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15 Best Sims 4 Save File Mods Guide

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What Is A Sims 4 Save File?

If you’re looking to get a head start in The Sims 4, using a save file is a great option. Using a save file can be helpful even if you are a novice Sims 4 player. Much newer simmers, especially those who joined the community after the release of TS4, find the game’s foundation to be problematic and open to debate.

The Sims 4 save game file serves as a backup copy of your game progress. In it, you’ll find every game you’ve ever played. All players can share the same save file by uploading it to the cloud. You can also load a friend’s save file and continue playing from where they left off.

You save the game for The Sims 4 can be found in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves or a similar mods directory, depending on where you installed the game. You should be able to locate your saved file in the Saves folder. You can locate it in the Mac OS X finder.

Mods and other user-created content can be found in the Sims 4/Mods folder, but custom content such as built-in rooms, player avatars, and property locations should be stored in the tray.

You should also copy and paste any saved files you download from the internet into your Saves folder. It’s important to remember that this folder can store more than one save the file. When starting the game, go to the main menu and pick the save you want to load.

There are countless Sims 4 save files available online because players have varying preferences. Here are 15 of my favorite works from collaborations and solo efforts that I’ve used frequently.

In other words, check it out!

15.MSR Save File 1.0

This one-of-a-kind Savefile has to go at the top of the list. It’s about making the most of your time in The Sims 4 by taking advantage of the game’s diverse and welcoming environment. Your Sims can succeed in the real world or settle down in the perfect house you’ve designed for them.

This save game is guaranteed to keep you from getting bored. All of the sims have been given makeovers and have personalities just like the rest of our town. In addition, each character has a unique set of abilities, professions, and family ties. If you want to see some refreshing takes on small-town characters and plots, you should check it out.

There are now 31 unique families in this save game thanks to the creator’s efforts. Newcrest is devoid of structures, but there are many elsewhere in the game worlds, including Willow Creek, Del Sol Valley, Sultani, Magnolia Promenade, and others. For the download, please go here.

14. Aurora Sims 4 Save File

Baembee made the backup copy you have here. This saves game only requires the base game to play, so DLC is not an issue. This saves file maker has made it simple for players to acquire twonies and main lots from her gallery page. You can get to it by using the handle “Baembee”.

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The game has no user-created content, but the NPCC mod is highly recommended to avoid the unpredictable appearance of Sims. Simply follow the instructions on this page to have it downloaded directly onto your hard drive.

13. Sims 4 Willow Creek Save File By Devon Bumpkin

You’ve arrived in Willow Creek, easily the most exciting neighborhood in the game. You’ve got your work cut out for you as a newcomer. The options are endless, and the possibilities are numerous. However, this comes with the potential for getting sucked into some exciting adventures. But hopefully not the more sinister ones.

This save file, created by Devon, will give you the best possible gameplay in The Sims 4. Whether it’s familiar faces or the prospect of uncharted territory, the game has everything a player could want. If you want to know more about the features of this save file, the developer has made a video explaining everything they are capable of.

12. Little Root Save File By Aveline

Don’t keep rehashing the same tired strategies. Use the Little Root Save File to give your Sims a new lease on life. This file contains all of the new content, lots, and townies for The Sims 4, allowing you to experience the game in its entirety (from toddler to elder sims). This is a game in which you will never, ever get bored.

New areas, structures, and venues, as well as illogical sims, make this a fantastic setting for your preferred gameplay. A beachfront villa is available in addition to the typical suburban home. Tinycowplant modifies the Oasis Springs in this save game for The Sims 4. Granite Falls and Brindleton Bay. You can save the file you download here to a new folder.

11. The Disney Save- Willow Creek Is LIVE!

To put it simply: returning to Willow Creek is like coming home. I adore rural folk as much as I do urban youth and everyone in between. There is no shortage of ways to make money and keep the Sims content without causing any mayhem. You won’t want to leave the map after meeting all the fascinating people you’ll find on your travels, but the game can’t exist without its players. You’ll have a great time exploring the many new structures and games available.

You have, in effect, found the world’s most complete save game of The Sims 4. You can write your own fairy tale with the help of 18 Disney Sims and their pets, careers, skills, and wardrobes. A basketball court, a top-secret laboratory, and many other unique structures can be found here. This save file is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again. To add this to your game, please visit this link.

10. Windokio, Asian Inspired Savefile

Do you want to spice up your game of The Sims 4? In order to make the world a better place, you need this particular save file. New homes and community spaces mean there’s always something to do. Also, you’ll never be short on company while engaging in these activities.

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If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, this Save File is exactly what the doctor ordered. Make your Sims 4 experience more interesting by implementing some of these simple changes. The best part is that it’s incredibly simple to download and start using right away.

I mean, what are you waiting for? Get the ball rolling on the rest of your life right now! There are a lot of vacant lots in The Sims 4, and we’d give anything for some game data to be presented to us on a bed of roses. Please find the download link below.

