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50 Best Sims 4 Clothes Mods & CC

Seeking the finest Sims 4 clothing custom content, mods, and expansion packs? Or, if you want, you may shop our selection of premium Sims apparel. You have found the correct location regardless of your situation. Explore a compilation of fifty custom content and mods for The Sims 4. Enjoy!

The finest custom content clothing for The Sims 4 may be found in this article. For some Simmers, getting dressed before they can begin the game can take up most of their pre-game time. There is a good explanation for this, after all. Everyone like fresh threads and always has room for more.

The same applies to us and every new Sim we make — we want them to feel unique and fresh. There’s never a bad time to update your wardrobe, so browse our collection of custom content and mods for The Sims 4 and find the perfect new threads for your Sims.

Here are 50 of the best costumes for The Sims 4 that can be found in downloadable content packs. The posts we’ve included below are all linked to this topic, so feel free to browse around!

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50 Of The Best Sims 4 Outfit Packs

50 Of The Best Sims 4 Outfit Packs

#1 Cosy Critters Jumper

Cozy Critters Jumper is the first step toward making your Sim a top fashion model. The jumper can be personalized in a number of ways, including with one of three different decals and a wide range of color swatches.

As a result of the abundance of available choices, the most challenging aspect will be making a final decision. For this to function in-game, you must first acquire Cottage Living. The combination of colors is quite soothing. This bespoke CAS thumbnail is stunning, don’t you agree? Here is the URL to start the download.

#2 Cardigan 

You can get the cardigan with or without flowers embroidered on the sleeves. Thus, the daisy knit cardigan is a great option for a springtime cardigan. Two colorways and four swatch options are available for our new spring collection. Truth be told, this timeless cardigan is a safe bet.

This is the ideal garment for the milder temperatures of early spring. You can’t go wrong with jeans and heels when it comes to creating the ideal casual elegant appearance. Go here if you want to add it to your game.


A word of advice: give your female city dwellers a trendy jumpsuit and get rid of those dowdy jumper skirts. The SANTANA SIMS JUMPSUIT is a lovely new outfit option for the female characters in your game. High-quality textured fabric is used to create a modern style that works well for both off-duty and formal settings. Plus, with 12 different color options and a shape-flattering cut, you’ll never feel stuck. Follow the link to download and set up this one.

#4 Collar Dress & Sweater Dress

These gowns are the perfect way to spice up your little girl’s wardrobe. This package includes two gowns, each with its own set of fashionable possibilities. Furthermore, the collar dress can be had in one of 25 distinct hues, allowing you to pick the one that best complements your protagonist’s wardrobe. If you want to set this up, go to this page.

#5 Female Side Pocket Skinny Fit Jeans

These Saliwa thin jeans are the definition of chic. You need these if you want to give your Sims a sense of superior style. These jeans are made to feel great and look great on any body type; they’re the perfect addition to any wardrobe. You may put together a killer ensemble by adding some killer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Unique side pockets are included. Download.

#6 Colorblock Set

Here’s another excellent custom content item by casters. You can now give your toddler in the Sims 4 the best of both worlds with this set. Their new one-piece and two-piece sets will give them a hip look with all the benefits of lounging in comfort. It’s available in 40 various colors and styles so they may show their personality and achieve an appearance that is all their own. Here is the URL to start the download.


Brace yourself for cuteness overload! These outfits will make your sims look amazing, and you’ll be able to change the colors at will. You may dress your male and female sims in stunning detail with the Mary and Louis Outfits. These come in a variety of colors, including teal and pink, that will make your sims look like royalty. You could install this from this page.

#8 Scarf Collection

A whole bunch of scarves for your Sims! Assigning your Sims unconventional scarves is an option. This adorable line features 4 distinct silhouettes, each of which is available in 40 or more colorways. Each scarf set includes a default style as well as three variants that can be worn by either male or female Sims.

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Any ensemble can benefit from the addition of a scarf. This selection offers everything you need, from a simple, wintery scarf to a bold, eye-catching pattern scarf to add some flair to your wardrobe. Follow the link and get the file. In case you need extra scarf cc, you may find some here.

#9 Retro Collection Part 2- Clothes

This winter, every woman should get a little something special. Keeping up with the latest trends is challenging, especially first thing in the morning. That’s why the talented folks over at Sims 4 CC made this incredible present for you and your female Sims. Pick some pants or a sweater.

Your fashionable Sim can stay toasty and cozy all winter long with a little help from you. It’s available for free download here.


