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Will Apple Business Essentials Replace Google Workspace?



Apple has just announced the Apple Business Essentials that offer IT assistance for small-sized enterprises. The package includes AppleCare+, on-site repairs within less than 4 hours, and applications for simple installation and management of devices. 

Google Workspace also provides a similar set of apps, with the exception that it is not the ones for Apple equipment and service.

What is the likelihood that Apple Business Essentials replace Google Workspace for small-sized companies? 

To find out we’ll need to look at the features they offer.

Apple Business Essentials

Apple Business Essentials gives you the necessary apps that make it simple to get onboarded devices, device management storage, support, and repairs. It’s a simplified method to manage your IT requirements when you’re using Apple devices only.

This pack will install a “Collections app’ on the device you wish to join. IT managers can use this application to install additional apps that are for employees. They can also use the app to force FileVault encryption, activation lock on devices, as well as VPN settings on devices.

Apple Business Essentials will offer AppleCareand plans starting in the spring of 2022. The current plans comprise one device package costing $2.99 per month per user with 50GB of iCloud storage. 

There’s also a Multidevice plan priced at $6.99 per month per user, with 200GB of iCloud space, and up to three users. If you have more than three users you can choose the $12.99 per month for a Multidevice plan, which comes with 2TB of storage.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is among the most popular collaboration platforms currently. It includes the full range of Google services such as Gmail Drive, Meet Calendar, Jamboard, Docs, and Sheets Keep, Sites, and forms.

One reason for the popularity of Google Workspace is the fact that it has customized business email addresses in all of its packages. Although Apple’s plans begin at $2.99 per month for each user, Google Workspace plans start at just $6 per month for users.

For the price, Google Workspace offers custom email, video for 100 participants meetings with thirty GB Drive storage each for users along with security control. You could also upgrade to a price of $11 per month or $12 per month for each user to get greater storage capacity and premium service.

One of the main advantages the Google plans to offer over Apple is the fact that they can be used across different platforms. But, if a company employs Apple equipment, Google services like Slides, Docs, Keep, and Sheets are only accessible via their sites. It’s a cloud-based system that doesn’t function offline.

Apple Business Essentials Vs Google Workspace

FeaturesApple Business EssentialsGoogle Workspace
Simple InstallationYesYes
Custom Email AddressNoYes
Premium SupportYesOptional
Secure StorageYes, iCloud storageIt is true, Google Drive
Anti-theft and privacy featuresseparate user enrollment, FileVault encryption, Activation LockSecure email
Device repairProtected by AppleCare+No
Supported DevicesOnly Apple devicesWorks across all platforms

If you evaluate both, it will eventually be about the requirements you’ll need in a business plan. If you’re in search of a plan which gives you customized email addresses and online collaboration tools and a large storage capacity and storage capacity, then Google Workspace is a no-brainer.

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If your company utilizes Apple devices, you have an array of highly integrated applications to use. You can access administration tools and priority assistance and speedy repairs using AppleCareplus Apple Business Essentials.

In a nutshell, Apple Business Essentials is a great option for businesses that are using the majority of Apple devices. For businesses that use a variety of devices, such as Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and Android tablets and phones, Google Workspace offers more flexibility.

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