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Twitter Acquires Threader For Twitter Blue Feature



A little less than a week following Twitter Blue was launched within both the U.S. and NZ; Twitter has purchased Threader. Threader is a Twitter thread editor which makes it simpler to make long threads into paragraphs.

Twitter’s Threader acquisition is ending Threader as an app that is independent. If you’re using Threader the app, it would be taken out of service on the 15th of December. The tool is now added to Twitter Blue the priced version of Twitter that comes with additional options and options for customizing.

Twitter Acquires Threader: What’s Next?

Threader is a useful tool for those who consume long-form Twitter content. You just need to type the command compile and a tweet stream of 50 tweets will be presented in neatly-written paragraphs.

Additionally, you can make use of the extension to save these tweets as pdf files to save the tweets to be saved for future reference. Since Twitter buying Threader and Threader Blue, you’ll be able to do this through the Twitter application. Threader is a paid service and will remain exactly the same, as you’ll have it in Twitter Blue.

But, this acquisition and the addition of Threader as a feature on Twitter Blue makes for a more value-for-money offer. It also demonstrates the way Twitter Blue plans to justify its $2.99/month cost.

Twitter Blue offers a dedicated long-form tool, a 10-minute limitation on uploading videos, and ads-free reading from different magazines. This all indicates the fact that Twitter Blue is the place where Twitter becomes a full-blown media creator and consumption platform with fewer restrictions.

It’s possible to conclude the possibility that Twitter Blue will be more suitable than Facebook. Additionally, the paid features will provide greater security and more content, but we’re still waiting to see how it will work.

“We’ve recently built a similar reading experience at Twitter, which is now available as part of Twitter Blue,” the founders of the company have written in. 

“Through Twitter Blue, you’ll get access to features like Reader, which turns long threads into an easier-to-read experience, and Bookmarks Folder, a feature requested by many of you, that lets you save and organize your favorite threads.”

“We’re so stoked to turn Threader into a native experience on Twitter!” they added.

Users can sign up to Twitter Blue on the platform’s main menu.

What are your thoughts on Twitter Blue and the new type of social media that is paid? 

Should this be the case for all platforms or is the current method more effective? 

Tell us by leaving a comment.

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