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What is ‘void document oncontextmenu null’? How To Re-Enable the Right Click



This tutorial will help you if you arrive at a website, find something you like and want to copy, and then right-click. Many websites have made it a point to prevent right-clicking on their pages in order to stop copying or theft. 

Although there is a way to avoid this madness, it doesn’t work well for users. You can work around this problem by using JavaScript’s Void Document on the context menu Null.

There are several ways around the inability to right-click on web pages. Although I don’t condone copyright theft, or copying entire pages, I support the possibility of taking quotes, code, or other snippets of pages for your own purposes. It is a great help to save troubleshooting steps from other sources. However, not everyone is as educated as I am.

How to allow right click on blocked websites

The administrator may use HTML code or JavaScript depending on the website to block right-click context menu. You have many options to circumvent this limitation. Using ‘void documentoncontextmenu null is one example. Here are a few examples.

You can copy and paste ‘void documentoncontextmenu null’ to a webpage if you are landed on it. Now you should be able to right-click as normal to do what you need. This is a must-have for every copy you make, but it works great on many pages.

This is not a universal method as website owners can use a variety of methods to prevent right-clicking. Try these other methods if that fails.

Save this page

The best way to get around the right-click block is by saving the entire page as HTML. Then, I can open the page in the browser and right-click, copy, and paste it. This is especially useful when I have multiple pieces or quotes of code. Although this works in most browsers, Edge users may need to save the page to HTML to ensure it runs properly. It worked for me, and it may work for you.

JavaScript should be disabled completely

This is a dangerous option, as it can cause web pages to be completely broken. JavaScript is used to prevent right-click dialogs from being blocked by websites. You can disable JavaScript to stop it from interfering with your work. The browser you use will determine how you do this.

In Firefox:

  1. Type ‘about’ in a new tab.
  2. JavaScript is available for download.
  3. Double-click ‘javascript. enabled in order to make it false rather than true.


  1. Click the three-dot icon at the top of the screen and choose Settings.
  2. Choose Advanced and Content Settings in Privacy and Security.
  3. Toggle JavaScript to off

JavaScript may be disabled on some websites to prevent them from functioning properly or from working at all. This setting should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Use a browser plug-in

The use of plugins to enable the right-click dialog is more effective than disabling JavaScript. There are many plugins available for Chrome and Firefox, and some work well. Look in your default browser plugin section to find ‘right click’ words or phrases and you’ll be amazed at the results.

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I use Firefox Quantum. Over a thousand results were returned for the ‘right click’ keyword. While some of the results are not relevant, I found the best plugins that were exactly what I needed. No matter what browser you use, you should find the exact same plugins.

Go to the source

You may find it easier to see the source code if you are only going to need to copy something from pages. Although adding “void document oncontextmenu NULL” to the URL bar takes less effort, it is not always convenient to have the code available. It’s worth remembering Ctrl+U.

Right-click on the page that you wish to open and hit Ctrl+ U. The source code will be displayed in a new tab. To search the source code of the text, you can use Ctrl+ F to locate it. The text should now be easy to copy. Ctrl + U or Ctrl + F should work with all modern browsers.

You should not use the ability to right-click and copy text from web pages. Use it sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. It takes a lot of effort and time to create content that you will enjoy. Please copy responsibly.

I am a dedicated and passionate writer. A self-starter who learns through hands-on experience, research, and collaboration. Detail-oriented and attuned to the big picture.