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Sims 4: Succubus Mod For The Ideal Seductress

By now in The Sims 4, we have seen all types of strange animals. Aliens, werewolves, and merpeople are just a few examples. As much as the game is a simulation of life, it is also a simulation of persons and events that could never happen in the actual world. And we’re absolutely good with that! So, why don’t we spice things up even more and bring in a succubus who could take over the whole Sims 4 with this mod!

Why is a succubus such a brilliant idea for the game?

Well, converting your Sim into a succubus or incubus may have some excellent perks. For one, these are powerful beings that do not age and are nearly immortal. Being one of them offers a unique perspective on the game that is very enjoyable. You can also use it in the Black Widow Challenge, which calls for a tough and cunning female Sim.

But let’s explore the succubus mod in deeper depth and see what expecting you within The Sims 4!

Sims 4 Succubus Mod: An Overview

The succubus mod that we’re discussing here is called Sims 4 Occult Life State: Succubus. A few years have passed since the first publication of this expansion in 2016. However, the creator has kept improving it ever since and the mod still works brilliantly in 2021! The lives of succubus and incubus were brought to TS4 by batman101, who deserves a huge thank you!

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What Is A Succubus?

A succubus is a female mythical monster that seduces men via sex. And an incubus is exactly the opposite male counterpart of the same principle.

A succubus is a Sim in The Sims 4 who lives off the life force of other Sims. She is usually quite gorgeous and seductive, capable of obtaining her own aims. A succubus is highly dangerous and occasionally “evil”, therefore it’s good to be aware of these powers.

A succubus or incubus can also have children and they are called cambions. When in the presence of sad or embarrassed Sims, chamions gain in strength. And the succubus/incubus doesn’t care who he or she sleeps with when creating them.

Powers And Abilities

As was just discussed, being a man-trap comes with its own set of advantages. Here is what you may anticipate when using this mod for The Sims 4 and playing as a succubus!

  • The bladder, hunger, and thirst, need don’t decay.
  • No weight problems.
  • A succubus can change her age at all times and choose whether to appear as an adult, teen, elder, or otherwise.
  • Draining the energy of another Sim is a must.
  • You can kiss and woohoo with anyone.
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As was just discussed, being a man-trap comes with its own set of advantages. Here is what you may anticipate when using this mod for The Sims 4 and playing as a succubus!

  • Drain Energy – drains the energy of a selected Sim and gives it back to the succubus by increasing their energy, hunger, and fun motive.
  • Drain Life – drains the life of a selected Sim and kills them. This ability unlocks the power to change the age.
  • Seductive Touch – touches the Sim to put them into a flirty mood.
  • Blink – teleports the succubus around the lot.

How To Become A Succubus?

The Sims 4 succubus life state mod is actually a trait mod. This indicates that it provides you with the trait that later makes you into such a creature.

To summarise, becoming a succubus in The Sims 4 is a straightforward process. If you’re stumped as to where to begin, simply follow these steps!

Use the Occult Life State mod to take on the appearance of a succubus in The Sims 4.

  • 1 Step: Purchase any mirror in the game and have your Sim use it.
  • 2 Step: Select the “Talk to Lilith” interaction.
  • 3 Step: Choose to accept the gift.
  • 4 Step: Enjoy the succubus life!

Keep in mind that a succubus can never turn back to the original Sim she once was!

Succubus CC For The Sims 4

Becoming a succubus is one thing, but making the ultimate succubus is quite another.

The mod that we demonstrated here doesn’t bring any cosmetic modifications to your Sim, therefore it’s not 100 percent complete from our perspective.

Because of the many wonderful CC examples available, this is an easy task to accomplish!

So why do you need customized content? Well, CC may offer your Sims 4 succubus a set of wings or horns, an entirely new wardrobe, or amazing new makeup. Check our variety to choose the correct products for you!

  • Horns
  • Demonic Eyes
  • Vampire CC


All right, so the succubus mod is a pretty fascinating addition to The Sims 4. Several new features are unlocked, such as new interactions and abilities.

If you appreciate the thought of being an “alpha female” and always getting your way, then the mod is perfect for you.

We do, however, recommend it to anyone who enjoys the game’s fantasy elements. You won’t be disappointed!

If the Sims 4 succubus mod isn’t functioning for you, make sure to check the downloading page for the current version!

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