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SVOD Q3 2021 Market Shares: Netflix Suffers A Loss, HBO Max Emerges As The Biggest Winner



Since the earth was put in lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic increasing numbers of people are attempting to immerse themselves in recreational activities. 

Although the activities can be of any kind, the majority of people have been turning their attention to TV and films. Where can they watch them when the theatres are closed? 

You’ve got it right – streaming platforms.

In recent times, the ability to stream your favorite videos without having to leave your home is the standard. In turn, streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and many more have seen a rise in their user base.

Have you ever wondered how much growth or decrease the sites mentioned above have experienced over the past few months? We will discuss the figures for Q3 for 2021 within the United States. 

Thanks to our pals over with JustWatch We have an idea of the performance of each streaming platform in the past few months.cOn this note, let’s get into the numbers immediately.

Netflix Suffers A 1% Loss In SVOD Q3 Market Shares

Being able to hold a solid position in the market is vital to the success of any streaming service. Here’s a great illustration of the market share of many OTT platforms in Q3 of the United States:

Although Netflix is still the biggest market share, however, it has lost 1percent of its captives. However, there have been several amazing series launched by Netflix in the past few months. Shows such as The Money Heist as well as Sex Education sure kept the viewers’ curiosity quite high.

On the other hand platforms such as HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ all saw an increase of 1% on their market shares, respectively.

HBO Max Has Been Growing At A Great Pace in 2021

It’s evident that, despite being the biggest streaming platform worldwide, Netflix has seen its fluctuation and fluctuations this year. The saying goes”One man’s loss is the gain of another, which is why HBO Max is the latter according to this phrase.

HBO Max has seen by far the most growth since the beginning of July 2021. With such titles as Dune and Succession on the list of games available there’s no reason to doubt that people love the game.

Other than these two platforms, the other ones haven’t had any significant changes in their progress. That’s all for this post. What do you think about this? You are welcome to share them in the comments below.

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