Twitch Streamers Leaked Earnings: All We Know

Recently, Twitch has leaked its information. It’s disclosed that users are able to earn a substantial amount of money every month using online video games on the internet. What can we learn about Twitch Streamers’ leak of information? 

Beginning with the basics Many of you are unaware of the app. It’s true, Twitch is an American streaming gaming platform that lives streams. It is a subsidiary of Amazon. It was officially launched on June 6, 2011. 

It’s been ten years since Twitch is used by millions. Are you among those members of Twitch? When was the last time you began using Twitch? 

Twitch users are believed to be skilled players. If you’re good at playing video games but weren’t aware of Twitch it is possible to download the app through either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

According to leaked figures of Twitch users, the top five streamers made more than 5 million per month. In addition, most of the streamers in the top 80 earned more than $1 million since the close of the year. Are you curious about the data that was leaked recently? If yes, then stay here until the end of this post. We’ll tell you what we know!

Twitch Streamers’ Earnings Leaked to the Internet

It has been revealed that streamers on Twitch have a total of more than 1 million subscribers dollars per month. The process of paying is as follows: if a partnered streamer has 50 subscribers and receives the payment in the amount of 5 dollars per month then they earn $125 per month through the subscriptions. 

Don’t forget that streamers also make money from Bit donations as well as the advertisements of the partner programs. In order to calculate the income of streamers, leaks of data were not needed. It is possible to determine it on your own.

You’re probably interested in learning about the top streamers on Twitch. They include xQc Tfue, Summit1g, xQc, and many others who have made millions through the platform. 

Here is a listing of top streamers and their earnings on Twitch from August 2019 through October 2021.

1. Key Role $9626712.16

2. QcOW $8454427.17

3. Summit1g $5847541.17

4. Tfue: $5295582.44

5. NICKMERCS: $5096642.12

6. Ludwig $3290777.55

7. Tim The Tatman: $3290133.32

8. Alternate: $3053839.94

9. autoplay $3053341.54

10. LIRIK $2984653.70

11. unknown: $2863780.63

12. Gaules $2844985.18

13. HasanAbi: $2810480.11

14. Asmongold: $2551618.73

15. loltyler1: $2490584.90

16. The Ranboo Live: $2401021.84

17. MontanaBlack88: $2391369.58

18. Abi $2314485.53

19. Castro 1021 $2311021.81

20. MOONMOON $2236043.55

21. TheRealKnossi: $2157258.23

22. moistcr1tikal: $2098742.63

23. Mizkif $2086548.21

24. CohhCarnage: $2061059.29

25. shroud $2040503.15

26. AdmiralBahroo: $1985892.39

27. Pestily$1961086.96

28. Sykkuno: $1916327.43

29. ESL_CSGO$1903580.27

30. VNDMARK $1902807.22

31. DrLupo$1894615.81

32. AdinRoss:$1854656.42

33. Clix$1843917.31

34. TeePee:$1786534.47

35. Rubius: $1764965.15

36. PaymoneyWubby:$1756486.29

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37. alanzoka$1731716.65

38. Trainwreckstv: $1572912.37

39. pokimane$1528303.11

40. tommyinnit $1513217.70

41. Maximilian_DOOD $1499562.93

42. GRONKH$1481291.05

43. sodapoppin$1461302.14

44. ZeratoR: $1440221.40

45. BobbyPoffGaming $1415247.01

46. Ninja: $1378791.48

47. Philiza: $1364215.61

48. Amouranth$1363346.32

49. BruceGreene$1360850.67

50. Odablock $1354805.74

51. RayNarvaezJr: $1335520.12

52. Symfuhny: $1334485.63

53. Dakota:$1324198.49

54. ZanoXVII: $1310925.80

55. SypherPK$1295112.63

56. Trymacs: $1288207.23

57. TheGrefg $1286765.09

58. Papaplatte$1286004.35

59. JohnPitterTV: $1215717.01

60. RATIRL$1214440.08

61. RocketLeague:$1204908.70

62. NoWay4U_Sir$1188728.95

63. GamesDoneQuick:$1185456.44

64. GarnaderJake: $1176353.74

65. FPS_Shaka:$1173280.30

66. EsfandTV: $1170700.02

67. Buddha:$1158170.55

68. Locklear $1155665.61

69. fashionablenoob4 $1147599.76

70. ANGRYPUG $1146888.15

71. Sintica$1075977.17

72. Current:$1073254.63

73. Qackity $1065157.18

74. RonnieRadke:$1063989.05

75. Riot $1052571.76

76. KYR_SP33DY$1052545.35

77. Gladd$1045687.54

78. Juandguarnizo: $1034709.27

79. Bugha $1034227.61

80. NickEh30 $1027976.40

81. Tubbo $1000504.31

82. Pikabooirl: $994116.76

83. RatedEpicz $987866.88

84. Swagg: $984854.80

85. Shotz: $984477.46

86. CDNThe3rd $976750.53

87. Tumblurr $960316.77

88. Aydan: $953042.02

89. Op1x: $947355.14

90. Slump: $946332.99

91. BarbarousKing: $933633.48

92. Julien $918684.35

93. mang0 $916857.66

94. Kitboga: $915795.53

95. choco Taco: $913022.39

96. alexelcapo $911427.22

1997. Nomal: $908794.96

99. Jerma985 $906602.00

99. The8BitDrummer $895020.23

100. TSM_ImperialHal $886999.17


The list above for Leaked Twitch Earnings is released for the initial time via Twitter. Many of you may be shocked by the numbers of their earnings through Twitch. It’s not true. 

Twitch was purchased from Amazon in 2014. It is competing with gaming services that are available on Youtube along with Facebook. We can see that the list is mostly populated by males. In the female category, Pokimane ranks 39. 

As per Kotaku (a news-based gaming website) that only 3 percent of the highest-earning streamers on Twitch are female. This means that the majority of them are being dominated by males. 

If you’re not yet playing games with video on Twitch I strongly suggest installing it on your laptop or phone. This way, you can enjoy games any time you want to! It is very addictive.

This baffling earnings list leaked illustrates how big an online live-streaming gaming service has grown. In addition, it’s helping players who are famous to accumulate lump-sum amounts of cash on their accounts at banks. However, not all streamers on Twitch make as much money. 

What are you wasting time on?

We conclude our coverage of this subject here. We thank you for sticking through to the close. I hope that these numbers of their earnings will inspire gamers to use Twitch with more sanity. I wish you the best of luck!!

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