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What is Waasmedic Agent Exe & How to fix it?



It is the Windows Update Medical Service (WaasMedicSVC.exe) is a Windows Service that was introduced in Windows 10. The Service was introduced to fix Windows Update components from damage to allow the computer to continue receiving updates. 

Its associated SIHClient.exe, WaaSMedic.exeWaaSMedicSvc.dll, and WaaSMedicPS.dll files are found in the WindowsSystem32 directory. If WaasMedic.exe is frequently using excessive CPU or Disk usage when you run Windows 11/10 system This guide can assist you in fixing it.

What exactly is WaasMedic.exe or Waasmedic Agent Exe?

WaasMedic.exe is the abbreviation for the name of Waasmedic AgentExe. It is a crucial component of Windows 11/10. It is connected to WaasMedicSVC.exe which helps in more smooth updates to the OS, without causing disturbance to the user. 

WaasMedic.exe can also fix the processes that are associated with Windows and the updates it provides to its components. If you shut off the updates for any component of Windows or if they are turned off by another software, WaasMedic.exe interferes and enables the updates. 

If you’re experiencing excessive use of the CPU or disks caused by WaasMedic.exe there are solutions to help. Let’s look at what the issues are and what we can do to solve the problem.

Waasmedic Exe CPU or Disk Utilization on Windows 11/10

The solutions we have to fix Waasmedic Agent Exe issues with high CPU usage are:

  1. Run System File Checker
  2. Run DISM to fix Windows Update components
  3. Stop Windows Updates for several days
  4. Disable WaasMedic.exe temporarily
  5. Reset Windows PC.

Let’s look at the fix in greater detail and apply them.

1) Run System File Checker

The running system file checker examines any missing or corrupted or corrupted files that are on your computer. If this occurred and resulted in WaasMedic.exe excessive Performance or CPU Usage this program can help to fix the issue. Try using SFC and check if it can help.

2) Run DISM to fix Windows Update components

Alongside SFC Along with DISM, it is an important feature available on Windows which helps you resolve the problems. Whatever issue your system faces with its original files using DISM to fix damaged Windows Update system files can help. Because WaasMedic.exe operates to run Windows Updates, DISM has several chances of fixing the issue.

3) Stop Windows updates for a couple of days

WaasMedic.exe is the one responsible for smooth and continuous updates for Windows as well as it’s components. If you’re experiencing excessive CPU usage from WaasMedic.exe it is suggested to suspend all updates to Windows over a couple of days. This will allow you to resolve the WaasMedic.exe problem.

4) Disable WaasMedic.exe temporarily

Before doing this, back up to your settings in the Registry. Although we don’t recommend this helpful system service If none of these fixes have worked for you You should turn off WaasMedic.exe temporarily. It will shut down the processes associated with WaasMedic.exe and make your computer more efficient.

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You can turn off Windows Update Medic Service, however, if you try to do this through Windows Services Manager you will receive the Access is denied message.

To deactivate it to disable it, you’ll need to utilize to disable it using the Registry Editor.


Open the above address within the registry editor. Change to set the Start DWORD file Then change the value of the Start DWORD file to 4 and then change the permissions of that ket as System Deny.

This is not something we suggest doing manually as it could also cause harm to your system. The most efficient method is to use the freeware known as Windows Update Blocker.

5) Reset Windows PC

The issue of WaasMedic.exe’s excessive CPU usage could have been solved following the methods above. If not, you’ll be required to restart your PC in order to restore it to its original state. The data that you save on your computer will be deleted.

Is WaasMedic.exe a virus?

There is no need to worry about it. WaasMedic.exe is an application included in Windows which helps you update your Windows to the most recent version. It’s a safe application.

Can I take down WaasMedic agent Exe?

WaasMedic acts as an agent on Windows which streamlines the updating process and keeps your PC current with the operating system. It isn’t feasible to disable or remove the program since it’s an official Windows component. 

You can disable it by using the registry or alternative software. The program is not advised to disable or kill WaasMedic.exe unless you’re facing problems with it.

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