Warframe Weapons Tier List Ranked

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Warframe Weapons Tier List Ranked

If you’re looking for a full Warframe weapons Tier list for 2021 that includes everything from weapons of S-Tier to D-Tier weapons this list is for you.

It’s not a secret that Warframe is a classic game, but it’s managed to stay relevant against the ever-growing rivals within the MMO shooter market.

The primary reason it can keep people interested in that it provides players with many different styles of play to try out. This gives you different types of weapons that are melee and ranged to test out and discover what you prefer!

The weapons included in Warframe are a major part of Warframe in building, and every build relies on these. In addition to your Warframe and the weapons you choose to use, it is crucial to select the appropriate weapons to be used.

This article is purely an inventory of tiers that will show what weapons to aim to acquire and which weapons you should avoid. Be aware that this list will be focused on weapons with range, melee weapons in Warframe merit the right to have their own list on their own!

Without further delay, we’ll get to work!

Warframe S – Tier Weapons List1. Rifle
2. Bow
3. Shotgun
Recommended Rifles: Ignis, Acceltra, Trumna and Stahlta.

Recommended Bows: Proboscis Cernos and Kuva Bramma.

Recommended Shotguns: Cedo and Kuva Kohm.
Warframe A – Tier Weapons List1. Sniper
2. Dual Held Sidearm (Automatic)
3. Dual Shotgun Sidearm (Semi-Automatic)
4. Launcher
Recommended Snipers: Rubico Prime and Vectis Prime.

Recommended Dual Held Sidearms: Twin Vipers Wraith and Dex Furis.

Recommended Dual Shotgun Sidearms (Semi-Automatic): Akbronco and Akbronco (Prime).

Recommended Launchers: Ogris and Torid.
Warframe B – Tier Weapons List1. Spear Gun
2. Single Held Sidearm (Automatic)
3. Dual Shotgun Sidearm (Automatic)
4. Beam Sidearm
Recommended Spear Guns: Javlok and Scourge. The Ferrox is a decent choice too but inferior to Javlok and Scourge.

Recommended Single Held Sidearms (Automatic): Cestra and Viper.

Recommended Dual Shotgun Sidearm (Automatic): Twin Kohmak (Only weapon of its kind).

Recommended Beam Sidearms: Atomos, Spectra and Nukor.
Warframe C – Tier Weapons List1. Thrown Weapon
2. Shotgun Pellet Sidearm
3. Single Held Sidearm (Burst)
4. Shotgun Sidearm (Automatic)
5. Single Held Sidearm (Semi-Automatic)
Recommended Thrown Weapons: Castanas Sancti and Hikou Prime.

Recommended Weapons: Kraken and Sicarus Prime.

Recommended Single Held Sidearms (Burst): Kohmak and Pyrana.

Recommended Single Held Sidearms (Semi-Automatic): Vasto Prime, Marelok Vaykor and Tysis.
Warframe D – Tier Weapons List1. Dual Held Sidearm (Charge)
2. Single Held Sidearm (Charge)
3. Shotgun Sidearm (Semi-Automatic)
Recommended Single Held Sidearms (Charge): Stug and Angstrum.

Recommended Shotgun Sidearms (Semi-Automatic): Bronco Prime and Detron Mara.

Warframe S-Tier Weapons List

1. Rifle

Rifles are among the most versatile type of weapons in Warframe and some of the strongest! Warframe’s rifles are the most powerful and damaged that’s why they are the top weapons available in the game.

The range of options that they provide is staggering Their triggers can vary from burst-fire to charge-fire to full auto and single-fire. They come with large magazines and are able to slash through enemies and their armor.

Recommended Rifles: Ignis, Acceltra, Trumna and Stahlta.

2. Bow

Bows are an uncommon weapon, but if you have the perfect bow for Warframe and it is the right bow, it can make everything different! It is possible to shoot the arrows semi-automatically or simply press the trigger to increase damage and improve accuracy.

The most appealing thing about bows is that you are able to be sneaky when you are bow. Most bows have the ability to shoot enemies as high as 60 the threshold of the perimeter. They are great all-rounders.

Recommended Bows: Proboscis Cernos and Kuva Bramma.

3. Shotgun

The shotguns serve as the weapon of the spearhead in Warframe and you’ll be able to see nearly every player operate these guns and keep guns afloat as their primary weapons.

They’re a little low in ammo capacity, but their impact is more than compensating for it! They are the most effective weapon to control crowds in the absence of the capacity of a rifle with high ammo and especially when you have mods attached.

Shotguns can make a run twice as fun, as you can be close to your adversary’s face!

Recommended Shotguns: Cedo and Kuva Kohm.

Warframe A – Tier Weapons List

1. Sniper

Snipers can be a tricky topic to discuss in Warframe There are those who are awestruck by them, and others absolutely hate the idea. The reason why they’re popular so much is due to the huge quantity of damage they dish out with each shot.

But their slow firing rate and reliance on precision make it a difficult weapon to utilize in a fast-paced shooter such as Warframe. But, don’t be fooled. Snipers are able to completely destroy mobs with the right weapon If you’re sure of your shooting, snipe away!

Recommended Snipers: Rubico Prime and Vectis Prime.

2. Dual Held Sidearm (Automatic)

Dual Held Secondary automatic weapons are the ideal option if you’re using shotguns as your main weapon.

