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How to Fix One AirPod Is Not Working



How to Fix One AirPod Is Not Working

AirPods, as well as AirPods 2, are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with all Apple Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Nine times out of ten, the wireless earbuds meet their claims, but it doesn’t mean they’ll are perfect for every person 100% of the time.

Why Is My AirPod Only Playing in One Ear?

If you notice that your AirPod is playing only in one ear, it’s a sign that something is not right. 

The reasons can vary from the fairly straightforward (low batteries or dirty AirPods) up to quite complicated (problems with audio or network settings). 

There’s no single cause for this AirPods issue, and there’s no solution for every single issue.

How Do I Fix My AirPods When Only One Works?

The most irritating issue that may occur is when an AirPod loses connection on a regular basis or ceases to function for no reason. 

If you’ve experienced this issue, these steps should aid in fixing it.

Check Battery. The most straightforward and likely reason for an AirPod that isn’t working is that its battery has died. AirPods have the capacity to deplete batteries at different rates, and even if two AirPods are charged at the same time they could run empty first. Verify the battery life of your AirPods or the display of the battery and recharge if have to.

Clean AirPods. You may not be able to hear the sound in an AirPod because of debris stored inside, which is preventing audio from coming out. This could be due to lint or dust and even earwax. Examine for any traces of dust or dirt on your AirPods and if they appear to be clogged, clean your AirPods.

Switch Bluetooth on and off. The problem with your AirPods could be due to the fact that the sound isn’t getting properly transmitted through your phone to the earbuds. In this case, you can try setting Bluetooth. If you have the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad Go into Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth Settings > Bluetooth then move to the Bluetooth slider from off/white too, hold it for some time, and then change it back to green/on.

Restart Your Device. Restarting the device isn’t going to fix the issue however, it’s quick and simple, so it’s worth a shot. Restarting the device clears active memory, and can resolve temporary issues. 

Unpair and Re-pair your AirPods. Still not hearing sound in an AirPod? It’s time to set up the AirPods again. To accomplish it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Bluetooth > click the I next to your AirPods To Forget The Device, click Forget Device. Then, you can remove all AirPods from your gadget. After that, put the AirPods in their cases press that button in the case, and follow the on-screen setup instructions.

Hard Reset AirPods. If you’ve tried everything but nothing has worked Try hard to reset your AirPods. Follow the same procedure to un-pairing and repeating the pairing of you AirPods from the previous section. If you press your button in the AirPods case and hold it for approximately 15 seconds, until the light turns amber, after that, it turns to white. After that, release the button and follow the instructions on the screen. If this doesn’t work If doesn’t work, try it again, but press that button longer, around 40 to 60 minutes. Let the light go through the amber-white and white cycle five times, and then keep going.

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Reset Network Settings. The settings on your device determine how it connects to networks which include Bluetooth devices. If you’re experiencing issues with the settings, it may be the cause. Resetting the settings may aid, but you’ll have to pair up your Bluetooth devices, enter Wi-Fi passwords, or other. To reset network Settings Go into Settings General > Reset General > Reset. Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Check Stereo Balance. There’s a setting within the Accessibility options on iOS devices that allows you to control the audio balance between the right and left AirPods. It could be that the setting isn’t in balance and is sending all audio to one AirPod. To correct this issue make sure you navigate to settings Settings accessibility and then Audio/Visual Find your balance slider and adjust it towards the middle.

Update the Operating Systems. Every new version of iOS and iPadOS comes with a variety of new features, as well as bugs corrections. While this may not fix the issue, however, it’s possible that the issue can be fixed with the most current version of the OS on your device. Because updates aren’t expensive, speedy, and provide a variety of benefits, it’s definitely worth trying. 

Ask for help from Apple. At this point, you’re ready to seek assistance from the experts at Apple. You can receive support via the phone with Apple and schedule an appointment for assistance in person at your local Apple Store.


What can I do to fix an AirPod that’s not working on my Android phone?

If you’ve connected your AirPods to your Android phone the troubleshooting process is the same as for iOS, however, with some modifications. To determine the charge of your battery makes use of an app like AirBattery available on the Google Play Store. To identify issues that are with firmware, you’ll need to connect AirPods AirPods and an iPhone to ensure they are receiving the most recent firmware updates.

What is the reason the left AirPod not working when I talk to my phone?

Alongside the above tests, if your microphone isn’t working properly with the left AirPod take a look at the AirPods microphone settings. You might have your microphone in an earbud on the left. Navigate to settings > Bluetooth > Microphone. Choose between Automatic Always Left AirPod or Always Right AirPod.

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