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15 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites



If you’ve been privy to the world of torrents you’ll know that there are many torrent websites that allow you to search for torrent files. Many people came across the term”torrent search engine” at first in the event that the FBI took down the owners of KAT.

With the increasing criticism, there are many torrent websites that claim to be Search engine that searches for torrents and claim that they offer users the ability to search for torrents. It’s a class of sites that don’t host torrent files but offer users a means to locate torrents on different torrent websites.

You can also include a torrent search engine on your list to discover the right torrent. Before you move on there are some other lists of people who are interested in your work that you can look over in your spare time:


This list is being published to help educate others. We don’t support using any site to download content that is copyrighted. We also recommend the newest BitTorrent users to learn the fundamentals about P2P share, the benefits, as well as the local laws that relate to it.

1. SolidTorrents

In our ongoing search for sites that can help you find torrents, SolidTorrents is a relatively new choice to think about. It’s a DHT search engine that has an attractive, simple interface that is cleaner than any other website that’s on this list. It also offers an experiment with dark mode.

As of now, SolidTorrents has indexed over 23 million torrents in diverse categories. It also lists some of them on the top. In addition, you can submit yourself to be added to the SolidTorrents index and set up an account to save your most popular ones.

The primary benefit of the BitTorrent Search Engine is its advanced search features that are offered by the company. For instance, you will receive immediate suggestions when you begin typing your search. You can search for two distinct questions by segregating them with the ” (pipe) operation.

AIO Search is probably the most attractive and appealing torrent search engine on this list. It provides a wide range of options to search for the torrents you’re looking for on the internet.

For instance, you could select the torrent downloader websites where you’d like to search for a specific torrent file. Additionally, the drop-down menus on the right side of the search bar allow you to search specifically for torrents or videos, subtitles, images, and more.

It functions as a web browser and displays all chosen torrent sites using their default interface, separated into tabs. This is a great feature, however, it could be a hassle for certain users due to its primary purpose being overwhelmed to a certain extent. It all depends on your preference.

The site for torrents will also show suggestions when you type in a query into your search engine. Additionally, you can sign up using your existing Google account or make your own account where you can save your favorite searches. 

In the end, AIO Search comes up as a straightforward but effective choice for your different needs, and hence, an enviable position among the top torrent search engines.

3. Torrentz2

You can test Torrentz2 as an alternative to the currently offline website Torrentz. The torrent site even promotes itself as a clone, or alternative to the now-defunct site. I’ve also included it within the latest reviews of the most effective alternative in KAT, TBP, or KAT.

The torrent search engine that will be available in 2021 comes with the same interface. Additionally, it’s also available in an open-source version for those who wish to connect it via Tor and this makes sure you are able to access it at any time without fear of losing connection. 

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It is possible to use the search bar to search for torrents in Torrentz2’s database of more than 60 million torrents that are sourced from over 90 torrent websites.

4. Toorgle

Another option on your list of top websites for torrents is Toorgle, which is a derivative of Google. Similar to Torrentz2 It also has only the bar for torrents on its main page. After you have searched for files with this browser for torrents it is possible to sort the results according to relevancy and the date.

Based on the look, Toorgle may seem slightly old-fashioned, but this is the reason that makes the site extremely light and efficient in loading even on slow connections. It scans more than 450 torrent websites to discover what you are looking for and deliver the most effective results.

5. TorrentSeeker

TorrentSeeker can also be a powerful and powerful torrent searching engine. It makes use of customized Google Search to scrape torrents from more than 100 torrent websites. It also promises to update its database frequently with top torrents, the latest proxy sites, as well as specific languages and niche sources in addition.

The user-friendly interface makes the search process much easier than it has ever been. But, the stunning appearance and feel are only available on your homepage. Its results pages don’t look very pleasant. It does its task of locating the torrents people want. It is also possible to sort the results by the criteria of their relevance and the dates. If you’re looking for applications like UTorrent that allow you to download torrents quickly, click you can find them here!

6. Snowfl

Similar to other sites that are listed here, is a torrent aggregator that searches through several public torrent indexes whenever you are searching for the query you want to search on this site. What makes this site stand out from the rest is its simple user interface and the night mode option to calm your eyes.

There are only a few elements and advertisements on the site as well as the list of the torrent files from different downloaders, such as Rarbg, Pirate Bay, and so on. They are listed on a shortlist. All you have to do is click on the link in the middle to download torrent files with a single click. Also, there’s a onion hyperlink to the website which gives you access even while you’re within this site. Tor network.

7. Xtorx

In the quest to locate your most popular torrents, an excellent site for searching torrents is Xtorx. Like other sites listed in this listing, Xtorx also features just search bars on its main page.

You’ll get your results from a torrent search immediately but unfortunately, there’s no method to remove them. However, this isn’t necessary since Xtorx gives search URLs to other torrent websites. So, clicking any result would launch a new search at an additional torrent website.

8. Veoble

With a dark-colored theme, Veoble is also listed among the top torrent search engines that can be found on the internet. It’s rapidly gaining popularity with internet users, likely due to its dark design. 

It’s not difficult to see it’s becoming more popular as people are seeking out dark-themed websites to utilize. But, one thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t an HTTPS site.

By using the custom Google Search, Veoble provides images and torrent search options for users. When a search query is launched it will return results that are sorted according to the torrent site, language, and more. 

