Samsung Next-Gen DDR6 Memory Roadmap

Samsung utilized to use the Tech Day 2021 event to present its roadmap for its memory technology. According to Computerbase, Samsung has plans to introduce more advanced DDR6 memory modules, as well as GDDR6+ as well as GDDR7. Although the world just experienced the introduction of DDR5 modules, Samsung is moving on to the next generation of technology.

The latest DDR5 standard has just entered the market which is compatible with Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs. In keeping the issue of availability and supply aside the technology for memory is progressing. In the same way, modern DDR6 memory platforms are said to offer twice the speed compared to the DDR5 platform.

DDR6 memory standard Plans on GDDR6plus and GDDR7

Samsung’s DDR6 memory platform is currently in development and is expected to replace the current DDR5 platform. But, there’s a timetable that we need to set. Because DDR5 has just been released it isn’t realistic to be expecting that the DDR6 platform to be available in 2025.

Furthermore, the specifications for DDR6 memory are not yet set by JEDEC although there are speculations regarding the capability. Normal DDR6 speeds are anticipated to exceed 12,800 Mbps and the overclocked speed (any speed that is higher than JEDEC standards) could reach 17,000 Mbps. From a wider perspective, the speeds are twice the transfer speed for DDR5 and quadruple the speed of DDR4.

Samsung also has plans to launch GDDR6+ as well as GDDR7 memory, in addition to DDR6 for the foreseeable future. The more efficient GDDR6+ specification will make the difference between DDR6 as well as DDR7. 

In the same way, GDDR6+ might hit speeds of up as high as 24 Gbps and could be an integral part of the next-generation GPUs. The more powerful GDDR7 platform is expected to operate up to 32 Gbps. The roadmap for memory is fascinating, and more technology that supports it will be available soon.

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