Every woman should get something nice for the holidays. Maintaining a stylish appearance, especially when getting ready for the day, is a challenge we can all relate to.

That’s why the talented folks over at Sims 4 CC made this incredible present for you and your feminine Sims. You can opt for either pants or a sweater. Build a stylish outfit that will keep your sim toasty all season long. This one is available for free download here.


What’s more, it’s also practical and stylish? Please do so. For the ultimate winter comfort, outfit your female sims in this puffa jacket. It’s perfect for the chilly season, comes in a wide range of colors, and works with the base game. You can wear your hair short and it will still look great. You can go ahead and have a look if you want to.


Dress your female Sims in elegance with the Queen of Silk. It’s been tailored to your specifications, and while it retains a classic air, it also has a contemporary twist. It’s multilayered, intricate, and appropriate for any occasion. Your ladies will adore the comfort and attractiveness of this garment. Absolutely nothing but lods. There are seven color options available. That download link is right here.

#13 Easy Yoga – Top Sims 4 Clothes

Do you wish there was more vibrancy in your sims’ lives? The solution is this breezy yoga tank top. There’s always the right color for your female Sims thanks to the 48 available tones. If you’re a woman, you can rest assured that the bottoms will coordinate perfectly. What you need to do is to get the file from this page.


Prepare your sims for the chilly weather by dressing them in these stylish cardigans. It’s the perfect accessory, and it comes in 18 different colors so you can pair it with whatever you want. Among these CAS offerings are a cable knit cardigan with eight colorways and a cardigan with floral patterns that comes in ten. Set it up already!

#15 Divine Dress – The Sims 4

How would you describe the perfect night? All you need is the right dress. The transition between day and night is seamless, offering the most desirable features of both environments. There’s no point in wasting time looking for something durable. This dress has it all built-in. So, why do you hesitate? Keep your virtual people from living in tedium. This stunning gown is sure to elevate your Sims to a divine status. Have a look at this page for more details.

#16 Emma Frost Sims 4 Clothes

In spite of the season’s chilly temperatures, dressing appropriately can make winter feel like a truly enchanted time. If you want to look like a winter wonderland fairy while enjoying all the winter has to offer, then you need to get your hands on this Emma Frost outfit. All of your fashion needs, from a new top to a new set of pants to a new pair of boots, and beyond, will be met there. Get the installer by clicking here.

#17 Cropped Bomber Jacket Acc & Simple Crop Tank Top

Put an end to your search for the ideal wardrobe for your female Sims. Having these two interchangeable ensembles at your disposal will allow you to dress however you like while still feeling confident in your look. This stylish set includes a cropped bomber jacket accessory and a basic crop tank top to meet the needs of any of your female Sims’ wardrobes. Go ahead and click here to get your hands on this one.

#18 [RIMINGS] Gucci Skirt & V Neck Blouse & Turtleneck

Women’s clothing from the luxurious Gucci line is now available for your Sims to wear. Simply put, there may be a limit to the amount of exquisiteness that human beings can take in. For those of you who don’t know, RIMINGS is Giving you the lifestyle of luxury and ease, this outfit is perfect for any occasion. Put it on and feel like a million bucks whether you’re at the office, in class, or just relaxing at home. With this complete outfit, your female sims will be ready for anything. Each package contains 18 separate colour samples. To see it, click here.

#19 Maya Chinese Style

The Maya Chinese Style outfit includes a set of clothes designed specifically for your Sims. The clothing is inspired by traditional Chinese dress, and matching shawls are available in eight different colors. It comes in eight different colors and can be downloaded here.

#20 Fur Jacket & Fur Hat & Bell Bottom Pants

It’s freezing outside! Cozy up with some of our cuddly furs. This luxurious set includes a luxurious fur coat, an elegant fur cap, and trendy mid-calf shearling boots. Put on these exquisite coats and hats for your female Sims for a classic, retro look. You can see them by clicking here.

#21 Cerulean – Athletic Set

You’re probably aware of how difficult it is to find suitable clothing for male sims. It’s simply more difficult than finding clothes for female sims. However, consider the following: Do you want to give your sims a cool, athletic appearance? Then this set is ideal for you! This set contains everything you need for your male Sims. The color scheme of the clothes is blue, black, white, and pinkish, which complements the majority of skin tones. From the athletic outfit to the running shoes, these items will make your sims look like they’re up for any physical challenge. This page contains a download link.