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Alongside sorting the results by relevance and date, Veoble also offers image search capabilities as well. Image search is essentially Google Image search, but it’s an excellent feature.

These are some of the sites for 2021 that do not host any torrents on their own but they are able to act like a search engine that can discover the content of other torrent sites. These sites are an excellent option for people searching for torrent search engines for their PC or who wish to access the service on their smartphones.

9. Monova


Monova was among the most popular download engines. Recently updated with a fresh style and numerous and a myriad of. This isn’t a good site to go to. I tried searching for it, However, the results do not include the same pages, even though it was the title of a page that was a very famous film from 2002.

It is possible that people will like this site because of the lightning-fast updates that are delivered every minute. You can find it on the site. It is also possible to sign up for the service to benefit from exclusive benefits for the user website.

Monova will request that you remove your ad-blocker, however, you shouldn’t when you are on the Monova want to make sure you’re not infecting the device you are using with malicious software. Make sure to use VPN to protect your privacy software, as well.

10. TorrentHounds

This is among the most heavily criticized websites in law enforcement organizations all over the world. all over the world, yet it’s still strong enough to last for more than 10 years. Since it was created, Since its launch, it has offered its users free films music, books, software, and more to download.

Recently, because of the increase in litigations and raids around the world, similar communities, and websites TorrentHounds are moving into binary channels, and it’s more secure and less susceptible to the law-regulating authorities. 

The notice of switching from the Binary channel is available. The binary channel is posted at the upper right-hand side of the site and also provides guidance on how to set it up to be Continue to use the website.

11. AcademicTorrents


This isn’t the place for downloading music, movies games, p0rn, or movies. This is simply a website for information. academic website for research documents, datasets, notes, and lectures, among others. 

It’s A joint venture that involves an initiative of the University of Michigan and the University of Texas as well as other universities to create an open system that lets students share their academic documents via the Internet. It’s It is supported by a variety of commercial sponsors. 

AcademicTorrents is regarded as a pioneer in torrent search engines that cater to academics.

If you’re a scientist and would like to access or share large data sets on the Internet, You should visit this site right away. 

We are working to get more details on this Website and will be sharing it in the near future. If you are a fan of this torrent site, please visit and give a donation to the Researchers on the website

12. Zooqle


Zooqle is the Google of movie torrenting websites. You can find hundreds of movies on Zooqle and every single one of them.

Many of them are of them from The Movie Database (TMDB). There are also shows on TV downloads! Everything is well-organized. 

They check each torrent prior to creating it. Downloadable for all users.

Movies can be downloaded in 1080p, 720p as well as in 3D. The torrents are quite simple. Avoid using the Direct Download button since it’s a clickbait/booby trap. Advertisements on this website are easily avoided with ads-blocker extensions. 

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It also it is highly recommended to utilize it is recommended to use a VPN and a VPN. Zooqle is the most popular choice for uTorrent movie search engine. engine.

13. Torrents.Me

Torrents.Me is among the most elegantly designed search engines for torrents. I would love to have it to put it at the highest of the to be at the top of the list. 

This site was created by some of the best designers. It lets you discover the most popular torrents and subjects that are trending on the Internet.

The website also comes with an integrated system for ranking it across various areas, like films, games, books, software, etc. Like many other sites, you are able to search for and download torrents available here, of all types. 

The search function is not it’s own. It creates the search results that come from Zooqle, TorrentSeeker, and Torrentz2 All of them are excellent search engines.

14. CiniSearch

CiniSearch mostly focuses on movie torrents that utilize the Google API to generate relevant results. 

The site’s UI is adequate however we would recommend that you use a reliable VPN and Ad-blocker to prevent identity theft.

If you have anything to say you’d like to share, leave any thoughts you have in the comment section.

15. Torrent Moviz

Torrent Moviz is one such site that provides users with all the movies downloaded for free. However, in order to download the movies for free, you will need to install this software on your computer and then search for the movie you wish to download.

Once you find the appropriate link, simply check the number of seeds and click on it. The movie or series that you want to download will automatically start to get downloaded and you can check the progress as well.


How do I download torrents and be secure?

The process of downloading content over BitTorrent is a good option. BitTorrent network is extremely secure since your torrents can be quickly resumed after a network disruption or a power failure. But, as you be aware the BitTorrent download is able to be identified from your ISP or any or other determined users.

That’s right there’s no way to be anonymous when you use the BitTorrent network.

Here, you can sign up for any of the best VPN providers in 2021. They can conceal your IP address and secure your connection. This means that you won’t have any unwanted visitors looking in on your activities.

Is it legal to download torrents?

When it comes to torrent downloading You aren’t doing anything illegal by using the search engines for torrents and using torrent client software using your computer. 

But, you’ll be breaking the law in the event that downloading a torrent with copyrighted content. Indeed it is because of piracy that BitTorrent has grown to such a size.

If we are in agreement or not the fact is that piracy is something that’s been around for centuries and was prevalent long before the advent of the invention of the internet. 

But cost-cutting isn’t the sole reason that people download pirated material.

You’ll be amazed to discover that there are numerous legitimate torrent websites that host only legitimate content.

What can you do if your torrent search engine isn’t working?

There are many reasons that you cannot access an online search engine for torrents from your computer. 

It is possible to browse the site using a VPN service to see if the site is blocked in your area. 

If not, it’s possible that the site has been shut down.

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