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Sims 4 Remove Money: How to Remove Money in Sims 4

The Sims 4 has a variety of ways to get rid of money. You don’t always have to resort to cheating. You can buy a country ten times over with the money you save over time. Sitting around with a zillion Simoleons is bound to get old after a while.

Sometimes, it’s just irritating to have so much money. Using this guide, you will learn how to get rid of your money quickly and efficiently.

You can get rid of your money in a variety of ways in this game, such as by purchasing items such as clothes. The best clothing mods for your Sims can be found in this post.

Disposing of Via Console Cheats

It goes without saying that this is the simplest objective to complete in the game. By breaking the rules of the game through the use of cheats to remove money from your console, you will be able to dispose of your money more effectively.

To remove money in the Sims 4 using the console commands, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + C simultaneously to pull up the panel. Input testingcheats true to activate the cheats and then type money X (corresponds to the amount of money you’ll want to have, whether it’s 0 or 9 yotillion) to allow you to dump your money in the game’s files.

For instance, if you type money 12,000, you will receive 12,000 Simoleons as a reward. You can even type “money 0” to completely wipe out all of your available monies.

Sims 4 Remove Money Guide: Buying Expensive Items And Paying Bills

It’s a rather typical occurrence. Your bank account is being depleted even if you aren’t playing The Sims 4. Sims 4 players have the option to do the same, which is a great method to spend their money wisely. Repeat the same procedure for the greatest amount of money that can be squandered.

If you want to spend more money on electricity and other expenses because you’re living in a nicer house, you may also buy a lot of utility items and expand your house.

Some Useful Cheats

rosebud/kaching – Rewards you with 1000 Simoleons
motherload – rewards you with 50000 Simoleons

The Sims 4 makes it a lot easier to remove money, but in reality, it’s even simpler.

Putting your money in risky investments, splurging on frivolous purchases, or even just chucking it out the window will all help you get rid of it faster. However, in Sims 4, it’s purely for the sake of convenience.

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