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Netflix Will Now Charge You More For Sharing Password



Netflix has been testing new functions to let you connect the contents of your Netflix account with friends and family members who you don’t share a home with. The tests will be conducted across Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. The majority of people use their Netflix accounts with other households and must share their passwords.

The ‘Add an Additional Member’ option will cost you a little more to allow you to add additional users to the Netflix account. The members will be protected by their own passwords, which means your account will be secure throughout the day. After that, the people you add to your account can make use of the ‘Transfer Profiles to a New Account’ option.

Netflix spoke about exploring the new features in the form of a press announcement. Netflix says that sharing Netflix accounts outside of their homes is “impacting our ability to invest in new movies and TV for our customers.”

Securer Netflix is more expensive Netflix

Netflix’s policy has always prohibited users from sharing passwords with other users. The policy states that you’re only allowed to share your account information with individuals you share your home with. You can create different profiles to maintain your preferences for viewing and secure your profile using the use of a pin.

With the ‘Add an Additional Member feature, you will be capable of adding profiles from people outside of your household. The feature is currently being evaluated on basic, standard as well as premium plans. The ‘Transfer Profiles to a new account’ option is activated and allows people to transfer their profiles to new accounts without losing their browsing history, My List, and customized suggestions.

It will cost you an additional amount to access the Add an Extra Member feature. The testing phase of it will cost you 2380 CLP within Chile, 2.99 USD in Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN in Peru. The program will eventually assist Netflix to earn more money and ensure your account is secure.

Users are sharing Netflix with acquaintances and friends Not just the same household or household however, multiple families are using an account. In general terms it’s an extreme form of piracy, however, there are some who do not want to part with their money in line in the face of increasing costs.

Sharing passwords can also cause issues. If the password is shared, you basically have to rely on the other person not to pass it on to another person. But, the company did not seem to be concerned about this issue until now.

Do you use Netflix as well as other online streaming options with close friends? Let us know what think about Netflix increasing its price for more than one household to share by your friends in our comments.

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