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Network vs. Internet: Difference between Network and Internet



There are many technical terminologies used in the present that confuse people quite a bit. Network and Internet are two terms which are used by non-technical folks the identical. 

However, they are two different terms that have different meanings. This article clarifies what exactly is Network as well as the Internet and the distinctions between the internet and the network (Network as opposed to. Internet) in a positive manner.

The major difference is in the definition of a network is the connection of one or more computers within an environment, while Internet is the connection between computers all over the world.

What is a Computer Network?

Difference between Network and Internet

It is the link between two computers that allows them to share resources such as printers, internet connections applications, printers and so on. It is an array of computers and other devices connected by the use of wireless technologies or transmitting media. The network connects two devices that are within the limited range, where one individual has the sole authority to oversee the whole system. The network is distinguished into various types, such as one type is

  • Local Area Network aka LAN is the network that connects few devices within the vicinity like nearby buildings or a floor that goes up and down.
  • Metropolitan Area Network aka MAN is a network of communication which is in use in many cities.
  • Wide Area Network aka WAN is a network which connects two local areas over a vast distance. The area of operation of WAN is huge, similar to that of states or nations.

What is the Internet?

Difference between Network and Internet

Internet (short to mean inter-network) can be described as a worldwide network that uses the TCP/IP protocol suites to link different electronic devices. It’s a vast collection of interconnected devices at speeds across the world. Internet is the internet that is compressed from various networks, including private, public academic, state, and many more. It is a form of network that connects different devices.

What’s the distinction between networks and the Internet?

In simple terms, a network is a set of devices that communicate with each other. On one hand. On the other hand, the Internet is an array of networks that can communicate with one another.

  • A network is that is formed when greater than two computer are linked to share data and information. In contrast Internet is kind of network, as well as networks of the internet, which can connect.
  • The range of operation for the internet is very limited while the operational area for the internet extends to all over the world.
  • A network connecting to three or four devices may be affordable, however, internet-based internetworking is needed, which could be quite costly.
  • The internet’s interactive features the internet. Face to face connections are possible. The internet may not always allow the face-to-face interactions.
  • There are many kinds of networks that are available, including the following: LAN, MAN, WAN, Campus Area Network and Home Area Network. But, there’s just one kind of web presence and that’s the internet.
  • The Internet is intended to make connections and finish work at a rapid pace. In contrast it serves a goal of allowing access to the most recent information and news.
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DefinitionA collection of computers that are two or more systems linked.Many networks of working are connected.
LocationWithin a limited geographical region, for example, an institute or at home.It differs from one nation to the next.
ConnectionBegin to get to know each other front to back.Don’t always be able to meet in person.
TypesLocal Area Network, Wide Area Network, Campus Area Network, and Home Area Network.World Wide Web.
AimConnect to get work done at a rapid pace.For access to updates and other information.
A computer network may be completely anonymous IP addresses.Internet is a public network that requires IP addresses. Internet requires public IP addresses.
A computer network may exist completely within a host and remain completely virtual.The Internet is not a network of virtual devices. It is also a host.
A computer network may be located in one place.Internet is a global network. Internet is geographically multi-faceted.

Requirements of Network

  • It’s a fast and most efficient method of sharing and sharing information.
  • The version that is network-based of the software will be less expensive for you compared to purchasing a licensed copy.
  • There is no need to install every application on your PC, you can simply load it onto the main server. Once connected, you will be able in order to access every program installed on your computer.
  • It’s easy to use and connect.
  • It’s an Internet access sharing system.
  • Network boosts efficiency by evening your work load.

Requirements of Internet

  • It is a global network of computers in different geographic places around the world.
  • It is possible to send emails to any location on the planet using the internet.
  • It is possible to receive or transmit data from one device to the other.
  • Through online communication, one are able to join debate in newsgroups or groups.
  • It allows small and large businesses to market their merchandise online for a minimal cost.
  • It’s provided information to all at the click of the finger. Today, no one has to rummage through stacks of books to find just a few pieces of information.
  • Stay informed by being aware of current information.
  • You are able to communicate and connect with others who share the similar interests to you.
  • Customers can pay their utility bills online with the credit card or debit card information.

Features of Network

  • It offers a large capacity of load balancing.
  • It includes indoors as well as outdoor.
  • Networks are determined through the algorithm that weights.
  • It includes web content as well as application filtering.

Features of Internet

  • It’s an international network that connects a variety of devices.
  • It is an open system.
  • The Internet is accessible through a variety of ways.
  • Every computer connected to the internet has its own identity.

Limitations of Network

  • In order to set up an internet network, both hardware and software are needed, which can be expensive.
  • Sometimes, it is connected to unwelcome connections.
  • It may lead to connections that are illegal.
  • Data security is extremely vulnerable.
  • In order to maintain the network on a regular basis it is necessary to put in significant amounts of time and effort.
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Limitations of the Internet

  • It allows everyone to express their opinions. This could have a negative influence on the minds of young people.
  • The information presented by search engines could be insignificant.
  • It could replace face-to- contact by removing humans’ touch.
  • The Internet requires high-speed internet for it to perform its duties.
  • Utilizing the internet can be an exhausting task.
  • The Internet has led to people becoming lazy, as they can’t make use of any common sense to locate the information they need.


Network and Internet are two terms that are linked to each other, however, they’re distinct from one another. The difference is they are different. Internet is a form of network that is global while the internet is a straightforward connection.

A network typically operates within a specific geographical location while the internet is more expansive, and spans from one country to the next.

The Internet lets people browse the internet and gain more details about the world all over the world. A network assists in connecting people, allowing them to can work efficiently and get the job completed.

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