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8 Best Sims 4 Elf Ears Mods For You to Try

Sad Elf Ears

Here you will find a collection of Elf Ears expansion packs for The Sims 4. To kick things off, let’s look at these incredible ones that are too adorable to ignore. Although they make for a sad and slightly under-the-weather mod, these ears are still fantastic. All Sims, regardless of gender, age, or appearance, will look cute in these. If you want a pair, you can go to, or just click here.

Tonian Elf Ears

Moreover, if you consider yourself a fan of the fantastic, you absolutely must have this work. Perfectly pointed and mildly rounded without being either too long or too short. You can get this fantastic elf ears mod from, and we’re providing a direct download link right here so you can have it right away.

World Of Warcraft Night Elf Ears Conversion Teldrassil For Kids & Toddlers

Elune-Adore! If you’ve seen World of Warcraft’s Night Elves, chances are you’ve fallen in love with them too. This adjustment makes their ears look longer and more attractive. Thousands of thanks to whoever made the modification available on; you can grab it from their site using the link provided in this paragraph. To the moon and back!

Pointy Ears Unlocked – All Ages

These elf ears are as popular as the rest of them! If you like your fantasy on the lighter side, this mod is for you. Those elf ears aren’t too big, so they won’t draw too much attention to themselves. This mod was created by Khitsule and has been downloaded over 200,000 times. To get your own copy, too, just follow this link.

[Suzue] Elf Ears

These stormy-looking elf ears are up next. If your Vampire Sim game has ever felt incomplete, this is the fix you’ve been looking for. This upgrade will make you look and feel like the ultimate villain. Suzue deserves all the credit for making this modification and releasing it on The Sims Resource. To get the file immediately, click on the download link.

[Suzue] Elf Ears N3

Suzue also has something to offer fans of high fantasy. These elf ears are stunning, and they perform admirably in-game. Given its popularity (nearly 50,000 downloads), it has become a de facto standard for elf ears in The Sims 4. You can get them by going to The Sims Resource or by using the link below.

[Suzue] Child Elf Ears

If you liked the elf ears update before, this one is tailored to younger Sims. Cuter and more manageable, they can finally experience the fantastical style for themselves. We adore Suzue’s work and have been closely following her at The Sims Resource. You can also get this mod from that source, or you can use the one we provide here.

[Suzue] Toddler Elf Ears

And why not round out the collection with the kid-friendly variant of this exciting upgrade? Your little elf Sim is experiencing the wonder of childhood for the first time, so why not join him in his enchantment? Here’s where you can get this custom content and learn all about it at The Sims Resource. Enjoy!

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