Pixel 6: Release Date, New Features & What To Expect?

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Pixel 6

It is believed that the Google Pixel 6 and 6 pros are likely to be among the most anticipated phones of this year. 

Even before the release of the latest iPhone and its iPhone 13, the tech world is all attention at the most recent version of the Pixel and everybody would like to know when the Pixel 6 release date is instead of focusing on the hype around the latest iPhones or the next version of the S range from Samsung. 

Based on reports and leaks there is a certain fact that Google has decided to take on this Game of Smartphones fully, and they’re hoping to claim the Iron Throne of the top Smartphone on the market. That’s why people are awed by this phone and want to know when will the Pixel 6 be released?

In this article, we’ll look in-depth at details regarding the Pixel 6 Release Date, and everything we have learned so far about this highly sought-after smartphone of this year. As with the other recent Pixel phones, The Pixel 6 also leaked including a video of the disassembly posted on the internet before its release date. 

In addition, the well-known Tipster Evan Blass has also published the landing pages of both the Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. We’ll be covering the entire information as well as the things you need to learn about the Pixel 6’s launch date.

Pixel 6. Release Date

Let’s first take a look at the date when Google Pixel 6 Released. 

Although the company hinted at their flagship device several months before the announcement, only just recently did they reveal that the latest version from the Google Pixel’s The Pixel 6 along with Pixel 6 pro, and Pixel 6 pro will be available during the Made By Google event on October 19that 10 a.m. PST.

Where to watch Made through Google event and What can you be expecting?

Google will host the Made by Google ceremony on the 19th of October at 10 a.m PST and it will be streamed on the official YouTube channel Made by Google. 

At the Pixel 6 event, you will be able to see Google unveiling the highly-anticipated devices including that is the Pixel 6 and the 6 Pro. 

The other highlights at this Google Pixel 6 launch event include:

More Information About Android 12

Each year Google releases the most recent version of Android. This year, Android 12 is among the most anticipated releases because it will be the biggest update in Android that has been introduced since Android 5.0. 

Although Google generally releases Android through the Pixel event, this year will be different with the update first being released to previous-gen Pixel devices, and then the other OEM’s.

This year, the experience was something completely different. Google first announced the new software, but they haven’t announced the date it will be coming to their phones as of yet. Perhaps at the Pixel 6 launch event, Google will provide more information about the software. 

One of the biggest features in Android 12 is the introduction of the Material You theme, which lets you customize all of the menus and screens on your phone by the wallpaper users pick.

Google Pixel Fold

As a majority of Smartphone OEM’s and Microsoft are beginning to study foldable devices or have even introduced foldable devices, Google is not only making changes to the operating system in order to adapt in response to the new design however, reports suggest that Google is developing their propre Foldable devices. 

While other Pixel devices have been leaked in all possible forms, including live video of hands-on but there is no tangible evidence that suggests the device is named Pixel Fold exists.

However, there are speculations that Google is developing a foldable gadget, dubbed”the Pixel Fold. There are rumors that point towards a launch in the latter part of 2021, however, that doesn’t suggest that we’ll have it on the market at this same Pixel 6 event. 

It could be later this year or at the beginning of this year. Or it’s all speculation. All of these may be speculation and could go wrong, so you should take the Pixel Fold leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. We are hoping they’ll divulge some information about their plans for foldable devices.

A New Pixel Buds from Google

In the past, Google had unveiled the Pixel Buds A-series, a mid-range TWS that has midrange specifications. 

Since last year, there has been much competition was raging in the TWS market was awash with new brands launching many options at different price points, it’s anticipated to be that Google will also release an update to the previous model of the year’s Pixel Buds. 

There are rumors that Google might launch it along with their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Google Pixel Watch

Since Google acquired Fitbit the world of technology has been watching Google see what their thoughts are on smartwatches. However, even after all these years, there has been no announcement about it from Google. 

As with every Pixel event, the fans are eagerly waiting for Google to find out if we will ever get an official Pixel Watch. Likely, the Pixel Watch will likely include WearOS. It will be fascinating to see what Google decides to make of Wear OS to distinguish it from the rest, similar to what they did with Android with their Pixel phones in the past.

Google Pixel 6 as well as 6 Pro features and Specifications

At the moment, Pixel 6 and the 6 pro specifications are as clear as water. The main USP of the Pixel 6 is the inclusion of Google’s own custom-built chip known as Google Tensor. Google Tensor. At present, only companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have processors. 

Since Google is the developer of both its software and its processors, users expect it to be as efficient as the iPhones because Apple has the ability to optimize their devices as they own both processors and software.

New Tensor chip

According to Google that the Tensor chip could boost the performance of smartphones by up to 80 percent when compared to the previous generation Pixel. Google claims that they have made this chip that can translate video and text messages without the internet. 

Its newly developed Chipset is also anticipated to load applications faster and make the gaming experience more fluid. Google has also added a layer of security using the latest Titan M2 Security chip that is more resistant to threats.

Android 12

Android 12 will be a thrilling thing following the Tensor chip as Android is the most popular of the Pixels to utilize. This time, it’s likely to be better thanks to the newly released Tensor chip. One of the most significant features that are included in Android 12 comes from the Material You design language. 

It allows users to create customized themes using their own pictures. Whatever wallpaper users choose to set, Android will create a color palette of it and make use of it to personalize the notifications bar, icons, or text, as well as the entire user interface.

Pixel 6 Camera

For the cameras, the Google Pixel phones have had a reputation for robust cameras, with excellent light as well as HDR capabilities. Both Pixels will have the main camera with 50 megapixels, the most significant improvement to a pixel before when it launched the Pixel 2. 

The new sensor of 50 megapixels is much larger and can record more detail and let in an increase of 150% in the light it is compared to pixels 5 and 6. Pixel 5.

The brand new Pixel 6 Pro comes with the 48-mp telephoto zoom lens that comes with the ability to zoom in 4x. Both Pixels feature the main 50-megapixel wide camera as well as the ultrawide camera of 12 megapixels for both models. 

The Photos app on both the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will include a brand-new Magic Eraser feature that can eliminate unwanted objects from the photo with only one or two clicks. Additionally, there will be a brand new feature known as Motion Mode that lets the users record actions on photos.

Pixel 6 Battery

The battery life is a different section in which Google promises major improvements for both the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro due to the latest chip. In a strange way, Google has followed the same path as Apple here but hasn’t released the precise specifications for a battery of Pixel 6.

However, due to leaks, we can confirm that it’s a vanilla Pixel 6 that will be equipped with a 4614 mAh cell, as well as its 6 Pro, will be equipped with a 5003mAh cell.

They advocate Adaptive Battery, which can detect the user’s patterns of usage and not allow them to use power for applications they don’t use. Apart from the Adaptive Battery, There is an Extreme Battery Saver, which can extend the battery’s lifespan for up to 48 hours. Remember it’s a business assertion and can change depending on the user’s usage patterns.

Pixel 6 Display

For the display new display, the Google Pixel 6 will feature a 6.4-inch Smooth Display with a high refresh rate, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection. This Gorilla Glass Victus is claimed to be the strongest Gorilla Glass yet, promising two times the scratch resistance. As Pixel phones are equipped with IP68 protection.