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Sims 4 Teen Pregnancy Mod Guide For You

Teen pregnancy is a complex issue in the real world. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy with its unexpected twists, mounting pressures, vexing choices, and harsh assessments. Still, some survivors make it through to the other side; and if it can be done by one, it can be done by many.

Being a simulation of real life, The Sims 4 strives to mimic its complexity as closely as possible, but it occasionally falls short. Pregnancy at a young age is a common occurrence in today’s society, and this is often the case. So players adapt the game to their preferences and strive for realism by installing mods and adding content.

Fortunately, you can experience being pregnant as a teenager in Darkpool’s mod. It allows your teen Sim to become pregnant, go through the various stages of pregnancy, and give birth to one, two, or more healthy babies. If you’re ready to add some excitement to your adolescent’s life, then read on as I describe the mod.

The Teen Pregnancy Mod: An Overview

Teens and adults alike have the same reproductive rights in this country. Everything will proceed normally during your teen Sim’s pregnancy just as it would for an adult Sim. Your teen will have a typical pregnancy with three trimesters, complete with mood swings and the delivery of a healthy infant.

You’ll have complete control over your pregnancy, from deciding how far along you want to be to finding out the gender of the baby before it’s born. The remainder of the interactions function normally, and the child will age normally along with the other children. If this functionality is crucial to you, installing this mod is well worth your time.

Getting Pregnant

Any of your teen Sims in a committed relationship can select “Try for Baby with.” If you didn’t already know, two Sims can’t immediately start trying to have a baby. They need to have been married for a while and have reached a level of maturity in their relationship or marriage of at least 40 or 50 percent.

Possessing charisma or romantic goals speeds up the process significantly. Flirting, pickup lines, and compliments on physical appearance are par for the course.

When you reach this stage, it’s time to start trying to start a family. The chances of becoming pregnant in The Sims 4 are high, as they always have been, but that doesn’t guarantee success on the first try. It could take a few attempts before your teen daughter is willing to split a meal with you.

These odds can be greatly improved by increasing the fertility traits of both of your Sims, so don’t be shy about spending some of your hard-earned achievement points in this way. In addition, if you’re hoping for multiple children, such as twins or triplets, the woman’s fertility level will determine how many babies she can carry.

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Players have joked that having a baby in a hot tub has a 100% success rate, but we can’t confirm this because we don’t know the necessary conditions. But why not try it out and see if it works for you? And the rest is routine when your lady is expecting.

Visual Glitches And Problems

You’ll also notice right away that this mod causes two major visual bugs:

  • The pregnancy belly does not exist, and it is not going away. Since Sim’s belly won’t expand at all during pregnancy, she can hide the fact that she’s expecting the whole time. It may not grow, but if it does, it may stick around after the baby is born. Some players might find this engaging, while others might get frustrated by how unrealistic it is.
  • The birth of the child is completely random. When it comes to the baby’s genes, the mod is completely arbitrary. It’s highly unlikely that a newborn baby will look exactly like either of its parents. There is a drastic difference in features like skin color, eye color, and face shape, as well as in racial and ethnic backgrounds.


When combined with the MC Command Center, this modification shines. Many of the included resources serve to encourage teen pregnancy. You can get a copy of it right here if you’re interested. You can find a variety of similar mods on the page, such as a wedding for teenagers. They are all complementary to this one, so feel free to include as many as you like.

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