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Sims 4 AutoSave Mod Features & Guide

Autosaving has been one of the most innovative developments in the history of video games. Currently, it is used in a variety of video games, primarily action and role-playing games. Despite being a standard feature, it’s sad that The Sims 4 lacks an AutoSave option. This guide will help you add AutoSave functionality to your game.

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The Sims 4 AutoSave mod offers a large number of fully customizable options.

AutoSave Mod Features

The AutoSave mod gives you many options to choose from, such as:

  • Editable Backup Names – This feature lets you name your backups and keep track of them, which is especially helpful if you’re doing an experiment in-game. Video games that let you save your progress often have more than one save the file, which can be helpful if you think something is about to go wrong.
  • Status Indicator UI – When you start using the autosave feature, this is the user interface that shows up. It lets you keep track of how your current saves and the backups you’ve made in the past are doing. This feature also tells you when the next autosave backup will be written and ready for you to use.
  • Periodic Backup Frequency Selector– You can choose how often your backups happen in terms of sim time.
  • Rotational System Backup–  A set number that shows how many backups the system can store. Simply put, it’s how many copies of your files you have.

Let’s talk about how this AutoSave mod works first:

To use the AutoSave feature, you’ll need a base game computer, which is pretty obvious. If you choose any of these game computers in any of your homes, you will see an option that lets you choose the AutoSave function.

Second, you need to know about a few functions to understand how this AutoSave mod works as a whole.

The Sims 4 AutoSave Mod Functions And Options

Some of the features include:

  • A menu-driven configuration. This feature is very useful because you don’t have to click on too many options. This makes it easy to choose what you want to do with the AutoSave function menu.
  • Backup period cycle selection. With this option, you can edit and change the time that the backup saves itself periodically. The cycles are broken up into the SIM Time that is available right now. Even though you can’t always save every minute or two, it’s nice to be able to save every 15 minutes. (Note: You can save up to 24 hours of in-game time for your SIM.)
  • Editable backup cycle.  With this feature, you can change everything about your backup cycles in relation to the SIM time period. Even though it doesn’t let you change everything about your saves like most mods that break the game do, it helps you keep track of your backup save files. With this function, you can also split up your original save files and change them.
  • A history of changes made is displayed as wall messages. This feature lets you keep track of how many changes you’ve made in the last 15 minutes or the last hour. This option is very helpful because it keeps track of all the changes you’ve made before. This means you can undo a change or redo your changes by using your backups and autosave files from before.
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Additional Features For The AutoSave Mod

Though it has been a while since it was updated, this AutoSave mod still has a few secret features that need to be implemented before it can be considered a finished product.

Now that the mod’s base-game language translations are complete, gamers in China and Brazil can enjoy The Sims 4 AutoSave Mod to its fullest. The mod’s primary benefit is the daily save feature, which allows players to store their progress every 24 hours during very long gaming sessions.


Particularly for role-playing games like The Sims 4, the AutoSave feature should be required. Thankfully, the game’s mod community is doing God’s work, making it possible for us to enjoy ourselves as we play.

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