9. Bunni’s Save File Ver 2.0!

Although The Sims 4 is a fantastic game, after a while it becomes monotonous and you begin to feel stuck. The ideal answer is this Sims 4 save the file. With none of the boredom from the original game’s notoriety. New families, fresh storylines, and new opportunities are waiting for you and your Sims with this saved file. City Living is required for this save the file.

Therefore, Bunni can provide you with an accurate, pleasant image of townies. There is at least one townie on each of the 11 residential lots and 4 community lots in this file. The townies all have the right jobs and talents since hundreds of hours were spent determining the skill levels needed for each level. Every townie’s relationships are accurately modeled as well.

In Bunni’s Save File, a brand-new neighborhood may now be enjoyed right in the center of the Newcrest development. Without having to wait for houses to be built, this is a tremendously entertaining way to play The Sims 4. Here is the download link for you.

8. JQ Basegame Save – CC Free Basegame Only Save File

Don’t waste your time worrying about it! You can use this JQ Basegame Save to begin in a world devoid of any additional content and create a setting that is just right for you. You, as a Sims 4 player, have no doubt seen the innumerable posts in which players plea for saves from the beginning of the game.

You can stop worrying about missing out on content updates now that you can play with everything in the game. It’s a plus because this save game file doesn’t require any additional game expansions. Your game will always be ready to go at the touch of a button with this convenient save file. You can view it here if you’re interested.

7. Deligracy’s Newcrest Save

All of the homesites were lovingly constructed. A Christmas story with a bit of romance is always a hit. This Sims 4 save file will transport you to the town of Newcrest, where you can meet new people and uncover the secrets of their homes.

There are basic furniture and plants in the starter dwellings. Take on the role of the hero or the villain and decide whether to improve or ruin their life. How to download instructions can be found at this link.

6. The Original Fishy Save File

You sat down at the table and played the game. Basically, you’ve seen it all by this point. You may have believed you were finished, but The Sims 4 player base is tireless. With this Fishy save file, you can experience your deepest fantasies in-game. Indeed, this is the pinnacle of all possible Sims games.

There are many unique items included that are not found in any other expansions. This is the stuff for you if you’ve ever wished you were a deity. There are almost 120 hours of additional content, a reproduction of every lot in the game, and maxed-out families in this download. It’s a side project fueled by admiration for artists like Lilsimsie, whose youtube channel is fantastic. Please feel free to take a peek at it by clicking on the link.

5. SweetieWright’s Save File

I’d like to start by showing you a save file that was generously provided to us by SweetieWright 84 a couple of years ago. The fact that it comes in two flavors (populated and unpopulated) makes it one of the best save files out there.

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This save game has over a hundred pre-built homes in the populated edition. Choose the one that inspires you most and run with it.

The only thing missing from the unpopulated version is the Sims, but you can still build and decorate homes. While the safe file does not employ any third-party modifications or custom content, it does make use of all available downloadable content (DLC) up to and including Snowy Escape. To obtain a copy, click here.

4. The Sims 4 Save File From Isleroux

Isleroux is a well-known simmer who has given us access to one of the best save games ever. If you’re looking for a save file, this is one of the best options available because it has practically everything.

The save file, for instance, includes more than 90 different organizations that your Sims can join. All the communities have a wide variety of Sims, each with their own appearance and personality. There are five different worlds, each with interesting and human-like townies and fantastic lot characteristics.

In sum, you now have everything you need to create a fantastic story in The Sims 4. Here is a link to download the file you have selected.

3. Plumbella Save File For Base Game

Plumbella’s save file is ideal if you don’t have a lot of expansion packs for The Sims 4. It’s perfect for beginners because it doesn’t require any additional components beyond the base game.

The save game created by Plumbella completely alters the visual style of the original game. All of the lots and houses have been updated from the gallery. This save file does not require any downloadable content to play, however, it can be combined with other saves if you do have them. More importantly, neither modifications nor custom content is required.

2. The Hey Harrie Seasons Save File

This is a fantastic backup, created by the simmer. Hello, Harrie. It’s not the biggest save file, but it’s certainly up there in terms of visual appeal. There are 41 new lots and three new Sim families to play with in this expansion pack’s global theme.

This save file requires all downloadable content for The Sims 4. No other content or mods are required, but if you already have them, this save game is a must-have.

1. Lilsimsie’s Popular Sims 4 Save File

Last but not least, here is lilsimsie’s widely used save game. She is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Sims 4 players, and her save game should be the center of attention. But if you haven’t seen any of her movies or streams before, you should know the following.

There are 65 new townie families and 35 new, original lots included in this save file, in addition to updates to the original EA community lots. Despite this being the main focus, numerous additional improvements to usability and remedies to nagging issues have also been implemented. Really, this is the best iteration of the game that EA has ever given us.

Download this complete save game for The Sims 4 if you’re interested.

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