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What Is Automator On Mac? Automate Your Workflows?



Automator is a macOS application that allows you to automate your workflows and reduce time. Automator lets you create workflows that run with the click of a mouse. Apple first released Automator along with Mac OS X Tiger in 2005.

Automator is among the most effective macOS standard apps It is also one of the most unappreciated ones. The snarky interface may make you think twice about the appearance of it however, the use of Automator on Mac does not require expertise in scripting or programming. Instead, you can make use of the vast library of Automator to perform the repetitive tasks you perform with one command.

What is Automator?

Automator is a program that comes in OS X which allows you to design custom workflows that accomplish both easy and difficult tasks, like renaming the folder in which files are stored or combining multiple PDF files, and converting videos from one form to another with QuickTime.

What is an Automator Workflow?

Workflows are usually called recipes, and for good reason. As with the recipes of food preparation, they require an established list of ingredients (the ingredients) and perform a sequence of steps on these (the making and the cooking) and afterward distribute the result. In order to create a recipe all you have to do is inform Automator the ingredients it requires and where you can get them and then tell it what you’ll need to do in each step. In most cases, times, it’s done via moving and dropping items from a list of choices.

What Can Automators Do?

There’s no limit to the things you can do with Automator. This is a huge list of actions that can be performed using Automator for your Mac. All you need to do is to arrange your actions in a flowchart and save it. When you want to make use of all the commands again, just use the workflow to reduce time.

The video above is a fantastic tutorial video for Automator. Apple has also come up with an entire sequence of Automator tutorials that you can utilize to learn more about the app.

You can, for instance, make a workflow that allows you to resize an image, modify its format, name it, then export it into an appropriate folder. Once the workflow is completed it’s time to execute only one command rather than four.

In addition, you could make use of Automator to Mac to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF or divide a PDF into several files. It’s also possible to develop independent applications that can run without opening Automator.

The program can also let you create actions in a snap that you can include onto Finder or the menu Services. It also lets you create folder actions that function as workflows that work within the folder. Additionally, you can design the dictation commands that are triggered by the dictation feature and do not require additional inputs before they can be used.

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What’s the benefits that Automator can offer?

There are two main benefits of Automator: it eliminates the need to complete repetitive tasks by hand and lets you build workflows simply by dropping and dragging and you don’t have to write codes (although you could make it more efficient by activating AppleScripts).

If you’re running macOS Monterey, you can export Automator workflows to shortcuts on your Mac. We’ve also provided a list of the most useful macOS Monterey features that you can get on the latest Macs.

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