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Sims 4: How To Make A Toast in Events?

The Sims 4 can be a challenging game at times. Sure, TS4 has been out for a while, and we’ve learned about most of the possible outcomes.

In spite of my extensive experience with simmering, the game still occasionally takes me by surprise. In the most recent update, I discovered how easy it is to make a toast in The Sims 4. When I finally figured out how to accomplish it, I was fairly ecstatic.

Why, though, is it important to learn how to make a toast in The Sims 4?

You really should know this if you play The Sims 4! The advice that you should make a toast is not the most important thing I can tell you, but it sure helps.

There are multiple points in the game where your Sim will need to give a toast, and if you don’t know what to do and where to click, you’ll never get anywhere.

How often do you need to raise a glass in Sims 4?

In most cases, this occurs at birthday celebrations. An objective in the game is to “Have an Adult Make a Toast” when you throw a birthday celebration for a Sim. As in any competition, this must be accomplished if you hope to win the coveted prizes.

The “Make a Toast” interaction in The Sims 4 can be difficult to locate. And, truth be told, even if you do find it and click on it, it doesn’t always function.

Here, however, is the method I recommend, as it ensures that you will reach the “Have an Adult Make a Toast” milestone in The Sims 4!

How To Make A Toast In Sims 4?

The Sims 4: How can I get an adult Sim to give a toast? Detailed procedures are provided below.

  • 1 Step: Host an event for your Sim and invite their Sim friends.
  • 2 Step: Order drinks for the entire group of friends.
  • 3 Step: Make sure your friends are drinking at the moment or at least are holding the drinks in their hands.
  • 4 Step: Select your own Sim.
  • 5 Step: Click on the Sim you want to toast to and then select More Choices > Friendly > Make a Toast.


Trust me when I tell you that how you drink or hold your drinks is crucial. Here’s the deal, to put it another way.

Make a Toast usually won’t trigger if only one Sim is holding a drink when you click on it. And no matter how many times you click, you’ll always get the same result. That’s how the game is designed — an adult needs to have a drink in hand before he or she may raise a glass and raise a toast.

If you wish to make a toast between two Sims, they must be friends. Since the toasting interaction is filed under “Friendly,” you won’t be able to find it.

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However, if you and your Sim buddies are already celebrating a birthday, and you still need to accomplish “Have an Adult Make a Toast,” here’s how to achieve it!

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