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Monster Hunter World Weapons Tier List



Monster Hunter World Weapons Tier List

Monster Hunter World is out for 3 years and remains among the most enjoyable games you can take part in within the genre of action role-playing. One of the most appealing aspects about the game is the versatility it provides in the game which means that there are a lot of weapons available as well.

The game is, as you can imagine, filled with fourteen types of weapons you can play with, and all come with variations, even within subtypes. Of course, not all weapons are made to be equal and it could be a long time to locate the weapon which is the best fit for your game style.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a complete Monster Hunter World weapons list of tiers that will explain everything you require to be aware of! Remember, however, that some weapons are great for cooperative gameplay however they are not as effective when playing solo, which is why we’ll list both of them in separate lists.

Let’s start and make the most of your time.

Note The list of Tiers changes each and every now and then due to new updates and expansions being made available in the games. This list is based on our own experience and the most recent votes of players who are hardcore and could alter in the future. Also, remember that it is possible to still enjoy yourself even with lower-end weapons since it’s not an athletic game. Certain weapons are simply more powerful.

Monster Hunter World S-Tier Weapons

Weapon Tier LevelMHW Best Solo WeaponsMHW Best Co-op Weapons
Monster Hunter World S-Tier Weapons1. Charge Blade
2. Greatsword
1. Hammer
2. Hunting Horn
Monster Hunter World A-Tier Weapons1. Hammer
2. Longsword
1. Bow
2. Heavy Bowgun
3. Lance & Gunlance
4. Charge Blade
5. Greatsword
Monster Hunter World B-Tier Weapons1. Sword and Shield
2. Switch Axe
3. Insect Glaive
4. Dual Blades
1. Light Bowgun
2. Longsword
Monster Hunter World C-Tier Weapons1. Bow
2. Lance & Gunlance
1. Insect Glaive
2. Switch Axe
3. Dual Blades
Monster Hunter World D-Tier Weapons1. Hunting Horn
2. Light Bowgun
3. Heavy Bowgun
1. Sword and Shield

The Best S-Tier Solo Weapons

1. Charge Blade

Charge Blade

It is a great weapon to have. Charge Blade is very useful since it allows you to be able to use the flexibility of a sword, but also the strength and power of charged attacks simultaneously. Of course, the attacks and combos are very cool while you’re doing it.

2. Greatsword

The Greatsword is always a welcomed element to any offensive build. It is a versatile type of experience that lets you mix heavy and medium attacks however you like. When it comes to defensiveness, most players will find it appropriate for their needs.

The Best Co-Op S-Tier Weapons

1. Hammer

Hammer monster hunter

Each team must be well-organized or at a minimum similar to it. This means that players have various roles. That of course is why you need the tank role within the team, and that’s the one you receive when you use Hammer. Hammer tool and arsenal of skills. It’s extremely durable as you’d expect and comes with combos that carry lots of weight which can be both entertaining and useful to have on your team.

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2. Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn

It is a great weapon to use. Hunting Horn is an interesting weapon that can be used to enhance your team’s performance by using the horn component of the weapon. However, it’s quite powerful when you first start using it to take out against your adversaries. Although it serves many uses, it functions as a powerful weapon that is a benefit.

Monster Hunter World A-Tier Weapons

The Best Solo A-Tier Weapons

1. Hammer


It’s the Hammer weapon, as does not need to be said is the ultimate tank weapon. Its only flaw is that it is somewhat heavy for those who don’t want to be awed by the power, however, for those who like to play this way it’s about as good it can get. You’ll need excellent timing and well-planned attacks to succeed using it, as the recovery window is shorter than swords.

2. Longsword

Longsword monster hunter

The Longsword is designed for those who enjoy a little tinkering for a while before going into the fight. It’s not long-range, and it’s not mid-range. It gives you the perfect mix of security and offensive.

The Best Co-Op A-Tier Weapons

1. Bow

Every team should be able to take on the opponent at a distance. This ensures they are safe and agile when compared to the players facing the enemy directly. Bows are extremely useful for teams and quite enjoyable to utilize as a weapon as well.

2. Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun

Similar to the Bow it is the heavier gun version which allows you to be a tank for long-range support.

3. Lance & Gunlance

Lance & Gunlance

If you’ve been playing solo for a while before you decided to move into co-operative multiplayer, you might think it somewhat odd to see this type of weapon so high on the list. It’s actually extremely useful to play with a team and allows you to function as a supporting player that can alter the direction of creatures for tanks to take them out.

4. Charge Blade

Charge Blade

Charge Blade Charge Blade is very self-explanatory and is an all-purpose weapon that lies somewhere between high and medium damage weapons. If your team supports you, you could cause many of the attacks through the combos that are charged.

