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Sims 4 CAS Cheat: Full Edit Mode Guide

One of the best features of The Sims 4 is the ability to create and customize your own Sim. Not only do we have complete creative control over our Sims in The Sims 4, but the game also features a level of depth and complexity that is rarely seen in other video games.

Yes, the color wheel from The Sims 3 is sorely missed, but other than that, we couldn’t be happier.

As a result, we have a hard time resisting the urge to change our Sims’ hairstyles or brow shapes every half an hour. The reason is: The CAS Full Edit Mode Cheat makes it ridiculously simple.

You can change your Sims’ appearances down to the smallest details in The Sims 4 by using the CAS Cheat, which, if you haven’t heard by now, is a way to enter a Full Edit Mode. But there’s more! Likewise, you can start from scratch and create an entirely new Sim.

Everything about her, from her physical appearance to her walking animation, relationships, traits, ambitions, and beyond! Quite delicious, eh?

If, after creating your Sims, you decide you don’t like some aspect of them, you can go back and change it using the CAS Full Edit Mode Cheat. If you’re looking for a change of pace, too. And the best part is, there are no restrictions on when or which Sim you can use it.

To those who are unfamiliar with one of the most widely used cheats in our Sims community, I present the following explanation.

How To Use The CAS Full Edit Mode Cheat In The Sims 4?

As with previous installments, cheats in The Sims 4 must be enabled before they can be used. Thankfully, you can do this with little effort by opening the command console by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + C on your keyboard. Additionally, cheating in The Sims 4 can be enabled by typing testing cheats true into the dialogue box and press the enter key.

After that, you just hit enter twice more to activate the CAS Full Edit Mode Cheat. If the two cheat lines were entered properly, you can now go to the Sim you wish to modify. The SHIFT key activates a slew of interaction bubbles, among which is a Modify in CAS option. That’s the option you should pick.

If you want to start over with your characters, simply click Modify in CAS to be taken to the Create a Sim screen. You can do unusual things like speeding up or slowing down the aging process for your Sims, and there are no limits on the kinds of changes you can make here.

And when you’re done, keep playing or stop whenever you like!

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The ability to use the CAS Full Edit Mode Cheat is extremely useful. It’s a lucky cheat that’s also very simple to remember.

Creating new characters or altering their appearance mid-game is a unique feature not found in many video games. Furthermore, this cheat has countless potential uses beyond the scope of this article. We think it’s crucial for every simmer, newbie or veteran alike, to know cas. full edit mode and to take full advantage of it!

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