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Sims 4 Height Slider Mod: How to Change a Sim’s Height

It is possible to change a Sim’s height in The Sims 4. That, however, seems impossible. We’ve done the legwork and gathered all the data you need.

Changing your Sim’s height and weight is the extent of your customization options in the default Create a Sim (CAS) game mode. For this problem, a height slider mod for The Sims 4 is available. Our focus here is on one particular type of Sims 4 mod that is truly remarkable. We’ll break down everything you need to know, including the best height mods available for your game.

The Sims 4: What Is the Height Slider?

A height slider mod is a modification for The Sims 4 that allows you to change a Sim’s height in CAS without having to reload the game. So long!

Despite its apparent lack of complexity, the height slider mod significantly improves the overall experience of the game. The game lets you change not only the Sims’ weight but also their height, which has an effect on the gameplay. I’m referring to everything from basic tasks like cooking and cleaning to more complex ones like interacting with other Sims and even the community.

Height Slider Updates for The Sims 4

Height Slider + Extras By Luumia

As one of the most widely used Custom Content Add-Ons for The Sims 4, I think it’s time we discussed luumia’s height slider mod. This mod, like the others out there, is based on the original by simmythesims and adjusts the Sims’ height accordingly.

As opposed to competing height slider mods, Luumia’s implementation is intuitive and straightforward. Unfortunately, this Sims 4 mod is ineffective for infants and young children. That is to say, you can’t use it with younger Sims; it’s only for Sims of a certain age. Following are some improvements over the original CAS modification:

Adjusting the Sim’s height has no effect on the relative sizes of the character’s head, hands, midsection, or feet.
In this iteration, the Sim’s neck serves as the slider in place of his or her feet. So, to manually alter the height, simply drag the neck up or down.
At the end of the day, this mod also provides four (4) different predetermined body heights, including short, medium short, medium tall, and tall.

This updated version of the height slider also includes supplemental content that enhances the gaming experience. The first slider is the Neck Tall/Short Slider, which lets you alter the Sim’s neck length. Also, it can be used without the height mod, though clipping problems may occur.

The Hip Shape Slider is up next. In order to modify your Sims’ hips, you will need this optional mod. Similar to the aforementioned mods, this one is restricted to Sims aged 13 and up.

Height Slider By Godjul1

From this CAS mod page on ModTheSims, GODJUL1 released a revamped and improved height slider mod in 2017. Inspired by simmythesim’s original height slider mod, this one was updated to fix animation glitches and add new functionality.

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There are separate versions of this mod for teenagers and adults/elders that account for the varying amounts of height adjustment that can be made. It can be anywhere from one to three times the average height in the game.

Adjusting the Sims’ height is as simple as clicking and dragging their feet, just like the original CAS mod. Those with smaller feet tend to be shorter, while those with larger ones tend to be taller.

Height Slider And Shorter Teens Mod By Simmythesim

For The Sims 4, simmythesim at ModTheSims made the first and original height slider mod in 2015. Although it is not as up-to-date as some of the other height slider mods, it paved the way for the height mods that players enjoy today.

Also, it’s not hard to figure out how to use. To change the height of your Sim, click and drag on its feet. However, this feature is incompatible with Sims under the age of 20, so older Sims are the only ones who can use it.

Additionally, the Shorter Teens mod is included, which makes all teen Sims in the game, both custom and vanilla, shorter.

Common Issues When Using A CAS Height Slider Mod

Just like any other Sims 4 mod, the height slider mod occasionally has bugs. Let’s look at some of the more typical bugs that can appear with this otherwise excellent add-on.

However, keep in mind that modders are constantly releasing new versions of their creations with bug fixes and other enhancements. Common pitfalls users encounter when using the height slider mod are as follows:

As TS4 was developed for average heights of children and adults, users have reported clipping problems when playing in live mode after making height adjustments.
When Sims are of drastically different heights from one another, the animation for close physical interactions like kissing and hugging can become a little wonky.
When changing a Sim’s height, their hands and feet may vanish.

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