5. Greatsword


The Greatsword is a standard feature in many role-playing games, but especially Dark Souls – which is the most frequent comparison I make regarding the type of weapon. If you’re not fond of massive weapons, you can purchase this sword and can still be a valuable asset in your squad as an offensive member. The combos are cool as their weight weapon permits it to swing further.

Monster Hunter World B-Tier Weapons

The Best Solo B-Tier Weapons

1. Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield

It’s not as efficient as other tools in the game however, it’s a great option for those who are new to the game and want to get a glimpse of the game and get a better understanding of how things function.

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It gives you defense and offense simultaneously and allows you to alternate between attacking and protecting yourself. It’s important to remember that when you get more acquainted with the game, you may want to change to another game.

It’s also an ideal weapon for experienced players as they can use the dual nature of this firearm to benefit themselves.

2. Switch Axe

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe may not be as efficient as the other swords in this checklist, however, it’s more efficient in solo games than in co-op. The combos are impressive as is the range of damage pretty decent as well, making an excellent most versatile weapon that allows speed and agility.

3. Insect Glaive

Glaive is very fun to play with and is suggested for those who want to look stylish when they go out to hunt massive monsters. It’s loaded with combinations and is pretty awesome for aerial combat that isn’t the case with many weapons. It’s a little difficult to master because of its complex nature.

4. Dual Blades

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades are less powerful than single swords, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth playing. If you’re capable of learning to become effective using it, you’ll be able to perform some really amazing moves that hurt your adversaries just enough to be successful.

The Best Co-Op B-Tier Weapons

1. Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun

This gun is identical that the Heavy Bowgun which is rated higher on the list. The idea is the same, you can serve as a support player from afar while the others of your team fight around. But, this strategy has less punch and the ammunition can be less effective. is not as effective.

2. Longsword


The Longsword is very like the Greatsword However, its main purpose is to offer more range but not be too far which is a good thing if you’re an athlete who is anxious. If otherwise, you’d be better off with something more specific. It’s not saying that it’s not a useful weapon but it’s not that useful compared to the Greatsword and Hammer.

Monster Hunter World C-Tier Weapons

The Best Solo C-Tier Weapons

1. Bow

The Bow is an extremely long-ranged weapon. It is a different way of playing as compared to sword-fighting. However, if you’ve got the ability to handle it, it’s easy to learn to use the bow and it’s an extremely enjoyable way to change the way you play.

2. Lance & Gunlance


Both types of weapons are enjoyable to use, however they are extremely complex. It can be difficult to adapt to their style of play because they’re a mix of mid and long-ranged weapons, which makes it difficult to take on monsters that aren’t as massive as a structure.

The Best Co-Op C-Tier Weapons

1. Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive Insect Glaive is a bit of a complicated weapon but it’s a lot easier to use when playing in co-op rather as opposed to single-player. The way to use it is to have your players fight the monster, and employ some of the aerial combos for aid.

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2. Switch Axe

The Switch Axe could be compared with the previously mentioned Long Sword, but it’s more difficult to compare because it doesn’t have the flexibility it offers as well as the strength similar to the Hammer. It’s a middle-point you do not really need to use unless you enjoy Axes.

3. Dual Blades

Dual Blades Dual Blades are pretty cool and provide some fun combinations to play. But, they come at the expense of less damage than single swords. Therefore, it’s not an option to avoid but is only suitable for skilled players.

Monster Hunter World D-Tier Weapons

The Best Solo D-Tier Weapons

1. Hunting Horn

A Hunting Horn in single-player is very ineffective since it is an instrument for co-op play that will not help you significantly when playing in a solo mode. In particular, one of its strengths is to boost your team.

2. Light Bowgun

Its Light Bowgun is usable enough and you are able to take down monsters with it, however, it’s slow and isn’t the same as using other weapons. But, if you’re looking for enjoyment, then you’re not going to be judged by us!

3. Heavy Bowgun

This Heavy Bowgun is the same as the Light one listed on this list. The main distinction is the fact that it does more damage and can take on explosive ammunition. It has a lower ammo capacity, it is a result.

The Best Co-Op D-Tier Weapons List

1. Sword and Shield

A Sword and Shield in co-op is used in the same way when playing in co-op, as it does when playing solo, which is to safeguard yourself. Of course, there’s not that much advantage playing with a group since you’re supposed to safeguard your teammates and be safe from them, not only defend yourself using the shield.

In a way, the two situations in which it’s helpful to have this weapon available in a co-op are or were a new player trying to figure out how to play or if you’re experienced and have the ability to make the most out of any item.

That’s it for our guide for Monster Hunter World: Weapons Tier List!

We hope that you found the weapon perfectly suited for your playstyle and hope to see you in the next article.

Don’t forget to ask any questions if you have some in mind.

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