“Samsung Galaxy Note” Series Killed To Replaced By Foldables

Samsung Galaxy Note series has been discontinued to be replaced with Samsung’s foldable model in the future. According to reports that the company does not have plans to release an updated Note device until 2022.

Samsung has also stayed out of the launch of the Note device until 2021. Korean web site ETnews declares that Samsung has pulled the Note range from the upcoming year’s production plans. 

We already know we know that Samsung Galaxy Note is dead, according to the Samsung Galaxy Note has been canceled but new reports indicate that it will be included in Samsung’s plans for the future.

“Samsung Galaxy Note” To Be Replaced With Galaxy Z Fold

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is one of the first foldable devices to be released. The Galaxy Z Fold3, Samsung nailed everything from the hardware aspect to the software integration. The Fold series becoming more mainstream as well as is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra sporting the S Pen, it makes sense to stop selling the Note.

As per the reports, Samsung made 3.2 million of its Samsung Galaxy Note20. It is the final item in the Note series since Samsung has announced that it will be removing the Note20.

According to reports, Samsung sold 12.7 million Galaxy Note series devices in 2019 and 9.7 million units in 2020. Samsung is now planning to launch 13,500,000 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 by 2022. It will not only outstrip the Note series’s sales but will also make this Fold official substitute for the Note.

When it comes to the choice The most recent Note series devices are difficult to differentiate from the older S-series models. The S series and the most recent Fold3 come with S Pen support that was prior to this time exclusive to the Note series.

In the realm of screen real estate also it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 beats the Note 20 by a relatively significant margin. Additionally, the S-series and the Fold series are both more refined and future-proof. They also offer better quality for the money over the Note 20. Note.

What do you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 and its features? Should Samsung extend the Note another year or do you think this decision of replacing it with the Note using the Fold is just right? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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