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Sims 4 Private School Mod Guide

One of the most important things we can do is further our education. It is the bedrock upon which our personalities rest and the stepping stone to greater heights. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has access to the quality education they require.

Although public schools are wonderful places to make friends, they are not always the best places to advance your mind. That’s why we’re bringing you the Private School Mod for The Sims 4 – the supplementary educational content you’ve been waiting for!

And what exactly does the Private School Mod do? To begin with, it completely rejects the conventional model of education. Instead, it allows your Sims to enroll in and attend the prestigious Simston Private School.

Your Sims will get the professional boost they need if you enroll them in school and have one of the best professors in the field instruct them.

The mod’s popularity among Sims 4 players can be attributed in large part to a review posted on YouTube by Itsmetroi.

You can see how this new feature functions in the game by watching her video. Furthermore, her site serves as a direct download location for the Private School Mod.

The Private School Mod Features

We should preface this by saying that the Private School Mod can be quite expensive. While most players won’t have a problem with this, there are some who would rather not use cheats and would rather earn their money the hard way. However, we continue to believe that the investment in a private school for our Sims is money well spent.

How To Start The Private School Mod?

It all begins with a phone call when you enter the world of private education. To arrange for a visit from the headmaster, select the appropriate option from your phone’s menu.

If you select this option, you’ll be notified that the Headmaster of Simston Private School is on his way to your home for dinner. Herein, however, lies the first difficulty.

Requesting a visit from the Headmaster will set you back 500 Simoleons. No matter what happens over dinner, this payment is final and cannot be refunded.

It’s also the only way to initiate this mod, and there’s no guarantee that the Headmaster will approve of your child and grant him a tutorship if he pays a visit. So, once more, if you’re using cheats, you get infinite tries; otherwise, you’d better bring your A-game to the dinner.

The Headmaster’s Visit

And when the Headmaster comes to visit, that’s a whole other ballgame. To begin, the Headmaster never fails to show up at the designated time.

Each time you launch the mod, he will be a different person, and he may or may not be a man or woman. And second, here’s why you should spend time crafting the ideal meal for your loved ones:

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The purpose of this visit is to introduce yourself and your child to the Headmaster and to show him or her around your home.

This necessitates an attitude and demeanor consistent with being viewed as a model citizen. And this includes coming up with creative ways to keep visitors interested in and involved with your family.

You will be given a checklist of objectives to achieve during the encounter, such as covering certain ground in conversation or displaying a specific collection.

Do you still have the $500 in cash that you paid to attend the party? Well, if you don’t impress the Headmaster, you can forget about getting them back. Our one and only piece of advice are this: give it you’re all.

Enrolling In Private School

If the visit from the Headmaster goes swimmingly, your children will be attending Simston Private School.

There is a one thousand Simoleon fee added to the tuition, which must be paid in full at the beginning of the course. Your Sims are about to begin private school, complete with lessons and assignments.


Playing around with the Private School Mod is a great time. Here at SnootySims, we’ve found it incredibly beneficial to forego formal education, so we couldn’t help but create an extension that would allow you to do the same!

The Sims 4 community has noted that this mod does not include its own uniform. Instead, you’ll need to search for a personalized version online and then download it.

We have a great variety of custom content and mods for The Sims 4’s school uniforms. We have no doubt that you will locate the ideal candidate for Simston Private School among them!

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