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Sims 4 MoveObjects Cheat Guide For You

The Sims 4 allows players to express their individuality through their constructions in a number of ways. Yet, there are always aspects of life where we feel restricted. In other words, the MoveObjects Cheat is what you need whenever you can’t seem to get an object to go exactly where you want it to.

With this cheat, you can stack multiple items high, combine various pieces of furniture, and place them wherever you like. That being said, it’s all you need to set up shop comfortably at home.

How To Activate The MoveObjectsOn Cheat In The Sims 4

To activate the MoveObject Cheat, press CTRL + SHIFT + C at the same time. Enter bb. move objects into the command console that appears at the top of the screen, press Enter, and then press ESC to dismiss the cheat window. Off-grid furniture relocation is now a reality. If you want to disable this cheat later, simply type bb. move objects off into the console.

When downloading homes from the Gallery made by other players, you might also need to activate the MoveObjectsOn cheat. Most of them depend on this cheat, so forgetting to implement it before setting up the shop could cause damage or even cause some pieces to disappear. You should tell other players about the cheat in the description if you upload any content that was made with it.

What Can You Do With The MoveObjectsOn Cheat?

We recommend using the ALT key in conjunction with this cheat to get the most out of it. As a result, you can freely reposition the item without worrying about it snapping to the grid. If you hold down ALT while rotating an item, you can spin it through a full circle. Numerous examples of how this combination can be put to good use are provided below.

  • Put more than two things on a desk or table that only has room for two tiles.
  • Use overlap to create the illusion of a new object among your wall hangings.
  • Alter the appearance dramatically by stacking windows in an unusual way.
  • Sprinkle pools with fountain water and decorate them with fountains.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with different plant combinations. You can build up the layers to create the garden of your dreams
  • Modify existing pieces of furniture to suit your needs.

Since some furniture may become unusable after being placed with MoveObjectsOn, it’s recommended that you use it only when placing decorations or furniture that your Sims can’t interact with. A kitchen stove, for instance, can be placed on the pool, but your Sims won’t be able to cook on it.

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It’s possible that the texture of the furniture will shift as well if you use this cheat. This is unfortunately inevitable whenever two objects are stacked on top of one another or overlap. This issue can often be fixed by slightly adjusting the angle or spacing of the two components.

Enlarge & Shrink Objects

The move objects cheat allows for unlimited resizing of game objects. To make something smaller, press, and to make it bigger, press. However, this should be done with caution, as reducing the size of some appliances may render them useless.

Raise & Lower Objects

You can put things on shelves that they wouldn’t normally fit on, or even make them float in the air. To raise an item, press the 9 key, and to lower it, press the 0. Again, this could render the furniture unusable, so save it for display purposes only.


Anyone who cares about making their builds unique or about making their homes feel more inviting and comfortable should use the MoveObjectsOn cheat. The placement options for off-the-grid furniture moving, resizing, and raising or lowering are practically endless.

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