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Best Sims 4 Murder Mod Guide

Here’s all you need to know to make The Sims 4 into a genuine murder mod show. Unless we use mods, we can’t have murder in The Sims 4 the way we want it to happen. In its place, we have to rely on add-ons that enable this functionality. But when you see how great of a change this mod is, you won’t mind so much.

It’s the Extreme Violence modification, of course. This add-on is great since it opens the door to a plethora of homicidal possibilities. It is possible to kill a Sim in a variety of ways, including by driving over them, shooting them, or choking them to death. Everything else as well. There are a dozen different ways to kill a Sim that is both interesting and unusual. Therefore, do not be reluctant to experiment and play around.

Here is the download link for the murder mod for The Sims 4. sacrificial mods are responsible for creating this modification. Many high-quality game additions can be found on their website. Furthermore, this is the site where the Extreme Violence murder mod for The Sims 4 was first released and is currently being maintained as of the year 2021. That’s why you should go see them!

Let’s explore what this mod has to offer by checking it out in depth right now.

One Of The Best Murder Mods In The Sims 4 – Extreme Violence: An Overview

Why Do I Need To Use This Murder Mod?

There are a variety of motivations that can lead you to install a murder mod into your copy of The Sims 4. The majority of simmers participate because they enjoy a more authentic gaming experience. The Sims 4 is merely a simulation of the actual world, which includes such unpleasantries as murder and mayhem. Additionally, murder mods can inject a great deal of excitement into the game, which is often lacking.

However, we’d like to explain why you should pick this mod instead of others. Extreme Violence is the definitive murder mod for The Sims 4, allowing you to murder any Sim, whether they are human, vampire, or something else entirely.

The mod is quite well made and intricate, and it has a tonne of cool extras. And now you can become the next James Bond or Hitman, or spread chaos across the globe if you so choose. Feel free to act out your fantasies of being a serial killer.

Get a taste for what Extreme Violence has to offer by watching the movie’s official trailer.

What Can You Do This Murder Mod?

This Sims 4 murder mod has been updated with a number of new and interesting features, the most prominent of which are, of course, murders.

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To begin, law enforcement has been implemented into this mod and officers are actively searching for criminals. You’ll want to play it safe if you don’t want to spend some time behind bars after committing a murder. Police officers are perceptive individuals who can pick up on clues like blood spatter and use that data to piece together further details about a homicide. If you don’t want law enforcement interfering with your work, though, you can disable this feature.


You can get even more out of this mod by joining a gang. In the event of an attack, members of a gang can defend you and even carry out the killing themselves. Every gang can dress differently, and your gang’s appearance can be customized. Additionally, if you have harassed or killed a member of an opposing gang, a gang war can break out in the streets. In the end, killing Sims earns you renown points, and this can help you achieve global notoriety.


You can get creative with the murder itself because of the mod. Here are just a couple of examples of how you can kill a Sim with the Extreme Violence murder mod for The Sims 4.

  • Slit Throat
  • Bash Head with Axe
  • Slice with Machette
  • Death from Above
  • Backstab
  • Open Gun Fire
  • Swing with Bat
  • Spray with a Machine Gun
  • Shoot with Shotgun
  • Slow-Mo Machete Slashes
  • Shawerma Machete Slices
  • Crack Neck
  • Crash Head with Booty
  • Run Over with a Car
  • Throw Helicopter at
  • The Plunge
  • Super Kick
  • Super RKO
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Friendly Backstab
  • RIP Heart Out


But there are plenty of non-lethal ways to enjoy murder mod. Slapping or kicking a Sim is one example of a non-lethal interaction. You don’t have to resort to murder to have a good argument.

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