for solutions, the ideas in this post might assist you.

The PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT bug check has a value of 0x0000014F. This indicates that a system component failed to respond within the allocated time period, preventing the system from exiting connected standby.


You can try these suggestions:

  1. Update or Rollback Drivers.
  2. Run Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool.
  3. Disconnect new hardware.
  4. Update the BIOS.

Apply the System Restore and check whether it causes the issue to disappear. 

If not, start in Safe Mode using Networking and test these suggestions.

1. Update or rollback the Drivers that are concerned.

The device driver that is involved falls in that category IDE controllers, including ATA/ATAPI as well as all entries fall under the category of Standard SATA AHCI Controller. 

The drivers need to be current, therefore, update the drivers.

If you have recently updated this driver, then you might reverse this driver.

2. Run Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

Start your Memory Check on your computer. 

Begin by pressing the Windows Key + R button combination to start the Run utility

After that, type mdsched.exe, and then press enter. 

It will begin Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. 

Window Memory Diagnostic Tool and give you two options –

  1. Start now and look for any issues (Recommended)
  2. Make sure to check for issues the next time I boot my computer

If you select the correct option, your computer will reboot and look for issues with memory. 

If you encounter any problems the computer will correct them by itself.

If there are no issues the issue is most likely not the reason for the issue.

3. Disconnect new hardware

Try to unplug any new device that you’ve recently connected. 

The error could also occur if the device you just installed is causing the processor to be engaged by a variety of instructions, such as a faulty driver installation, or other.

It is therefore recommended to take out any hardware components one at a time and see if this resolves your issue. 

If you discover the device that causes the error, verify if the current driver is compatible enough to work with the operating system you are using.

4. Update the BIOS

It is the BIOS is the most sensitive component of the computer. 

Although it is a software component, the operation of the hardware is largely dependent on it. 

So, it is important to be extremely cautious when changing any part of the BIOS. 

I suggest you not do this when you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t know what to do.

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To change the BIOS begins by pressing the WINKEY + R button to open running the Start box and then type Msinfo32 and after that, press Enter.

It will display System Information. 

In the lower part, there is the search box that you need to use to find BIOS Version and hit Enter.

In this section, you’ll be able to view the version and the developer for the BIOS you have installed to your system.

You can now visit the website of your manufacturer to download the latest version of BIOS installed on your PC.

If you are using laptops, ensure that it is plugged into your computer until this BIOS update is applied.

Double-click on the file you downloaded to install the latest version of your BIOS. 

Once you’ve done that, Reboot your computer so that the new settings be in effect.

In the event that you utilize an integrated CPU to run Windows 11, it could be quite difficult for you to manage.

If you don’t notice a correct manufacturer’s name on the System Information window, you need to visit the official website of your motherboard’s manufacturer. 

When you are on the site and visit the downloads section to download the most recent version of BIOS for your particular computer. 

In general, American Megatrends’ are used to make computers, however, in any instance, you could go to Windows Updates for any new version of BIOS that is available for your PC.

What are the causes of clock watchdog timeout?

If you are using Windows OS, the Processor isn’t processing to pay attention to interrupts i.e. in the event that the Processor is in a deadlock or busy with another activity and does not respond to an interrupt The watchdog timeout occurs.

How can I stop Processor overclocking?

Another cause of the watchdog error could be overclocking on the Processor. It is necessary to go to your BIOS or UEFI and switch off overclocking. They can be found in the section that details about processors are displayed. It is recommended to look up the Motherboard or Processor manual.

Do you think overclocking your PC is harmful?

It’s not a problem If you do it correctly. Manual overclocking requires an entire concept. It’s not just about staying within the specified limits and specifications, but you should also have the correct equipment for power and cooling. If you don’t do things correctly, you’ll get regular BSOD.

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