#22 Halter Top Sims 4 Clothes

The Halter Top is a great way to give your female Sims a stylish new neckline option. To put it simply, this top is essential for any self-respecting fashionista. The halter top comes in a wide range of colors to complement your existing swimwear collection. Almost any event imaginable would have its own matching pattern. From soft florals to glittering constellations. There are sixteen different color options for this top. See what they’re about by checking out their website.

#23 Cassio Sims 4 Outfit

It’s funny to consider how widespread the adoption of The Sims games has been after so many installments in the series have been released. This is a world where you get to do what you want when you want. Make the people you desire, design the home you’d like to reside in, and earn the cash you’ll need to purchase anything else that tickles your fancy.

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The creative process, however, is never exhausted. Additionally, there aren’t many options for our female characters to wear that would reveal their collarbones. There are a lot of great CC packs out there, but we haven’t come across anything quite like this one. A stunning, modern ensemble is consisting of a top, necklace, wide-leg slacks, and gold earrings (15 in total). Go to their site to get it set up.

#24 SCool Collection Custom Content Clothes

Parental concern over in-game attire for children can now be set aside. Help them dress for success every day by purchasing a personalized school uniform that will see them through all of their developmental stages. You can pick from many different styles and hues. It’s never been easier to show off your kid’s love for school.

Now that you have this awesome selection of classic clothes, you can give your sim kids a little extra motivation to return to the classroom. There are fifteen things included in this collection. Get the whole PDF from this link.

#25 Jacob Sweater

The sleeves are to die for! While we had no trouble securing stylish garments for our female sims, we ran into more difficulty while trying to outfit our male ones. Their closets need this sweater combination to be complete. This assortment of 20 sweaters includes both patterned and solid styles. Install.

#26 Bella Corset Top Sims 4 Clothes

To easily emphasize your sim’s curves without sacrificing comfort, try on this corset top. It will draw attention to your Sim’s waist, making them feel attractive, strong, and powerful. If you ask us, this sounds like it was transmitted from MARS. Absolutely stunning and stylish. There are 16 color options to choose from, but the white one is unquestionably the best. Visit this thread to learn how to implement it in-game.

#27 NOCTURNE Sims 4 Clothes 

Ten stylish suits, courtesy of the fashion house SEOULSOUL. The level of care and attention to detail evident in this set is commendable. In order to get the file, click here.


This assortment is a safe bet if your sims aren’t into suits. A set of five dresses and matching earrings, perfect for taking your Sim’s wardrobe to the next level. Click on the link below to access the straightforward download.

#29 Oliver Mini-Set

This little Oliver set is perfect for a laid-back summer day. Cropped top worn by Oliver can be located in CAS. It comes in 32 solid colours and 35 different patterns for the Oliver pants. Install.

#30 Glass Heart Top

That EvellSims glass heart top is the best there is. There are a total of twenty-five different color options available for use by teenage, adult, and senior sims. This Tumblr link will take you to the installer for this one.

#31 Top And Skirt

There are 16 amazing prints available if you’re looking for tiny skirts for your female Sims. They also unquestionably need matching tops. So, go to this link to check them out.


Incredibly stylish dress, top, and bottoms, each available in 20 colorways. All of your sims should try these out if they don’t have a high-end style. Your download link is provided below.

#33 Cassia Mesh Top

We can choose our Sim’s gender and personalize their looks, personality traits, abilities, and jobs. However, let’s be honest: a flawless top is unrivaled. SM Sims has updated a classic long-sleeve design with brand new mesh for the modern woman. For the active female sim, this is an absolute necessity. This classic shirt offers a lace-up front and back with a sewn-in sports bra. It comes in the shown hues. Visit this page to learn more about them.

#34 Crop Top & Thigh Harness Skirt

At first glance, we assumed that the product was shipped in one solid piece. This outfit, however, features a multi-tiered skirt in 22 unique patterns and hues. Additionally, you can choose from 32 other patterns for this shirt. Click here to get the download.

#35 ChocoBun Sims 4 Clothes

Can you please tell me how my male Sims can be dressed to kill? To put it figuratively, don’t fret! It’s all right here in this collection. There are thirty jacket colors and sixty-five pant hues to choose from. Proceed with the installation from this location.

#36 Very Cool Sweater

Do you agree that this is a very cool sweater? In addition to the primary color, there are 12 more colorways available. Just check out this website to see them.

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#37 The Green House Collection Sims 4 Clothes

It’s not always simple to give your characters a new outfit for a fun get-together with pals, but this greenhouse collection will do the trick in a flash. All of the Sims 4 body types are beautifully complemented by the clothing and accessories in this set. 22 pieces are included in this set, with 18 designed for women and 4 created for men. If you want to find out more about it, go here.

