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Should You Delete WDAGUtilityAccount in Windows 10?



What is WDAGUtilityAccount

If you launch the Command Prompt and run the command net user on your Windows 10 system, you might see the account called WDAGUtilityAccount entry. 

What exactly is this? 

Does it constitute malware? 

What role exactly does it perform, and can it be safely deleted? 

We will find some answers in this blog post.

What is WDAGUtilityAccount on Windows 10

WDAGUtilityAccount is an account for users which is managed and utilized by the system to handle Windows Defender Application Guard scenarios.

This particular WDAGUtilityAccount is a component that is part of Windows Defender Application Guard it was released with the specific Windows update 1709. The account is inactive until the program is installed in the gadget.  

The account may be in use on certain Enterprise version Windows 10 machines, but it’s not considered to be unsafe and is not considered malware of any kind. It’s an account integrated into Windows.

The account is listed in the list of Local Users when you run the command net user on your Windows 10 system. The purpose and role of the account are not clear and users could have many questions. 

An active and working account may trigger a warning that you are unable to erase the specific file. Certain issues could be accompanied by the message of restricted access, administrative permissions required.

If a user is on an infected website when the WDAGUtilityAccount is in use on the system the website is opened in an additional virtual container. If an attack is made it is impossible for the virus to be spread since the space is built on virtualization, which is the reason why the site is open.

It is possible that this account gets blocking your path and appears on the screen with warnings and alerts regarding unusual problems. But, this is one of the features of the Windows operating system, therefore removal of the account is not advised. 

This could cause issues with the system’s functions. It is secure to disable the account just as it was in the past but enabling it can aid in protecting the system.

Its appearance on the account is entirely normal. However, problems with your computer because of updates or other suspicious files may also be normal, however, they are not something you want to experience. 

There may be some issues and suspect that the suspicious account is the cause However, a few simple issues such as faulty updates, corrupted data, and compatibility issues with applications can cause problems with speed or crashes.

It will remain inactive until it is disabled until Application Guard is enabled on your system. 

There are multiple accounts on the system which are integrated into Windows and WDAGUtilityAccount is one of them.

If enabled, you could get an alert in your log application for an account that has been created locally with the username WDAGUtilityAccount (Event ID 4722 or 4720). 

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Sometimes, it can hinder your progress, for example, when you attempt to erase a document you will be prompted to do so by a message that reads “Access is blocked Administrator permission is the appropriate” message. 

If you decide to ignore it and click “Continue“, you will receive another message telling you that you need permission from another account, namely WDAGUtilityAccount. 

This is to ensure your safety.

You can determine whether WDAGUtilityAccount is in use on your system using the following method:

  1. Open WinX Menu
  2. Select Computer Management
  3. Expand System Tools
  4. Increase the Local User and Group Database
  5. Double-click the Users folder and there is it!

Double-clicking will reveal the Properties. There you’ll be able to determine whether it’s in use or not.

Do you have the option of deleting or changing the name WDAGUtility account?

Because the WDAGUtility account is an account managed by the system which is part of Windows 10, we do not recommend changing its name or erase it with the Administrator account.

The account is a component of the Windows operating system There are many accounts that are created by the OS in a way that is automatic. It is not advised to transfer or modify the user account to any extent.

It’s not a good idea to erase the WDAGUtilityAccount However, you may discover issues with the computer with an application such as Reimage which scans the system and finds altered, damaged, or damaged components within the directories and systems folders and directories. 

It can completely clean the mess and improve the performance of your computer substantially.

Hope This is helpful.

Deepak Saini Editor-in-Chief at Tech Folder. He is a geek who shares his expertise in technology with the world via his writings.