How Authorities Counter Rogue Drones

Drones used to only be used by the military, but over the past few decades, they have become useful in many different fields.

This change is because of changes in technology that have made it cheaper to make things.

In fact, anyone can now get their hands on a drone.

Because drones are so easy to get, they have also been used to break the law.

Some people and groups use drones to do things that are against the law.

Thankfully, as drone-related crimes have become more common, tools and strategies to stop them have become more common.

Authorities have used everything from guns with projectiles to trained eagles to stop drones that break the law.

Different Types of Drone Hunters

Here is a list of different types of drone hunters

1. SkyWall 100

This weapon, which looks like a bazooka, is the best way to grab drones without hurting them.

It uses a technology called SmartScope, which can figure out where a drone will go and make sure you hit your target.

SkyWall 100 shoots a projectile that, when it hits the target, turns into a makeshift net.

Once the drone is caught in the net, a parachute is used to bring it safely to the ground.

2. Trained Birds

The Dutch Police tried training eagles to catch drones not too long ago.

But they had to deal with some problems to get the job done.

For example, the eagles sometimes did strange things and didn’t stick to the plan.

It was also decided that the training process was too expensive and complicated to move forward.

Along with the Netherlands, the U.S. has also tried to teach falcons to do the same thing.

3. Dedrone DroneTracker

DroneTracker is a piece of software that can help stop drone attacks.

It uses its DroneDNA database to figure out what kind of drone it is, such as an RF, WiFi, or non-WiFi drone.

This software can work with sensors from third parties and can send alerts or start countermeasures if it finds a rogue drone, even if it’s in the cloud.

It’s interesting that it can also find a drone’s pilot and figure out where the threat is coming from.

4. Anduril Interceptor

The Interceptor is a very aggressive way to control drones.

Instead of catching or turning off bad drones, it crashes into them at full speed and destroys them.

This way to stop drones from flying can be set off and controlled by AI or by a human operator.

This way of stopping drones works well in places where there aren’t many ways to use projectiles.

5. Fortem DroneHunter F700

DroneHunter F700 is a radar-guided drone hunter that can work on its own.

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It can take out drones of any size, including the bigger Group-2 drones.

It has an attachment called NetGuns that shoots nets that quickly unroll and wrap around a target.

This is used to catch illegal drones.

This aerial device can fire a number of projectiles to set up a number of nets.

This lets it catch bigger drones.

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