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Sims 4 fame Points Cheat Guide

Have you ever fantasized about living the high life of a celebrity? To the greatest extent possible, The Sims 4: Get Famous gives us the chance to live out our wildest dreams of stardom. Living a celebrity’s life makes everything simpler, and you might even score some freebies in the process.

However, if we’ve learned anything from this set, it’s that the pursuit of and maintenance of fame can be incredibly taxing and overwhelming.

Therefore, we have developed the Fame Points Cheat to facilitate your ascent to stardom. A few keystrokes are all that separate you from the 5-star treatment and instant fame.

The Unlimited Fame Points Cheat

When your Sim’s fame level is at maximum, they will be eligible for all available rewards.

All you need is the in-game cheat console; no additional modifications are required. In a word, yes, it’s that easy! Here are the three stages we’ve identified leading to the fame point cheat:

  • Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C at the same time will bring up the console.
  • Try entering testing cheats true. Any cheats you enter will be useless unless you do this first.
  • Enter the cheat code fame points number,> where number> is replaced by the desired amount.

The end! You have accumulated a sizable amount of fame points at this point.

How To Become A 5-Star Celebrity In The Sims 4?

To be famous in The Sims 4 is no easy task, but with this cheat in hand, it’s possible for anyone to do it! After earning your Sim’s fame, you’ll likely want to treat him or her to a more luxurious lifestyle. In a matter of seconds, you could be a famous celebrity.

To activate this cheat, open the cheat console and type “testing cheats true” as before. Afterward, just keep doing those same three things until you’ve reached superstar status.

  • If you click a Sim while holding SHIFT, you’ll get a menu of additional actions to take.
  • Select “Public Image” from the pie menu. In this section, you can make changes to your celebrity status, reputation, etc.
  • Click the “Raise Celebrity” button. Your Sim’s star status will increase by one after this.

The “Freeze Fame” choice is also available in the same pie menu. If you make this choice, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll never become more or less famous again. We suggest picking this once you’ve reached the 5 Star Rank, but you can also get it if you don’t want any more notoriety.


When you use the fame cheat in The Sims 4, you get all the perks of a Superstar without having to put in any effort. Everyone will be in awe of you and want your autograph.

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What’s even better? You don’t have to go looking for any kind of addon or mod because the cheats are built right into the game.

Here at SnootySims, we had a blast playing the role of famous people and we want you to have the same experience.

If you’re having any trouble with the game, please visit our cheat page where you can find solutions for all of your problems! You can also browse our Mods and CC library to find some great new additions to The Sims 4.

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