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Sims 4 Apartments Mod Guide

Apartments In The Sims 4

Apartments were first included in City Living for The Sims 4. Although the expansion contained other interesting additions, the option to have Sims reside in structures other than homes was the most popular among players. Apartments in The Sims 4 weren’t too sophisticated, however, like many of the game’s other features. For instance, we were unable to construct or even modify our City Living residence until mods were released. For this reason, the Apartments expansion pack for The Sims 4 was created.

What does the apartment mod do?

The Sims 4 Apartments Mod is an all-encompassing add-on designed to improve your experience with the game’s housing options. Using the City Living map, you may look for available flats and then move your Sims in. But it also provides means for you to develop apartments in the game, which you can use later on. All in all, it’s the ultimate mod to utilize if you’re even slightly interested in living in an apartment in the Sims 4.

Let’s open it up and see what this mod has to offer!

Sims 4 Apartments Mod: An Overview

This mod was created by Gamer Gatino and uploaded to sims4studio, where it was made available to the community. Most members of the Sims 4 community have probably heard of this mod by now and some of them may have even tried it out. We think it’s the best mod out there, therefore everyone should at least give it a try. Why not get it, since it gives you a nice residence to live in while playing the game?

The Sims 4 Apartments is a free mod that can be downloaded from this site.

So what’s inside the mod?

The Basics

The Sims 4 apartments mod is, first of all, not just one mod, but a collection of mods all created by the same person that function together flawlessly. The goal of this pack is to facilitate building and apartment life in The Sims 4.

Read the author’s notes on the mod’s functionality first, though, as they contain important background information before we get into the nuts and bolts of this patch. Don’t miss out on the valuable advice he gives for properly implementing his mod. For more information, please go here.

T.O.O.L. Apartment Complex in Sims 4

T.O.O.L., which stands for “Takes Object Off Lot,” is a simple apartment-editing mod. You’ll have the freedom to rearrange furniture and rearrange the layout of the flat to your liking. Among the features of this update are:

  • 10×10 Grid Visualizer – helps you with precisely moving objects.
  • Snap to Terrain – preserves the correct height from the ground.
  • Using the “Point and Click Move” feature, you can choose various items in the house and then move them all with a single click.
  • Snap Camera to Object – moves your camera in the place of the selected object.
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Tenant and Landlord Mod

The Sims 4 landlord mod is a significant addition to the apartment’s expansion. You’ll almost certainly end up in a high-rise, and you might even buy or rent out a few units. What this modification will allow you to do is as follows:

  • View – gives you all the information about the selected lot.
  • Buy this lot – makes a purchase of the lot for you.
  • Sell this lot – sells the lot for you.
  • Set me the owner – makes you the active owner of the lot.
  • Rental Fee – lets you set the rental fees.
  • Transfer Ownership – allows you to make a family member the owner of the lot.
  • Term of payment –  offers you different payment methods that you, as a landlord, can choose.


The Apartments expansion for The Sims 4 can be used for more than just apartment construction. It includes a set of customizations that allow you to regulate your building and establish standards for residents. It’s great that landlords have the freedom to decide how and when rent is to be paid. In addition, the T.O.O.L. mod allows you to customize your apartment to your liking. The Apartment Add-On is a great way to enhance your game, and we heartily endorse it.

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