What is MOM.exe? How to Remove MOM.exe?

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What is MOM.exe? How to Remove MOM.exe?

Is MOM.exe an infection? This article explains the MOM.exe process and describes what exactly is MOM.exe and explains what you should do if you get a MOM.exe error message on the Windows PC.

What is MOM.exe

MOM.exe is a component of Catalyst Control Centre which is part of the AMD Catalyst software engine, which offers display and video customizable options. Therefore it’s a legit process and can be found within the C:Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies folder.

It’s not a core Windows operating system file It is a component of the driver for devices as well as software designed for AMD’s graphic cards.

If you’re making use of the ATI Video Graphics card then you might be aware it is Catalyst Control Center is a component, and MOM.exe is the monitor program of CCC.

The real MOM.exe file is a component of software of AMD Catalyst by AMD.

MOM.exe It is an executable file that is part of AMD Catalyst which is a driver for devices and a utility software designed exclusively for AMD’s GPUs. It is not a necessary Windows process and is able to be turned off if it is known to cause problems.

AMD Catalyst can be described as software specifically designed specifically for Microsoft’s Windows platform that allows AMD APUs and GPUs to run more efficiently. It comes with over 20 features and boasts as high as a 19% increase in performance in AMD Radeon graphics and up to 29% for AMD APUs.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is an American company that creates solutions for semiconductor technology and its applications for motherboards, computer processors graphics processors, embedded systems designed for the business as well as the consumer market. The company was established around 1969, with the help of Jerry Sanders, and is currently located within Sunnyvale, California, United States.

Mom is Catalyst Control Center: Monitoring program ( Mom )

The .exe extension in the name of a file indicates that it is an executable file. Executable files can sometimes cause harm to your computer. This is why you must read this article to figure out if the MOM.exe that is running on your system is a trojan that must be removed or is a file that belongs to either the Windows operating system. Or an application that is trusted.

Is MOM.exe a virus?

The legitimate MOM.exe process is located in the C:Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies folder. If it’s located in another location it may be malware, as viruses can be identified by any name. Certain viruses may appear as MOM.exe and are located in Windows or System32 folder. A way to verify this is to click on the file and then check its Properties. If you’re not sure, check the file using the help of an internet-based malware scan that utilizes various antivirus engines. You can also use your antivirus software.

MOM.exe application error

Users who have reported getting the MOM.exe application that could not start dialog box that is constantly displayed. This could be an important source of frustration. This could occur if the installation has been corrupted or in the event that the file is accidentally deleted. It could also cause the loss of color or display quality and digital control.

If you encounter MOM.exe refer errors You must do three steps:

  • Check that all the Display Drivers are current.
  • Be sure to have the most recent version ATI Catalyst Control Center installed on your PC. You can update it, or remove it. ATI Catalyst Software & install the most current version. To remove it, go to your Control Panel and uninstall ATI Catalyst Install Manager.
  • Make sure you are running the most recent version .NET Framework installed on your PC.

Hope this will answer your questions regarding the MOM.exe process in Windows 10.