These guns have a fairly low ammo capacity, but their speed of fire and rapid refill time gives you a tactical edge in any circumstance. Be sure to be close to your adversaries, as they won’t be able to serve you effectively over long distances!

Recommended Weapons: Twin Vipers Wraith and Dex Furis.

3. Dual Shotgun Sidearm (Semi-Automatic)

They have a decent range for shotguns and are able to fire simultaneously. They’re just as effective as standard shotguns for crowd control, but the smaller damage and shorter range could affect the effectiveness of certain situations.

The best way to make use of this weapon is to force into the area with a lot of force, then do damage, and then run away! It is also possible to shoot their weapons, then chip away at the health of your opponent with melee attacks.

Recommended Weapons: Akbronco and Akbronco (Prime).

4. Launcher

Launchers can deal massive amounts of damage to the surrounding area and can eliminate thousands of enemies with one go and do massive damage to larger enemies.

But, they’re offset by the lower ammo capacity and the possibility of causing harm to yourself in the event of negligence.

Recommended Launchers: Ogris and Torid.

Warframe B – Tier Weapons List

1. Spear Gun

Spear Guns make a unique particular kind of weapon They are spears and guns that are able to shoot fireballs at your adversaries.

This is possibly the coolest weapon in the game visually, and it can be used as a melee weapon, and you can shoot it at your enemies and then retrieve it. It is also possible to make it a weapon, though one that has a very slow firing rate and not much damage.

Recommended Weapon: Javlok and Scourge. Ferrox Ferrox is a great option but isn’t as effective as Javlok or Scourge.

2. Single Held Sidearm (Automatic)

A single-handed sidearm that is automatic is not the most ideal choice for a weapon, however, they provide some advantages to them.

They are capable of taking damage away in close-quarter situations, in the event that you’re using a weapon with low fire rates. They can absolutely rip the armor of your adversaries.

Recommended Weapons: Cestra and Viper.

3. Dual Shotgun Sidearm (Automatic)

Dual shotguns that are automatic secondary weapons are excellent for close-range shooting and in certain situations, it’s better than standard shotguns! The only drawback with this weapon is its small ammo capacity, the low rate of fire, and the damage contrasted with solid shotguns of the S-Tier.

The dual automatic shotgun secondary is far superior to ordinary shotguns in situations where crowd control is required, but you’ll need to be prepared for the game of hit-and-run certain.

Recommend Weapons Twin Kohmak (Only one of these weapons).

4. Beam Sidearm

The weapons were designed to be precise and deliver high damage within small distances.

They’re not as effective as snipers equipped with beam mods, or even as effective as single-fire rifles. However, their effectiveness at close distances can be impressive especially if you’re accurate in your shooting.

Recommended Weapons: Atomos, Spectra, and Nukor.

Warframe C – Tier Weapons List

1. Thrown Weapon

Thrown Weapons are the typical regular Shurikens kind of weapon.

They’re low damage and have a slow rate of fire. They’re nevertheless fun to play with, especially during speedy gameplay, and also are unique in their design!

Recommended Weapons: Castanas Sancti and Hikou Prime.

2. Shotgun Pellet Sidearm

There is only one type of weapon in the game The Euphonia Prime and that weapon is great for short-range crowd control, is almost useless in other situations.

3. Single Held Sidearm (Burst)

Single-held sidearms with bursts aren’t the greatest however they’re better than semi-automatic single-held sidearms.

If you hit heads with this weapon, they could do some serious damage, however, If you’re hitting virtually everywhere other than that, it’s not worth the effort.

Recommended Weapons: Kraken and Sicarus Prime.

4. Shotgun Sidearm (Automatic)

The shotgun that is an automatic secondary weapon is more powerful than the semi-automatic version of its kind because it has less range and the possibility of damage, in exchange for a larger spread and faster firing rate.

This type of weapon has a more damage capability in smaller ranges because of the speed with which it fires bullets. however, it is incredibly small in comparison to shotguns as well as double shotgun weapons.

Recommended Weapons: Kohmak and Pyrana.

5. Single Held Sidearm (Semi-Automatic)

The semi-auto single-held sidearm is the most ineffective type of a ranged sidearm.

They’re basically pistols that are designed to cause chip damage, but they’re not the most dangerous sidearms, therefore, you can utilize them if you’d like.

Recommended Weapons: Vasto Prime, Marelok Vaykor, and Tysis.

Warframe D – Tier Weapons List

1. Dual Held Sidearm (Charge)

The charge weapon that is in the category of dual-sidearms isn’t the right choice.

There’s just one of its kind that’s the Staticor. It’s basically beaming sidearms, however, it is much less damaged, and is a little quicker in fire speed as well as ammo capacities.

2. Single Held Sidearm (Charge)

These are little difficult weapons to describe. They function similar to Beam Sidearms but are weaker with less damage, but a slightly higher fire rate. It’s not the weapon you’re looking for, but could be used should you need to.

Recommended Weapon: Stug and Angstrum.

3. Shotgun Sidearm (Semi-Automatic)

They’re by far the weakest weapons I’d say and there’s only one option in place of dual-wielded secondary shotguns, so you do not have the added fire rate using two guns.

They’re not a lot to provide, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it personally!

Recommended Weapons: Bronco Prime and Detron Mara.