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Sims 4: Rags to Riches Challenge Explained

The Sims 4’s standard gameplay can be dull and repetitive, but the game’s many fascinating challenges make it far more engaging and interesting.

The “Rags to Riches” challenge is a popular option in The Sims. What follows is a brief synopsis of all you need to know about this fun The Sims 4 challenge.

We will explain everything from the rules to the primary objectives to the guidelines. Enjoy!

What Is The “Rags To Riches” Challenge In The Sims 4?

The Sims 4’s “Rags to Riches” challenge, or “R2R” for short, is a lot of fun. The goal is for your Sim to start out poor and become wealthy.

You’ll need to help your Sim with certain big-picture objectives like those listed above if you want to see them through to completion.

Each of these Main Goals has its own set of rules that your Sim must follow before moving on to the next. As for the specifics of these regulations, we’ll get to that down the road.

How To Start The Challenge

In the Sims 4 game, the Rags to Riches challenge requires you to begin with nothing.

There should be nothing in it. Okay, but how? Two methods exist for accomplishing this: the “money 0” hack code or the Move Household menu item.

To begin, open the cheat console and enter “testing cheats on” or “testing cheats true” followed by “money 0”. When you use this hack, any existing Simoleons will be removed and replaced with 0.

The second choice is to have your Sim join an already existing family and then split from that family to relocate to a new lot.

It is important that your Sim has enough Simoleons to purchase the lot it will be relocating to, plus one more Simoleon just in case.

R2R Challenge Rules And Guidelines

  • In order to progress toward the Primary Objectives, you must first finish the matching Mandatory Requirements.
  • There will be no tolerance for cheating or the use of hacks to make the task easier. Cheat codes can only be used to reset your Sim, remove all of their possessions, or move things.
  • In the game, the Sim’s age and life expectancy were under your control.
  • Put your Sim on the priciest empty lot you can find and sell off all of their things.
  • Without accomplishing the Main Goals and the Mandatory Rules, your spouse cannot make or earn Simoleons.
  • Until you have finished the required steps for constructing a house, you will not be able to access your Sim’s land.
  • If you don’t have a place to call home, you should seek out public beds or stay with a friend.
  • It’s acceptable to prepare meals and eat them in restaurants and at friends’ houses, but you can’t take any leftovers with you.
  • Any Simoleons acquired through side activities are forfeit.
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Rags To Riches: Main Goals Of The Challenge And Mandatory Rules

As was previously established, in order to win the Rags to Riches challenge, your principal Sim must complete a series of Main Goals. The primary objectives of the challenge must be met.

Build A Home

Have a fully-furnished home with the following features:

  • At least three (3) bedrooms
  • At least two (2) bathrooms
  • A kitchen and a dining room
  • A family or living room
  • A study with at least one (1) computer
  • An outdoor garden with a pool

Mandatory Steps for Building a Home:

  • Level 5 Handiness Skill and Level 3 Logic
  • Pay a fine of $500 for noise disturbances.

Mandatory Steps for Building a Garden:

  • Finish all the Mandatory Steps for Building a Home.
  • Reach Level 7 Handiness and Level 5 Gardening before you can begin building or placing items outside.
  • Have at least one (1) bedroom with a bed, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, a living room, and a kitchen.
  • Own at least one of the following: fridge, sink, stove, counter, table, chair, couch, and fire alarm.
  • Blueprint cost $500.

Have A Family

  • Get married.
  • Become a grandparent.

Mandatory Steps for Having a Family:

  • Before you can settle down with a Sim, you’ll need a modest house of your own.
  • Train your toddler to their full potential before they reach the next developmental milestone.
  • Before a kid may be upgraded to a teen, you need them to finish one of these activities: Achieve a perfect GPA and Level 5 in any skill, or achieve a Level 10 in any skill.
  • Your teen Sim must accomplish one of the following activities in order to reach the young adulthood age range: Complete part-time employment and Level 5 in two skills, or complete Level 10 in two skills.
  • In the event that two Sims decide to tie the knot, you should celebrate the event by throwing a wedding.

Have A Career

  • Choose any career or operate a business.
  • Earn the Entrepreneurial lifetime award.
  • Reach level 10 of the chosen career branch. If running a business: earn $100,000 with fully-trained personnel.

Mandatory Steps for Getting a Job:

  • Complete all Required Home Construction Procedures.
  • For a mere one thousand Simoleons, you can get your college degree and launch your professional life.


  • Complete at least one Aspiration for your Sim and its spouse.
  • Complete an Aspiration for each of your Sim’s children.

Money Goal:

  • Increase your home’s worth to §100,000 or more.
  • Have at least §200,000 reserve money. You can increase this goal up to §1,000,000.

Optional Rules

Optional Rules are not required to play the Rags to Riches challenge but can be done at your discretion. The following are examples of this:

Family And Relationships

  • Produce at least three additional offspring and three additional grandchildren.
  • Raise at least one Sim child and all of that Sim’s future offspring with your beginning Sim.
  • Have kids, then get a divorce and remarry. During and after the divorce, please do not separate from the children.
  • Maintain a wonderful bond with your offspring.
  • Exclamations of delight should be made in all appropriate fora.
  • Realize one of your grown children’s dreams.
  • Do something to fulfill a childlike dream of one of your grandchildren.
  • Redeem an unfulfilled promise to one of your grown-up grandchildren.
  • Get pregnant with multiples, preferably twins or triplets.
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Skills And Career

  • Get both your Sim and its spouse to Level 10 in their career.
  • Have a part-time hobby while employed.
  • Write every style book.
  • Read every book.
  • Reach Level 5 at all skills


  • Hang no fewer than five (5) of your paintings around the house.
  • Build a mansion out of your humble abode by spending all of your gaming money on luxury enhancements.

Social And Parties

  • Complete every type of party successfully.
  • Throw 10 house parties with at least three (3) guests swimming at each one.
  • Host five (5) or more weddings.


  • Purchase every lifetime reward for one Sim. Potions are excluded.
  • Visit every public lot at least three (3) times.
  • Raise your family’s worth to one million Simoleons.
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