#38 Fashionably Late Sims 4 Outfit

What a fantastic CC maker! These ocean-themed pieces of apparel are available for your female Sims and are compatible with the standard game. All ages, from teenagers to adults to the elderly, can enjoy the benefits of this pack. This collection also includes pearl-adorned jewelry to complement your new ensemble. Take a look at it by clicking on the link below.

#39 Chaotic Tees

There is no doubt that these disorderly tees will inspire a new look in your sims. The shirts in this set were designed by BloodMoon and are part of a graphic tee collection. See for yourself right here.

#40 Dollar Store Teez Sims 4 Outfit

This pack includes 13 flashy tees for the male Sims. Test subjects can range in age from teenagers to retirees. To learn more about them, visit this page.

#41 Random Pride Stuff 2021 Sims 4 Clothes

The pieces in this set include a flannel shirt, t-shirt, dress, and jumper with rainbow pride designs. Visit our post to view additional examples of pride wear. Select this link to access the download page for this group.

#42 Skirt And Crop Top Sims 4 CC Clothes Set

When talking of women’s clothing, it’s impossible not to mention this combo! The beautiful crop tops by Glaza go ideally with that long below-her-knee skirt. You can customize both parts to your heart’s content by swapping out their colors and patterns. They are available for download at, or you can click here.

#43 Urban Converse Sneakers

Numerous people, young and old alike, choose to wear Converse shoes in everyday life. There is no change to their original design, which has made them a staple of urban fashion. This CC is a must-have if your Sim has an attitude as wild as Converse shoes. The file is available for download on this page. Here are some more examples of beautiful sneaker designs.

#44 Get To Work Child Clothes – Base Game

Free your mind, because there’s a wealth of choice in this package. Permit your children to discover a world where their imaginations are the only limits. This assortment allows you to create a one-of-a-kind look for your little one, whether they’re more of a hipster or a surfer. In other words, you can customize their coolness to your heart’s content.

She fixed the game so that the Get To Work add-clothing on’s children’s can be used with the original set. I hope you enjoy these kids’ outfits for The Sims 4, even if you don’t own that particular clothing pack. Get them all at The Sims Resource.

#45 Get To Work Clothes And Shoes – Compatible For Base Game

The same logic applies here: Get To Work offers a wide variety of stylish clothing options, so why not have access to them all without spending a dime? Save the day and get the full wardrobe right now by downloading all the coats, gowns, and shirts you could ever want! Also, check out the author’s Facebook page if you like what she does.

#46 Baggy Sweater Clothes Set

Don’t listen to those who try to tell you otherwise; the big, baggy sweater is a sexy choice for any woman. Something about its unstructured cut makes it appealing; if you want your Sims to look like that, too, you can get the sweater here. Our efforts will bear fruit; you have our word on that.

#47 Shorts And T-Shirts Clothes And Sims 4 Outfit Set

Is there a more stylish way to get ready for the day than by putting on some nice shorts and a plain shirt? When presented with such compelling evidence, one finds it challenging to disagree. You’ll find combinations suitable for both casual and formal situations in this pack, making it a must-have CC. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

#48 Trousers And Crop Top Clothes Set Sims 4 Clothes

Glaza is a genius when it comes to fashion. She has impeccable style because she never picks mismatched items to wear. Take a look at this stunning image: a form-fitting crop top and skinny pants. Additionally, not just one but thirty distinct designs are at your disposal. You can get them quickly by downloading them here.

#49 Overall Shorts Clothes Set – 9

Overall shorts are every woman’s secret summer weapon. Or at least that’s how it ought to be! Because it’s an adorable style that goes anywhere! Visit Glaza’s blog to learn more about the many versions she’s made for The Sims 4 and to get your hands on some of the best sims 4 outfit mods around.

#50 Textures For Retextured Sims 4 CC Clothes And Walls And All Rest

Also, we’re going out with a little something different for the mods. Some of the existing textures have been redone by Jenni; if you’re finding it difficult to make your own mods and CC at home, you might want to give them a try. They’re excellent, and they’ll blow your mind. Click this link to be taken directly to the downloading page.


Clothing is probably the most important aspect of playing The Sims 4. This is because they allow your Sims to express their individual personalities. There are an infinite number of clothing items in the Sims 4 game, including tops, bottoms, and outfits, from which you can custom-create outfits for your Sims. We hope you found this list both useful and entertaining to read! I’ll see you later!

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